Every Nation is an Immigration Nation

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The latest amnesty gimmick from Obama Inc. is the hashtag “Immigration Nation” and the declaration that, “Unless you’re a Native American, you came from someplace else.”

Technically speaking, American Indians came over the Bering Strait. DNA records show that they came out of Siberia. (That makes them the original Russian immigrants.)

One of the wackier paradoxes of American liberals is the insistence that they are intellectually superior because they believe that mankind arose out of a process of evolution from Africa while insisting that American Indians evolved somewhere in New Mexico and then began selling them dreamcatchers on vacation so they could get in touch with their spiritual side.

But let’s skip past the obvious politically correct stupidity. Or we’ll be here all day.

Every nation came from somewhere. It did not magically come into being and then exist unchanged throughout all time. Migration settled new lands. Tribes arose. Languages formed. Nations came into being. And that’s even true of the French.

But the whole point is that it is a process with defined stages. Infinite open-ended immigration in perpetuum makes as much sense as constant marriages and divorces because that is how the marriage got started. Migration originally achieves a basic identity group. That group can expand, but infinite unregulated expansionism will eventually destroy it. Sometimes that’s a good thing. Clearly Obama thinks so in the case of America.

ImmigrationNation blurs the distinction between legitimate immigration on our terms and illegitimate migration on the terms of an outside force.

It destroys the difference between a functional society with a government and an anarchy. Illegal immigration reverts the nation back in time to before its origins. It takes us back to the Bering land bridge, in other words. It undoes a nation and replaces it with migration.

  • Gingersnap_1776

    every nation has laws and rules governing entry also, obama failed to mention that. just because laws were absent or nonexistant in our early years doesnt mean they are now. liberals like to cherry pick their historical foundations, ignoring key points along the way; which probably explains why liberalism is described as a mental disorder…

    • D-Boy

      Really? unless you're an American Indian? DNA has proved long ago that these peoples migrated from Asia. So whatever else ODummy says is mute. The man is a fraud. Not so smart trying to cover up his 1/2 white guilt with lies.

  • Edward Cline

    "That makes them the original Russian immigrants." Actually, they wouldn't even be Russian, but more likely of Tater or Mongolian origin. The Russians were basically Slavs, a completely different ethnic group.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      Obviously. I was referring to landmass not race. But Russians have plenty of Tatar in them.

      • gee59

        And here I thought that was Vodka instead of sauce for fried fish

  • Texas Patriot

    There are different theories about how the first Americans arrived. One is that Polynesians in large war canoes sailed from Tahiti and Bora Bora during storms and landed in South America more than 40,000 years ago. DNA samples indicate that these people came from the area of modern Japan. It is entirely possible that there were multiple avenues of migration in addition to the well-recognized Bering Strait route. One thing is clear, however, that we all have the same source DNA from the same human ancestor, the so-called Mitochondrial Eve, who probably lived in Africa maybe 190-200,000 years ago.

    • A Reader

      Yeah, right. Trust Wikipedia on this one. Are you trying to be more naive than it is possible?

  • kaz

    how many immigrants has north korea taken recently? it is sad when a hellhole like north korea is led by people with more sense than the traitorous fools who are in positions of power in every western country.

    • gee59

      The Koreans (both North and South) are genetically related to the Japanese (who aren't native to the Japanese Islands)

  • Softly Bob

    Yes, Obama that's right. Unless you're a Native American you've no rights over America. So you, Mr. President, you've no rights over anything. You're an immigrant too. You were born in Indonesia (or was that Kenya?). Your father is from one place, your mother is from another, your soul is from Mecca, your brain is from Narnia, and the whole of you was raised in cloud cuckoo land…. wherever that is!

  • Cascanow1

    There is a numbing realization that we are not being told the truth about the dire consequences of another illegal immigration policy. The first debate offered literary nothing in defending the American taxpayer from further taxes, in paying for the 11.3 million plus, who are already squatting here. The real twin fences that were to be constructed 700 miles along the border, faded out at 35 miles. Most amendment that would have satisfied the majority of the American people were voted down, by smarmy Senior Senator Chuck Schumer, the Gang of Eight and others who criticized mild mannered Sen. Jeff Sessions of Arkansas over restoring the 2006 Secure Fence Act. By the time the mark-up concluded, most of the reasonable amendments to the Senate bill 477 was eliminated or watered down. There were no advantages for the American people, but a similar hashed out reform bill that would add more taxes, to the already overburdened taxpaying public. The Federal government should issue every American citizen, a biometric ID card that inhibit most of the overwhelming issues we have today-stolen personal Social Security Numbers to illegal’s to get jobs, voting rights for citizens and the theft of credit.

    The only creative legislation was the mandatory E-Verify program that businesses and corporation must use to flush out unauthorized labor, and even that would not be fully effective for six years. That’s why the only solution is a biometric ID card for every American citizen? Nothing! Absolutely nothing in the bill mentioned reevaluating the “Birthright Citizenship” law, which once again is placed on the weary backs of taxpayers, in paying for every illegal alien child, smuggled across border, by plane or already in the United States. This was enforced by the Liberal courts, but in truth meant only after the Emancipation of slaves and their successors to award them citizenship. Foothold babies or “Anchor Babies” attributes illegal alien families collecting welfare, on behalf of the children. This added up, especially in Border States costs its residents, hundreds of billions of dollars.


