Fed.Gov: Not Killing Babies Will Cost Money, Amnesty Will Bring in Money


If you want to watch the moral implosion of a nation happening live, look no further than Obama’s repeated claims that SuperAmnesty for 12 million illegal aliens will actually help the economy, while the CBO is claiming that not killing babies will be a net loss.

First, the New York Times, Obama’s paper of record, has an interview with him where he repeats the bizarre claims that illegal alien amnesty will fix the economy, the Keystone pipeline will not create jobs and there are no American troops at Baghdad Airport.

“Immigration reform actually squarely fits into what I’m discussing right now. As I indicated before, we know the economy will grow faster if we get immigration reform done. We know that Social Security will be shored up if we get immigration reform done.”

It takes a lot of dynamic scoring to make that happen. But while we have to dynamically score illegal aliens, there’s no dynamic scoring for American babies.

CBO recently reported that, if passed by Congress, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would cost the government $225 million over the next 10 years by allowing children to be born instead of aborted.

The CBO says killing children will save the government money in healthcare costs and expenditures in welfare and other social programs.

The Orwellian implications of the CBO’s report are terrifying. It first assumes each and every child born as a result of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act will be a failure and thus a burden on society.

It’s interesting that we can use dynamic scoring to try and pretend that illegal alien amnesty will somehow be a net benefit, but there’s no dynamic scoring when it comes to abortion. Bringing in half the continent’s criminals has to be scored dynamically, but killing babies requires no dynamic scoring.

This isn’t just a reflection of bias, but of a society’s decaying values under a government that cares about illegal aliens, but cares nothing about American children.


  • pupsncats

    Clearly, the remnants of Western Civilization and civilized man are surely being destroyed by the insane notion that peace and equality can only exist if man reverts to barbarianism and enslaves the world’s population to governments ruled by extremely corrupt, greedy, and truth-destroying despots.

    Government policies that reward criminal aliens, ensure millions of innocent children are exterminated while in their mother’s wombs, appeasing 7th century fanatical heretics, and transferring the wealth, knowledge and inventions of the productive to backward, militant, freedom-hating populations, as all Western governments do, is a sure sign that suicide of civilized man is on the horizon.

    • Moto

      Well,cats, it’s been a fun ride, but the human species is doomed. Perhaps we’ll be replaced by giant lizards, wouldn’t that be cool? Too bad no one will be around to see it.

  • Sue

    I don’t recall the amount, but recently read an article about the extremely large amounts of money being sent out of the country by illegal aliens. Why would Obama think that’s going to change?

    • pupsncats

      It isn’t about what granting legal status to millions of criminal aliens will do. It is about rewarding criminal acts (Progressives love criminals since to them, laws and the rule of law stand in their way of eventual totalitarian rule by them) and ensuring a majority voting base for the Democratic (sic) Party for the future.

    • Gordon Gordinsky

      No critically thinking and intelligent person can believe that anything from Frontpagemag.com is accurate and objective.

  • Gordon Gordinsky

    Daniel Greefield is a good propagandist, too. :)

  • Thomas Sharp

    Once again proving:
    If the liberals have an answer, you can be certain that it is the wrong answer.

  • Paul Carter

    Words have specific meanings. Abortion is the intentional termination of a pregnancy. Abortion is legal during the first two trimesters but illegal during the last trimester except to save the life of the mother. There is no legitimate definition of abortion that defines it as killing of babies. Honorable people can differ on whether abortion under any set of conditions is a good or bad thing for women, families, or society. Honorable people use rational arguments to try and convince others to support their personal views and values. Dishonorable people have no rational arguments to convince others to support their views and values so they resort to demagoguery such as referring to abortion as “baby killing.”