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Every Species Everywhere is Now Officially Endangered

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On February 3, 2013 @ 1:02 pm In The Point | 8 Comments


If you thought that environmentalists had managed to kill American industry before, they’re just getting started. Watching what they’ve done until now is like seeing the muzzle flash. You don’t really understand the impact, until the bullet hits you.

Now the bullet has gotten a lot closer.

What the left does well is build up individual legal structures that don’t seem too unreasonable individually and then brings them together for devastating effect. Like endangered species protections and global warming [2]. Only when they come together do you really see how hard the bullet is [3] going to hit.

Wolverines, one of the West’s most elusive high-country predators may soon find a place on the endangered species list because of climate threats to the deep snow and frigid temperatures they need to survive.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced Friday a proposal to list wolverines as a threatened species. It also proposed establishing a nonessential population area for any wolverines reintroduced into portions of the southern Rocky Mountains.

“This is an unusual case in which the species is actually doing pretty well right now … But now we have information that shows wolverine habitat is likely to be directly impacted by climate change.”

Studies show wolverine habitat will reduce significantly over the next 30 years and very significantly over the next 70 or 80 years.

It’s not an unusual case, it’s a test case. Listing the wolverines as a threatened species won’t hurt too many people, so it won’t be fought too vigorously. But a precedent will have been established.

Since Global Warming Scammers claim that rising temperatures will eventually impact every species, there is a pretext for placing every species on the endangered list and extending protection to them. The resulting land and power grab will be truly massive and will dismantle what’s left of manufacturing and industry in America, it will also go after ranching and farming in a big way.

It used to be that a threatened species’ status had to be linked to numbers in some way. Global Warming scammers began eroding this process by insisting that the status of a species was linked to their bogus projections of rising global temperatures.

Fish and Wildlife’s own press release reveals the insanity [4]of their “Endangered Wolverine” proposal.

Research indicates that wolverines either did not exist as established populations or were extirpated prior to settlement and to the compilation of historical records in the Great Lakes region, possibly due to climate changes that occurred through the 1800s and 1900s.  The widely scattered records from this region are consistent with dispersing individuals from a Canadian population that receded north early in the 1800s.  The possibility that wolverines existed as established populations prior to the onset of trapping in this area cannot be ruled out, but we have no evidence that they did.  No evidence in the historical records suggests that wolverines were ever present as established populations in the Great Plains, Midwest, or Northeast.

Wolverines are actually an invasive species moving out of Canada within recent history. Fish and Wildlife has to postulate some form of Global Warming in the 1800s that killed them off.

The nomination of Daniel M. Ashe, who formerly pushed Ecoscam in his role as a Science Advisor, to head Fish and Wildlife was a coup meant to allow the Global Warmers to set the agenda. Moves like these have no scientific credibility, but are meant to establish a pattern of interference that will allow them veto power over any business in the country.

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