    In a broadcast today on the Fox network, that the Obama government, the Liberal mainstream press would prefer it’s kept from the populace of America, a documentary film about the dangerous border. In the producers own words, “IT'S THE FILM THAT COULD KILL THE IMMIGRATION BILL but you can't see it in a theater because Hollywood and the mainstream media reject films made by Dennis Michael Lynch. THEY COME TO AMERICA II, The Cost of Amnesty is the most action-packed, truth revealing, in your face documentary ever to be made about illegal immigration. With Congressman Peter King, Mayor Rudy Giuliani and AZ Attorney General Terry Goddard, the film provides the best argument for rejecting the current immigration bill.”


    Liberal oriented Hollywood and the mainstream media would prefer Dennis Michael Lynch didn't exist because his films don't dance around an issue. In TCTA2, Dennis goes where no other filmmaker would dare to go. He risks life, limb and career to show how bad amnesty is for America. Dennis filmed much of the documentary using hi-tech sunglasses equipped with a hidden HD camera. Hear and see Border Agents slam the Obama administration and explain how most drug and human traffic is getting through the border. Go up close inside a drug cartel along the Mexican border. Go on the unemployment line with people in South Carolina and learn how illegal’s are taking the jobs Americans want to do. Catch Middle Eastern illegal’s in the Texas desert. See how the Gang of 8 ignores the needs of the American people. And most disturbing of all, experience how easy it would be to create terror on AMTRAK. The film has all the trimmings for forcing Congress to reject the current immigration bill. Take a little time to watch this movie as it will open your eyes to the threat that confronts us from this disguised amnesty. The website that contains all the factual evidence can be located by typing into the SEARCH BOX of Google, Yahoo or any browser THEY COME TO AMERICA. http://www.theycometoamerica.com

    The Heritage Foundation has released its latest report of the amnesty provisions of the Gang of Eight's immigration bill. Top analyst Robert Rector has determined that if the 11 million illegal migrants/ immigrants living in the United States receive amnesty, it will have a net cost to taxpayers of $6.3 Trillion! But that number is well under estimations according to the Bureau of the Census. Members of Congress should be contacted at toll-free — 1-888-978-3065 — and tell them about the massive outlay and urge them to oppose amnesty. You can also send free faxes at numbersusa. Others entities that print factual data is judicialwatch, americanpatrol and you can congest the key switchboard in Washington, with messages from THE PEOPLE to pressure lawmakers.

  • thomas_h

    No nation "came from somewhere".
    Tribes, or people related by blood, culture, language, memory and tradition, "came from somewhere".
    They became nations by insisting and defending their being different, fighting the aliens and invading and subjugating the neighbours.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    We are where we are and we inherit the conditions placed on us by the last generation, not what
    happened hundreds of years ago. History tells us many things about our ancestors both good
    and bad but we are responsible for ourselves our time and playing blame games out of the
    past paves the way for false equivalency and propagandistic outcomes that are baseless
    in all but the scheming of the story teller. Liars are not to be listined to and we know from
    endless examples of the Barak Benghazi Obama's that a lie is thier truth and so it goes with
    all Communist/Islamist manuvering of the uneducated via propaganda sans factual rhythm
    with adherence to reason and truth. The ultimate flim flam scammers now control government
    but not necessarily outcomes, that should be the duty and right of the People……….William

  • Anamah

    He doesn't care about ethnicities… that is the distraction. His goal is to build a new enmity of us, he is working as the toxic activist he is, searching some molecules of animosity to make a bloody war between our country and the illegal immigrants he wants to create and multiply. Our organizer is agitating "Hispanics" and promoting resentments and fury…Soros and his Open Borders Society is behind "The Gang of Eight" While we (as a normal human being) vomit our indignation over Benghazi betrayal… he is cooking this massive bill able to bury the US forever…Not only MB has infiltrated … "La Raza" is also within and commanding…Are we yet at the line in the sand now?

  • Bobby

    By the way, if you are one of those people that is addicted to watching the Sunday morning poltical shows, with all the talking heads like Cokie Roberts, George Will, etc.etc.AND YOU CARE ABOUT THE IMMIGRATION INSANITY AND AMNESTY BETRAYAL BY THE REPUBLI–CONS, STOP WATCHING. These shows have been talking about every stupid subject there is, but NEVER EVER TALK ABOUT THE HUGE BETRAYAL AN AMNESTY AND IMMIGRATION THE REPUBLICANS ARE NOW INVOLVED IN.

  • A Reader

    The main point here is that it is not the land but the economy that was built on it that determines the land's value.

    Before the whites settled North America, the value of the land was marginal, and the natives were paid a fair price for it.

    Now, once the whites built on it a highly prosperous country, the natives and their advocates want to extort huge payments from the wealth that they did not contribute to in any significant way.

    And the lefto-liberals are on their side.

  • Right Angle

    Migrating tribes were able to take over land because they had the technological and military edge on the indigenous population. A tragedy for those indigenous, but that is how the world has always turned.

    Obama and his extremist cabal who now run all Western nations have turned this on its head. The West has that technological and military edge on the third world in spades, but we aren't allowed to use it, defend ourselves via this strength, or even define a clear enemy to our civilisation. This wicked cabal imports the third world into our lands, those people from failed, cruel and wretched societies which are vastly inferior to our own, socially, scientifically, militarily, artistically. There has to be a correction to this "progressivism". What is happening is against the nature itself.