FBI Releases New Photos and Video of Possible Bombing Suspects

These are the latest photos and video released by the FBI of the two men they are looking for. As before, assume that nothing is final until it is. You may have trouble with this link because the FBI site appears to be down.





  • MeSoHornish

    These guys old girlfriends are on the phone with the FBI right now, or their strippers, either way I bet the case breaker comes from a woman.

    Everybody needs loving.

  • ratloser

    They are vikings…no doubt…bloody white supremacist devils…

  • I_D_Clair

    Call me crazy, but I question the wisdom of waiting to release these photos.
    The suspects , if they are the terrorists, were going to get lost as soon as possible, regardless of whether their photos were out there.
    If these images had been released asap, the whole country could have been on the lookout that much sooner.

    • MeSoHornish


      • I_D_Clair

        Just don't call me surely.

  • Jeum

    Guessing Libyans.


      Nah. Lesbians.

  • tagalog

    There will always be some number of people who will help hide them from the investigators. Releasing the photos seems premature. Maybe not; maybe there's some good investigative reason to disclose the images of suspects. Maybe it's a misdirection.

  • guest

    They said that they have video of one of them dropping the backpack. Why do you think they have not released that video? I won't believe it until I see it.

  • guest

    Their backpacks don't match the photo of the exploded backpack they are currently circulating.

    • JacksonPearson

      If you, or anything else were blown up, you wouldn't look the same either. Just saying!

      • guest

        I'm still going with the Saudi that's being deported. If they have video showing the bag actually dropped by one of these guys, and show it, not just lie about it, I'll change my mind.

  • BLJ

    Do I hear Muslims for 500?

    • truebearing

      Sure, take the easy category. I'm going with white guys that dyed their hair dark, got a MiddleEastern nose job, and spent a lot of time in tanning booth….for a nickel.

      • truebearing

        Please overlook my blatant racism and Islamophobia. I still haven't mastered the art of not seeing what I clearly see.

  • BS77

    I am thinking of a reward…big numbers….and tongues will be talking. Results forthcoming. Get these piles of garbage and get them soon.

  • Rothschild

    One of them looks like a Palestinian…possibly Palestinian Christian; the other ones too blurry.

    My guess is, Palestinian terrorists working for the Saudis.

    • BS77

      Palestinian Christians are not known for terror bombings……"working for the Saudis" where do you get this nonsense?

      • Rothschild

        Palestinian Christians are Arabs… I have not read, of any protest
        or organization, movement or opposition by the Palestinian Christians
        against the Muslim Brotherhood, for the Israelis; if they were for the
        Israelis, around 1948, for example, I would of read about it.

        For example, when pro-Israeli RFK was in Israel for a few months
        around 1948 he did not see Palestinian Christians fighting for the Zionists.

        Robert Kennedy and Israel

        First let us consider the viewpoint of the Arabs in regard to the
        national homeland promised to the Jews in the Balfour Declaration.

        The Arabs by word and deed leave no question in anyone’s mind
        how they feel. They argue that the Balfour Declaration supports their
        point that no national state was promised, pointing to the clauses in the
        declaration that says the national home shall be set up subject to the civil
        rights of the people living in Palestine at this time. In recent years they have
        pointed to the United Nations charger and the Article dealing with the
        self-determination of nations. Let us adhere to that, the Arabs say, and let
        the people, that is the Arabs who are involved, decide the question by the
        democratic processes. If this policy of participation was truly adhered to they
        say, then why couldn’t there be a partition with the “the” partition set aside for
        the Arab minorities?

        The Jewish people on the other hand believe that if it were not for the wars
        and invasions that racked Palestine and which sent them scattered and persecuted
        throughout the world, Palestine would today be theirs.

        It would be theirs just as when Moses led them from Egypt into the Palestinian
        plains which they point out were unoccupied except for a few Bedouin tribes.

