Extraordinary Display of Tolerance at Seattle Gay Pride Parade Includes Beatings


Tolerance. It’s a beautiful thing as you can see in the photo above or the video below. And few places are as tolerant as a gay pride parade.

A street preacher was repeatedly punched in the head and kicked by two men at Seattle’s Pridefest this past Sunday – and the entire confrontation was caught on camera.

At the beginning of the video a large man approaches the two preachers angrily, while another woman repeatedly shoves the man carrying the Bible and demands that the two men leave.

The situation continues to heat up, until at one point a number of people attempt to snatch the sign away from the sign-wielding preacher.  When one man succeeds, a melee ensues in which the angry man seen at the beginning of the video runs at and punches the preacher in the head several times while another kicks him repeatedly. Others attempted to break up the fight.

Police arrested 36-year-old Jason Queree, who is suspected of being the main attacker. Queree reportedly has a long history of arrests and convictions for a wide variety of criminal behavior. A second suspect was also arrested.

The incident is reminiscent of an episode that took place at last year’s Toronto Pride Parade, also caught on video, where a street preacher was surrounded by a mob of angry pride marchers. However, in that case the police took the side of the pride participants, telling the street preacher, “You’re promoting hate.”

Last August, it was only thanks to the heroic actions of a security guard at the Family Research Council that a gay activist intent on killing employees at the organization was stopped in his deadly assault.

Clearly the end of DOMA is making America a more tolerant country. Tolerant of left-wing gay violence.

  • Smoking Hamster


    You can’t make this stuff up…

    • OfficialPro

      yeah, what an appropriate last name. It has to be fake (or legally changed to that). That’s too much of a coincidence.

  • UCSPanther

    I’d almost pay to see those idiots take on a pack of jihadis…

  • defcon 4

    You know what I find disgusting? Christian preachers showing up to protest a gay pride parade while ignoring the fact islam0-nazis are slaughtering, raping and persecuting Christians in practically every muslime state on the face of the earth.

    • Smoking Hamster

      What makes you think these preachers aren’t against Islam? They have confronted Muslims as well. What makes homosexuality so special that it cannot be criticized?

      Actually, the signs didn’t even criticize homosexuality. What makes idolatry, materialism, pornography, drug use, rock music, drunkenness, and tv worship so sacred that they cannot be criticized?

      As an evangelical Christian myself, I think all of those things are bad (if rock music is taken to mean satanic death metal or stuff encouraging the other bad stuff).

    • JayJay

      READ THE SIGN ? WHERE IS THERE ANYTHING ABOUT GAYS? and on the other hand I am a christian and there are som who take things too far. Protesting and picketing is not going to bring anyone to christ, the basis of christianity is love. To my fellow christians, we cannot spread the word of God without becoming friends and sharing the word not asking for trouble and hate messages.

      • Rogue Reflections

        Not only were they not talking down to gay people, they simply were not talking (unless someone initiated conversation with them first.) I am an LGBT supporter as well as an AVID advocate for the Constitution. The attackers in my video do NOT represent the LGBT community.

      • vorpal

        Wow… a Christian who ACTUALLY tries to preach Christ’s message and doesn’t turn Christianity into something hideously ugly and twisted.

        You, my friend, are an endangered species. Thank goodness for people like you.

        Honestly, I have no idea what these protesters think they’ll accomplish apart from pissing people off and driving them further away from Christianity.

        • iTruGamer26 .

          at the same time, why would anyone want to support gays and ‘gay pride’ after they promote violence? i guess it really just is pride and no tolerance, even towards their quote unquote haters. tolerance is the only way to persuade and win people over. pride wont make people like or even come close to supporting you, just push you away. but also the same with christians too.

  • ziggy zoggy

    Nothing is more contemptible than a sucker puncher or a pu$$y who talks $hit after he lost a fight he started. Nobody should get a free pass just because he’s gay, and I love gay guys.

  • mtnhikerdude

    Carry Korans to gay parades to insure immunity from violence .

  • Wyoyell

    Has anyone noticed that the blonde headed woman who was instigating a lot of the action left the field when the police arrived and went to get the stroller that her child was in……why the hell wasn’t she with her child the entire time….and did that baby have anyone watching out for him while “mom” was off doing her stuff……..

  • Kathy Robinson

    Where is the video of this? Where can I find the arrest reports?

  • Tim

    Actually, what I find disgusting is that anyone can treat these men like they did and people think it’s ok because they shouldn’t be there??! No body has the right to assault anyone just because they choose to voice that they disagree with their life style. It’s funny how intolerant the tolerant police have gotten

  • Rogue Reflections

    As the original poster and the one who took this video, the preachers (while unpopular) were protected by the 1st Amendment. I am an LGBT supporter and the actions of these attackers are not representative of the LGBT community.

  • Rogue Reflections

    The original video is found at”


  • SnerdBurgular

    I like the crossdresser. He’s pretty chill.

  • silasblue

    Gays do not promote violence, a few beatings is nothing when compared to the homophobic slaughter, actual killing, of gay people for centuries all over the world. If a gay dude beats up a priest, blame that one man for taking out his anger on the wrong person, but do not associate queer people with being tolerant of violence. Beating people up is wrong. Killing people for their sexuality is an evil so unjust, that those Christians that have killed for this reason are certainly burning in Hell.