“Fighting Against Jews To Return Islamic Sex To The World”


Because Islam. Obviously.

Anti-Semitism is deeply embedded in Islam. It’s so deeply embedded that Muslims can’t seem to discuss anything without blaming the Jews. Apparently they couldn’t even publish a sex guide without filling it with anti-Semitic material.

Unfortunately for the Global Ikhwan which runs the Obedient Wives Club and put out ‘Seks Islam; Perangi Yahudi Untuk Kembalikan Seks Islam Kepada Dunia’ (Islamic Sex; fighting against Jews to return Islamic sex to the world) has had its Anti-Semitic sex guide banned.

Clearly it’s the fault of the Jews. Also women.

With a picture of outlawed Al-Arqam leader, the late Asaari Muhammad, on the cover, the book is intended to be a guide for newlyweds and wives on how to treat their husbands when in bed, Berita Harian says.

At least one chapter in the book carries detailed information on sexual acts.

Spiritual acts anyway.

And she revealed her late husband could perform sex simultaneously with his wives, spiritually. Hatijah writes about seks seren­­-tak (simultaneous sex) but she does not reveal how to do it spiritually.

Who wouldn’t want to read a book advocating “spiritual sex” (a man could “come” spiritually to all his wives simultaneously even though they’re in Ipoh, Kuala Lum­pur, Singapore and Johor)?

Because this is PhD level stuff.

As if reading my thoughts, Dr Azlina Jamaluddin, a dentist and OWC leader, said it was not something a common person could comprehend.

“To you there might be no logic to what we are saying,” Dr Azlina explained. “But when Prophet Noah built an ark on a mountain at that time there was no logic in what he was doing.”

Obviously. Just like there’s no logic in that sentence.

Mohd Rasidi, a male member of the panel, claimed what was taught in the book was “high level” sex. “It is PhD-level,” he said.

“To understand the book,” said Fauziah, “the author of the book herself wants to talk to the media via Skype from Mecca.”

And Hatijah’s voice filled the conference room.

In an exasperated tone, the 57-year-old Malaysian woman based in Saudi Arabia said the club purposely did not sell the book to non-members because the public would not be able to comprehend it.

Strangely enough, I believe her.

Its vice-president Dr Rohaya Mohamad said it was time sexual prowess took a front seat in marriage, beyond that of the traditional “good mother or good cook” roles.

“A good or religious wife should also be good in bed,” she told reporters after the launch of the club’s Malaysian chapter at a golf club here yesterday.

She said a husband who was kept happy in the bedroom would have no reason to stray, seek out prostitutes or indulge in other social vices.

“The family institution is protected and we can curb social ills like prostitution, domestic violence, human trafficking and abandoned babies,” she said, adding that she believed these problems stemmed from unfulfilled sexual needs at home.

Sure. It’s the fault of the women. Because Islam hates women almost as much as it hates Jews.

“A man married to a woman who is as good or better than a prostitute in bed has no reason to stray. Rather than allowing him to sin, a woman must do all she can to ensure his desires are met,” Rohaya told the newspaper.

Islamic morality.

But OWC’s international leader, Madam Hatijah Aam, the widow of Al-Arqam founder Ashaari Muhammad, defended the publication, saying that it was aimed at promoting the highest levels of ‘spiritual connection’ between a man and his wives.

She also said that the club’s goal is to set an ‘ISO standard’ for sex within marriage.

An ISO standard?

The International Organization for Standardization known as ISO, is an international standard-setting body composed of representatives from various national standards organizations. Founded on 23 February 1947, the organization promotes worldwide proprietary, industrial and commercial standards.

PhD level stuff. Clearly.

So what if anything does this have to do with the Jews?

I guess they’ve given up competing for Nobel prizes and are just hoping to stay ahead in the polygamous ISO spiritual prostitute sex standard department.

  • Jenny

    Not interested in desert nomad-derived sex philosophy. Like everything else from that region of the planet, it is primitive, 6th century stuff.

  • MarilynA

    Just what incentive does a wife have to fulfill her husband’s sexual needs when her incentive to perform has been removed surgically, usually with a razor blade of sharpened rock? I believe the Mullahs advocate “beating her” if she doesn’t perform up to expectations. In my way of thinking that is an incentive to hate, not love.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      “Just what incentive does a wife have to fulfill her husband’s sexual needs when her incentive to perform has been removed surgically, usually with a razor blade of sharpened rock?”

      The same incentive a dog has for pleasing its master.

      “I believe the Mullahs advocate “beating her” if she doesn’t perform up to expectations. In my way of thinking that is an incentive to hate, not love.”

      They have different definitions than Westerners for many things.

  • Tim N

    Where can I get a copy for my wife?

    • alericKong

      She’ll start smelling like goat sweat.

  • Gee

    Islamic sex – isn’t that just another word for rape?

  • alericKong

    Pretty soon the antibiotic resistant STDs will take them out.

    • Lanna

      Watch as the punishment comes to immoral perversity and behaviors!

  • Abdur Razzaq bin Mohamed Ali

    Daniel Greenfield – its amazing to see that how you came up with this nonsense story to news, even without consulting a scholar of what it means or if is it real. There are so many books like that in world which will tell many such illusional stories which is not based on Quraan and Sunnah, but since you are Muslim and Islam hater, and which your audience wants to read you have no other thing to write except this crap. yes, this would give you FPG a good hit on this url, but will make them insane to know that fools have started writing nowadays and their producers have started paying for it. Can you do the same thing to books from Christianity and Jews or Hinduism or Buddism, i will be glad to spread to all Muslim and start laughing on it, how does this sound. So, if you are writer follow the ethic, and first ask the Scholars on such books and what really Islam says about it. Then says what nonsensical things this books is about. I will to join to agree with it. Else stop spreading such stories and blame Islam for person with Muslim names writing such books. We Muslim have never heard of such stories from Quraan and Sunnah and neither it teaches about it. A utter waste of time even to write this comment and waste my life 5 minutes.

    • tickletik

      TL:DR. Can anyone sum this up?

      • Daniel Greenfield

        blah blah this doesn’t represent real Islam

        • tickletik


    • Daniel Greenfield

      What Islam says about it? Is there a singular Islam?

    • Madu

      Abdur Razzaq, it’s amazing how sensitive you get when true stories are published about weirdness of Islam. Honor killings, polygamy, hatred of everything non-Islamic, hatred towards women are just some of the “great” things this religion practices. This story is not untrue. If you think you are wasting time, why do you comment?

  • Lanna

    Everywhere Islam goes it shows how perverted it is, these people are abnormal!

  • Robert Lande

    You couldn’t make this stuff up. No one would believe it.

  • carltjohnson

    Islam has NEVER brightened the world, conversely, it has only served to darken the world since the days of Babylon. That very mind [less] set has pervaded the distorted paradigm the rest of us battle and suffer with every day!

  • Mike

    I’m newly EX muslim and it’s garbage like this that has forced me to take an aggressive anti islamic stance rather than just allowing people to believe whatever they want. religion is a poison and should be banned. the idiots that write, practice and believe this utter fucking horseshit should be strung up by their testicles and left to rot.