Ex-MSNBC Anchor’s Health Plan Cost Triples, Tweets “Thx Mr. President”


Welcome to ObamaCare. Population you and your wallet.


Dylan Ratigan, a left-wing, one-time MSNBC anchor, tweeted out his apparent frustration upon learning that ObamaCare not only cost him the health plan he liked, but his new one will cost $430 a month more. Ratigan closed his tweet with, “Thnx Mr. President!”:

Liberals on Twitter predictably responded by telling him that it was for his own good and the greater good. Wonkette ran a post attacking him for being rich and then he and they launched into a proposal to create some sort of ObamaCare version of food.

No, I’m not joking.




But don’t worry, if you like your lunch, you can keep your lunch. Oh wait… you can’t even do that now.

Liberals. They never learn.

  • Calvinius

    You’re seriously trying to claim that Dylan Ratigan is “left wing”? What a joke.

    • Guest

      agree. The few times I watched him he was moderate conservative

    • AZEE

      It is hard to tell Ratigan’s politics from his wiki entry or his website. If he is a Democrat, he is at first blush more thoughtful and possibly more quantitative in thinking than typical.


      What makes me think that he is left of center is that he has been on Rachel Maddow’s show And Cenk Uygurs’ show but no one else is identified. Both of those people send up red flags.

      Is Dylan afraid that he might get blackballed by the left if he appeared on a show that was right of center?

      If I find out that he has appeared on Shultz’s show but not Hannity’s, Becks or someone else’s show I will think him a coward or left of center.

      I know for a fact that Michael Medved would give him a fair hearing. Lanny Davis is on Medved’s show fairly frequently.

      His website is some what interesting and will take some time to go through.

      • Calvinius

        He’s been on Rachel Maddow’s show, and that somehow makes him a liberal? I guess Rand Paul is a liberal, too.

        He didn’t appear on any Fox shows at the time for the same reason he didn’t appear on any CNN shows: it would’ve breached his contract to appeal on a competitor’s show. And since leaving MSNBC, he hasn’t appeared on TV at all.

  • http://fdnyretiree.com/ Ed FDNYRetiree

    Good. Couldn’t care less.

  • Biff Henderson

    It amazes me the Letftards spent their energy voicing their opinions on the next great crusade they want to embank upon when the failure of Obamacare should have them putting on the brakes until this little facet of the utopian dreamscape that is raping American wallets fleshes itself out. Are they starting to feel that there may be a short window of opportunity to check off the goals of their utopian bucket list once the true implications of Obamacare become known? That the American public wouldn’t trust them with delivering a pizza let alone another bureaucratic nightmare? God I hope they get their due.

  • bob e

    eating mounds and mounds…just liken the good dung beetle he is….

  • Aditya Vivek Barot

    Am I supposed to care about these precious members of the tribe? Why does every debate in this country have to be dominated by a tribe that hates this country? I can now understand why there were laws preventing these people from public life.

    • Calvinius

      There’s nothing even remotely liberal about Dylan Ratigan.

      • Aditya Vivek Barot

        The operative term is tribe. He is one of G-D’s chosen.

  • Redwood509

    He deserves the contempt and scorn fitting to a propagandist who for some 5 years peddled pure Democratic Party rubbish at MSNBC after his contract was abruptly terminated at CNBC/Fast Money. he hoped for a higher posting, a real anchor, none of this day time talk shows with fringe lunatics from the left. He is shrill, noisy, abrasive, not well educated, not brilliant, not original, just a good looking loud mouth, a yeller. he got screwed by the same “urgency of Now ” which he wished on all of us. therefore, I say to this despicable – obnoxious popinjay-get lost sucker.