Even 65% of Liberals Think Voter ID is a Good Thing


The message that asking people to show an ID when voting is a tool of the racist devil doesn’t appear to have percolated too well down the ranks.

A Marist poll shows 83 percent of non-whites support Voter ID as opposed to 82 percent of whites. In a poll with an 11 percent black and 15 percent Latino composition, that suggests higher margins of minorities support Voter ID.

Interestingly enough there’s no racial breakdown for the question. “Do you think it would be a good idea if the laws were changed to require identification to vote”, the way that there is for other questions. It’s just divided into whites and non-whites.

But even worse news is that a majority of those who identify as liberal or very liberal support Voter ID by 65% to 33%. Democrats support it by 72%.

There is no majority opposition by gender, race, age, income or any other breakdown. Solid majorities support it in every category because it’s just common sense.

And it’s an issue that Republicans ought to move forward on.

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    Thank for this argument. It will be the perfect arrow in my quiver.

  • L Bollar

    Creditability in voting processes validates that we are a democracy. Why do we whine that voter ID’s are to hard to obtain instead of finding solutions to make it easier? Is it because we do not actually want a solution? Problem solving should be a requirement of those seeking public office?

  • VHG1

    But voter fraud is a big part of the democrat party strategy to win elections and always has been! The democrats have turned voter fraud from a crime into a devout science! I mean, if 174% of the people registered to vote in one town showed up, just think of the national showing for Obama in 2012? And voila! A useless, failure and incompetent wins again to the dismay of even those who did actually vote for him!

    • Chris Ambrose

      Boy you people are idiots! Keep dreaming and blaming the Republicans misfortunes on voter fraud, that would be great. You will then never change and never win another election.

      • VHG1

        Coming from a great mind such as yourself, the official spokesperson of the “The Moron Vote” I bet you pray at the Obama alter every day facing mecca…Detroit! You know the city you libs saved from progress, prosperity and jobs!

        • Chris Ambrose

          You can name call all you want, but the Republican party as it exists today is dead as a national party. The minority share of the electorate increases by 2% to 3% per election cycle Absent a singificant crisis, the GOP will never win another Presidential election until they go through a major transformation. That is why they cling to the loosing strategy of trying to steel elections and why, in desperation, people like you rationalize your losses by saying the Democrats stole the election.

          How does it feel to know your party will not win another Presidential election for at least a generation?

  • robbin stewart

    It’s a rather meaningless question since most voters already show some kind of identification to vote. try a more specific question like ” do you think the poll taxes in texas or north carolina are too low?” or “should people have to show a us passport to vote?” or “should unconstitutional barriers such as voter ID be used to interfere with free and open elections?” I am conservative replican who no longer votes in Indiana because ID is an unwarranted search and violation of my right to vote.

    • Jeffrey Fiess

      Showing an ID is certainly NOT a violation of “your right to vote”. OUR country’s right to fair elections is what counts. Maybe you prefer to live in a bannana republic. I don’t!

      • Chris Ambrose

        Sure it is when you say likely Democratic voters need to show an Id and likely Republicans dont. And when you say likely Democartic voters have different types of ID requirements than likely Republican voters. Even in those cases where the ID requirements are the same for likely Democratic and likely Republican voters, when you consider that likely democratic voters are less likely to have those types of IDs and you require them even when there is no objective reason for the requirement, you are suppressing the Democratic vote and accomplishing nothing in the process. Thus, it is obvious that voter suppression IS the reason for the policy.

  • Watitis


    Bill Clinton might as well have torpedo bombed the 1941 Pacific fleet
    for his asinine remark given at the Dr. King commemorative last week. “For a
    great democracy such as ours, having easier access to assault-weapons then
    access to the vote, just isn’t right”, he said. His incredibly irresponsible
    remark may have well just single handedly sunk Attorney General Holder’s
    controversial Voter I.D. lawsuit of Texas and N. Carolina. And Clinton’s utterance will have only accomplished one thing, the re-awakening of a “sleeping giant”! This wouldn’t be the first time he has inadvertently scuttled the Obama Administration… Mr. Clinton might as well be Obama’s Tokyo-Rose!

    Gun Control has usually been viewed as a bad issue for Democrats – an observation borne out by Clinton himself when he lobbied for the assault weapons ban, and Democrats lost control of the House in 1994, ending their 40yr. reign in the majority. For Clinton to link gun control to voter reform, he was probably calculating that political effort might splinter interests in support of the abolition of Voter ID. Clearly, the two issues don’t even over-lap and in all probability would be viewed by the electorate as tampering with public concern of the 2nd and 15th amendments – ergo the “sleeping giant”.

    Democrats should rethink their position on Voter ID because it was little
    more than ten years ago, Bush/Gore were locked in the exceedingly tight Florida race. In the end Florida finished with the closest margin of the vote (0.009%). The state of New Mexico closely followed with a (0.061%). Clearly, with margins such these it should be incumbent on them, (the Democrats), to ensure integrity of the vote with some kind of verifying device. Voter ID has already been upheld in the respective state courts, so all the Democrats have left is a political canard.

  • http://islesofmyst.co.uk/ Raibeart MacIlleathain

    The extreme Left-wing will continue to push the idea, regardless. When one’s views are in earth orbit rather than grounded in reality, few will vote for you. Without fraud, such loonies do not stand a chance.