“Fidel Told Me He Did Not Understand Why Commandante Chavez had Not Finished with Bourgeois Elections”


The big scandal in Venezuela right now is the release of a recording of conversations between a Cuban intelligence officer and a Chavez media ally, discussing, among other things, a potential coup.

The conservations reveal once again just how much the Bolivarian revolution is a Castro handpuppet that provides free oil to Cuba in exchange for helping them rig elections. Not that Fidel Castro ever understood the point of even having elections.

Mario Silva, a Chavez man, is discussing Venezuelan politics with Aramis Palacio, a Cuban intelligence officer. First Silva complains that he thinks Maduro, Chavez’s successor, is being manipulated by his wife, Cilia Flores.

I have fear, Palacios, Nicholas, first, is being manipulated by Cilia.

This is a continent of warlords, man, and the woman has to be in the shade. For many mystical and spiritual reasons, the Venezuelan woman loves the man of power.

Chavez, with his wife, or that he had, I do not care whether or not he had had, was a mystery man for women because he had two divorces, and always was a man who liked women very much. And that increased his popularity. And I told him on a trip to Hanoi: Damn, will someone tell Nicolas that no longer display Cilia? The man remains the leader, and not “Here is my wife, I give her a kiss,” and so forth. This is not an American campaign, this is a Latin American campaign.

Questioner (PALACIOS): Can we assess that all these behaviors at odds with the tradition of …?

MARIO SILVA: Sure, sure!

Then Palacios and Silva discussed the Venezuelan election system, the CNE…

My Comandante Fidel told me on one occasion, and he has to remember, because that was one of the meetings I had with him. He said he did not understand why Comandante Chavez still was not finished with bourgeois elections.

Because the people were wrong and I absolutely agree. I absolutely and totally agree. The choices here, as raised, can destroy the Revolution.

In fact, we are thinking, and yesterday we had an intelligence meeting  with two Cuban comrades, two Cuban officials at Fort Tiuna. And one of the things I posed to them was …

And I asked a question of the Cuban comrades yesterday: And if … Let’s take another scenario… what if they have the ability to modify the results at the CNE?

Because there is an issue, Palacios. We ourselves put the sword of Damocles, saying that the CNE is impregnable.

Then Palacios and Silva discuss various factions in the regime, which have to be blocked and which have to be supported, and Silva warns that the situation is dire

MARIO SILVA: There are ministers here, buddy, you do not even know what they do. And most likely, they’re stealing, Palacios, because they think this is going to crumble.

  • Indioviejo

    Thank you Daniel for the timely info from this secret conversation. If we had people in power interested in our nation's security, we would have our CIA trying to affect a change in Venezuela. Everyone gives Fidel Castro a pass for all of his years supporting and abetting terrorism all over the world directed specifically against the USA. His blatantly armed intervention in Nicaragua and El Salvador in the 1970's and his continued intervention in Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua, coupled with his continued support for terrorism merits our full attention. We must remember that Latin America has thrown its support to Hezbollah, and other Muslim terrorist organizations against the USA and we won't get any assistance in our global war against Islam from this part of the world.

    • Omar

      What about Argentina and Brazil. Aren't they like allies of the late Hugo Chavez?

  • Omar

    That is Cuban imperialism at work. Venezuela might as well be called the Cuban Raj (in reference to the British Raj [which consisted of the modern-day countries India, Pakistan and Bangladesh] in the 19th and the first half of the 20th century). Raul Castro is not only the Dictator of Cuba, he is also the Emperor of Venezuela, while Nicolas Maduro is the head Viceroy of the Cuban Raj. Anyway, the Castro regime and its Cuban Empire (as well as its "allies", which are its colonies in Latin America) is the modern day King Philip II of Spain and the Spanish Armada. During the 1980s, U.S. President Ronald Reagan was like Queen Elizabeth I of the Kingdom of England, while then-Cuban Dictator Fidel Castro was like King Philip II of Spain (the analogy is quite accurate, considering the fact that the Castro brothers' father was a Spanish military officer who opposed Cuban independence from Spain while the Castro brothers themselves have their own version of imperialism, which is of course, Communist totalitarianism. It is time for conservatives, democracy and human rights activists to combat and defeat Communist imperialism and totalitarianism, dissolve the Cuban Raj and return democracy and the rule of law to Venezuela.

  • Legman

    The pathetic thing is that Castro's Cuba has always been a parasite state. Castro destroyed Cuba's booming economy at gun point to create state dependency and then live off the soviets, who gladly subsidized and armed him so that he infiltrated the continent on their behalf. Granted, Cuba has been behind all leftist efforts in Latin America (many very bloody and costly) and has even slowly succumbed the USA to a measurable degree.

    The USSR even armed Castro to help flip Africa so that the dead soldiers be Cuban and not Soviet. All in the marketable name of freedom, anti-colonialism, and humanitarianism of course. Cuba itself gained nothing from such failed African expeditions and all Castro got was an ego trip while looking bigger than he truly was while attempting to save his struggling sugar daddy, the USSR.

    That said, communist Cuba has NOTHING to really offer Venezuela besides an outdated handbook named "When the CIA Put Us Phony Militants in Power". It is the stupid Venezuelans who are sustaining the Castros, who despite having a goldmine nation in total ruins, still prohibit the emergence of a market economy for the sole sake of their useless, egotistical, and stalinist control over the Cuban people (the same control, despite having to employ a different variation of it, that these communist thieves and frauds in Venezuela want over Venezuela and at its expense). Venezuelan elections actually ended years ago and not for the better. It is now too long, too stupid, too late…