Favorite Judge of John Gotti, the Weathermen and Islamic Terrorists Declares NYPD’s “Stop and Frisk” Illegal

Shira Scheindlin

The outcome of any case that goes before Judge Shira Scheindlin, a woman who loves criminals more than Popeye loves spinach, is predictable.

Judge Shira Scheindlin presided over three Gotti trials, two of which Gotti managed to nearly sail through. And here are other highlights of her career.

In September 2006 Scheindlin ruled that Judith Clark, a Weather Underground radical serving 75 years to life for the murder of a Brinks guard and two police officers during a robbery, was entitled to a new trial because her Sixth Amendment right to counsel was violated. Scheindlin found Clark’s right to counsel was violated even though the then-self-proclaimed revolutionary insisted on representing herself at trial, turned down legal counsel, boycotted much of the trial and refused to recognize the court’s authority. In January 2008 the Second Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously reversed Scheindlin’s ruling and held that Clark was not denied her right to counsel because Clark “knowingly and intelligently exercised her constitutional right to make those choices.”

In April 2002, in the case United States v. Osama Awadallah,  after Awadallah testified before a grand jury that he had met with two of the September 11, 2001 hijackers, but could not remember their names, Scheindlin dismissed a perjury charge against him and found that Awadallah’s prolonged detention without actual criminal charges was based on misrepresentations and omissions by the government and could not be justified under existing law. Her decision was later reversed on appeal.

Both of those cases were reversed on appeal because Judge Shira Scheindlin’s crazy leftist politics had no basis in actual law.

Judge Shira Scheindlin is a Clinton judge. Bill Clinton appointed her. And her destructive presence on the bench is a reminder of how destructive a left-wing president can be. We’ll be dealing with the toxic Federal judges that Obama appointed for generations.

The good news is that Judge Shira Scheindlin has a history of being overruled by actual qualified judges who aren’t just left-wing hacks in robes.

So the big news that she declared the NYPD’s Stop and Frisk program illegal, a program that makes life safe for New Yorkers, especially in high-risk neighborhoods, may not matter that much once the case goes to a real judge.

To fix the constitutional violations, Judge Scheindlin of Federal District Court in Manhattan said she intended to designate an outside lawyer, Peter L. Zimroth, to monitor the Police Department’s compliance with the Constitution.

The decision to install Mr. Zimroth, a partner in the New York office of Arnold & Porter, LLP, and a former corporation counsel and prosecutor in the Manhattan district attorney’s office, will leave the department under a degree of judicial control that is certain to shape the policing strategies under the next mayor.

Appointing Zimroth to anything is highly questionable considering his own recent political corruption scandal.

During this morning’s press conference unveiling Gov. Cuomo’s anti-corruption investigation panel, Onondaga County District Attorney William Fitzpatrick disclosed he has donated to the governor’s campaign account.

The only other panel members who donated to Cuomo are Peter Zimroth, a former New York City corporation counsel and current partner at Arnold & Porter LLP, and Daniel Castleman, a former chief assistant DA in the Manhattan District Attorneys Office.

Zimroth has given Cuomo $2,000 while Castleman donated $1,100.

So now Gotti’s favorite judge would like to move Zimroth up even higher. No thanks. And if you want a Clinton connection, Zimroth represented the White House Counsel during the Whitewatergate investigation.

  • miked

    What about the fourth amendment? I say she made the right call. I know I would be uncooperative if the police stopped and frisked me for no reason and without a warrant. But then, I am a fan of the constitution.

    • patron

      The police have a presence in a high crime neighborhood, and they stop and perform a limited search when they suspect criminal activity.

      The fourth ammendment was in response to targeted searches by monarchy henchmen searching political opponents and digging for dirt.

      The only other alternative to inner city policing is to create a perimeter, and contain the high crime high drug areas. Police loose all sense of standards, drug kingpins rule untouched and corrupt local government, crime spreads, and the city is destroyed.

      The worst part about it the ease of turning cities around. Zero tolerance does not mean police state, it means police doing their jobs.

  • MJUdall

    Red diaper doper baby.

  • http://www.dregstudios.com Brandt Hardin

    “Stop and Frisk” is a breach of civil rights for anyone stopped, regardless of their race. The actions and abuse by the NYPD are filling the very definition of a “Police State” where citizens are under never ending scrutiny in order for cops meet a quota designed to turn profits. You can read much more about our Justice System running amuck and how they’ve violated civil liberties across the country in the name of the almighty dollar at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2012/08/the-privatized-police-state.html

  • patron

    Before zero tolerance and broken window, NYC was a hell hole with more people being shot over crack each year than died on 9/11. Policies like this, which still require probable cause and will face judicial oversight at a trial by jury, made the city somewhat inhabitiable.

    I wonder if the big government liberals who want to open the floodgates to the drug cartel, or the libertarians who want crack and oxies sold next to cigarettes and chewing gum ever had to live next to criminal animals.

  • antioli

    Word has it that Black and Black violence is way down because of stop and frisk.
    With out the murder rate will rise at least to Chicago level.
    The KKK is rejoicing at the decision.

  • VLParker

    It is illegal. There is no probable cause. You can’t cherry pick which parts of the Constitution you are going to follow and which ones you are going to ignore. That’s what liberals do.

    • patron

      Terry v. Ohio

      • VLParker

        Courts ignore the Constitution all the time.

  • patron

    The judged based her decision on 10% arrest rate from stop and frisk. She assumes no arrest means everyone is innocent which is wrong.

    If a crack dealer shoots someone, and runs in an alley and hides a gun among 20 members of a drug dealing gang, if the police stopped and frisk everyone it’s only 5%.

    We are looking at the Curley Effect. Big government machine democratics want to tear down their opposition so they get more wealth and power. Democrats’ help destroys neighborhoods because it isn’t help. It serves only to crush those who stand against fraud.

  • Max1967

    Look this up for real racism