        NAZIS AND ARABS http://www.rosenblit.com/NAZIS%20AND%20ARABS.htm

        The leader of the “Palestinian” Arab jihad was Haj Mohammed
        Amin al-Husseini.  As the British-appointed Grand Mufti of
        Jerusalem (also head of the Supreme Muslim Council) and as the
        Arab-appointed Chairman of the Arab Higher Committee, al-Husseini
        was the paramount spiritual and political leader of the Arabs of the
        western portion of Mandatory Palestine.  However, in 1937, after Mandatory
        authorities sought his arrest on account of his role in planning and implementing
        that jihad, he fled Mandatory Palestine for Nazi Germany, later helping to
        establish several Muslim Nazi battalions in Bosnia and Kosovo (which participated
        in the deportation and transit of Jews to various death camps), assisting in the
        creation in 1941 of a short-lived Arab Nazi government in Iraq (which, at
        that time, had a substantial Jewish population), and becoming one of German
        Chancellor Adolf Hitler’s personal advisors on the annihilation of the Jewish people
        during World War II.  During his stay in Nazi Germany, al-Husseini broadcast Nazi
        propaganda in Arabic to the countries of the Middle East.  In recognition of his
        ongoing services to Nazi Germany, al-Husseini received the rank of SS-Gruppenführer;
          and Hitler honorifically referred to him as the “Arab Führer”.  After the War, he was given
        asylum in Egypt (where he was a co-founder of the League of Arab States, commonly
        known as the “Arab League”), and then in Lebanon.  To this Day, he remains
        a hero to “Palestinian” Arabs. 

        A British Foreign Office report from 1939 reports of “news of a consignment
        of arms from , sent via and addressed to Ibn Saud (king of ), but really
        intended for the insurgents.”….


        The assassin of Senator Robert F. Kennedy is a pal-e-swinian christian.

  • visitor

    Can all of you cocksure know-it-alls who know so much better than the FBI and counter terrorism agents how to conduct an investigation kindly stuff it until we know who these clowns are and what their motive might have been? They might be home-grown jihadis, or animal rights activists, or people who hate all natives of Boston, or disgruntled former marathon runners, or Satanists, or anything else. One thing is for sure: none of you has any idea who they are. So instead of peddling inane conspiracy theories and displaying your prejudices, why don't you let law enforcement do its job?

  • Alan

    but according to Perry Texas' economy is booming (not fertilizer plants blowing up booming, but you understand). If Texas' economy is doing so well, why does it need that evil Federal aid to rebuild one fertilizer plant, one 50 unit apartment complex, one middle school, a few houses and one nursing home?

    Particularly considering that Texas' entire Senate delegation – (Republican Minority Whip) John Cornyn & Ted Cruz — and 8 of their Congressional representatives – Mike Conaway, Bill Flores (in whose district West, TX lies)), Louie Gohmert, Kenny Marchant, Randy Neugebauer, Mac Thornberry, Randy Weber & Roger Williams — voted against relief for victims of hurricane Sandy: a disaster which affected millions of people in multiple States, left 40,000 homeless (some for months during the winter) and more than 120 dead & caused 30-50 billion dollars in economic losses.

    As Bill Flores said when voting against Sandy Aid, “It depends on the nature and the timing of needs. If we had a disaster in Texas and federal funding was required immediately and required by this vote, I would have voted yes. That’s not the case, though. This is a different situation."

    Hypocritical self-serving liars is what they all are. Let the aid to Texas slowly dribble in and to the same relative level as aid to Sandy victims was dealt out. Especially considering that the Congressman from the district where the explosion occurred doesn't believe in

  • Rothschild

    One of them looks like he could easily be a cousin of a Arab Palestinian, I seen.

  • garyfouse

    Logic would state that the FBI should have now learned the names from people who recognized them-unless the only people who know them don't want to turn them in.

    Given their appearance, would it not be a good thing for CAIR, ICNA, ISNA, MPAC and MAS to post them on their websites with an appeal to anyone who might recognize them?

    (As of now, there is nothing on any of those websites)

    • Rothschild

      This is all a non story…the case was closed a few days ago.

      Iif they had any idea who did it, we would of known it by now.

  • truebearing

    Our self-congratulatory FBI spokesman failed to mention that these men are of Middle Eastern descent. I'm sure Obama had nothing to do with that. maybe that explains the 1 out of 3 average the FBI has for press conferences related to this terror attack by MUSLIMS.

    How many times will Obama cover for the Muslim terrorists, or enable them to infiltrate America? How many Americans will have to die or be maimed before the country finds its survival instinct?

  • Kim

    where is the video of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev dropping the backpack????? &^&^&^%^ Americans shoot first, ask questions later!~