Fighting the ASA Israel Boycott with a Boycott



The American Studies Association’s decision to launch a racist boycott of Israel, while not issuing any sanctions toward countries that academic associations have found actually restrict academic freedom, such as China, is being met with outrage and calls for action.

Professor Jacobson of Legal Insurrection will look into the ASA’s tax exempt status. But the best way to confront a boycott may be with a boycott.

As he has pointed out, the boycott may be illegal under New York State law. The ASA’s boycott wing have carefully worded their resolution not to apply to individuals for, likely, precisely this reason. But that doesn’t mean that it might not be possible to see a bill through in the New York State legislature that would prohibit public funds from being used to in any way fund ASA events or publications… or ASA members and their work.

Considering how much the ASA relies on public universities, such a move might hurt them quite a bit. California would be an uphill battle. But it might be altogether doable in New York.

And such a move should be explored. It would at the very least force universities to screen their budgets and hit American Studies departments in their pocketbooks leading to the withdrawal of professors from the ASA.


Secondly, when you receive a begging letter from a college you attended, or didn’t, reply that you would like to donate, but that you are worried that your donation might subsidize ASA activities or members which you oppose due to their racist boycott of Israel.

If you have previously donated, follow that message up with an open letter to the university president. Reach out to more high-profile donors to encourage them to make the same statements.

Educational institutions are hungry for money. Hit them in the pocketbook and suddenly their political calculus changes.


  • Veracious_one

    boycott the boycott and cut off the money…absolutely!!!!

  • lizwagner2

    Excerpt from ASA talking points on the boycott:

    “1. Isn’t the boycott movement extreme/fringe?
    The ASA was founded in 1948 and is thus the oldest and most venerable professional association devoted to the study of US history and culture; the fact that its members have endorsed the boycott suggest that the movement is becoming mainstream.

    Many world leaders and prominent academics support the boycott, including Angela Davis, Richard Falk, (Professor emeritus Princeton and United National Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Human Rights), Stephen Hawkings, Gayatri Spivak, Desmond Tutu, and Alice Walker.”

    Imagine that! Bragging about the virulent racists and antisemites who support the boycott!

    • Daniel Greenfield

      9/11 Truther Richard Falk.

  • Chris Gait

    Listed as supporters: “Angela Davis, Richard Falk, (Professor emeritus Princeton and United National Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Human Rights), Stephen Hawkings, Gayatri Spivak, Desmond Tutu, and Alice Walker.” What, no Jimmy Carter? No Louis Farakhan?! How about David Duke? This is a shocking set of omissions. They should seek more bipartisan anti-Semite support, pronto!


      desmond tutu – the savage racist?

      He can join Nelson Mandela – soon I hope.

  • antioli

    The ASA is not the main line organization of university professors. The main line voted against the boycott.

  • bas h

    So this is what hundreds of years of science and nurturing high intellect led to? Siding with the same people so keen to show their suffering by 45 years of global terrorism against western civilisation and jews? Is this caused by brains so heavy it splintered their spines?

    Besides treason it’s like saying “go bomb or hijack something, then we’ll listen” to decent people being terribly oppressed- the Tibetans.

    They don’t hijack planes or kill olympic athletes, they don’t preach extermination, their protest never hurt any Chinese. Compare the achievements of Nobel peace prize winners Arafat and the Dalai Lama and please explain this simple man; why is the Palestinian cause worthy of boycotting a toplevel scientific democratic Israel but commy China gets floaded with $$ until the last Tibetan sets himself on fire?

    ciao, the netherlands

    • Mr. Jon

      Funny how The European Union, all the countries that voted to last year at the UN General Assembly over to upgrade the Palestinians’ standing to non-member observer status etc etc are wrong, perhaps if Israeli Defence Forces did not shoot 14 year olds throwing stones, the world might take a kindier view (PS Does anyone in the EDF ever watch how riots are dealt with in France, United Kingdom, Norther Ireland?? – No police officer would ever allow kids to be shot)..anyway the world is wrong and Israel is ALWAYS right….time to do somw soul searching me thinks

    • Omar

      Remeber that Communist China has a permanent seat at the United Nations Security Council. That seat originally belonged to Taiwan until Communist Albania, lead by the Stalinist dictator Enver Hoxha, decided to pass a resolution swiching the permanent seat from Taiwan to China. It is illegal for a non-permanent member seat country to force out a permanen member seat country. Because of Communist China’s power at the UN Security Council, the Communists have been able to pass resolutions ignoring any action regarding Tibet. For the past 18 years, Communist China has introduced no-action motions regarding, and almost every year it passes because of the Communist/Islamist influence at the UN. Tibet, unlike so-called “Palestine”, was a sovereign country with its own ethnicity and language, yet the Communists are trying to get rid of Tibetan culture completely. If the Bolshevik Revolution had failed in Russia, the world would be a much better place today.

      • bas h

        Wow thanks for that explanation. Another snippet of historical failure still influencing current events. Still causing injustice to this day, but Tibetans aren’t dramatic enough for hipster protesters. No, running amok with the antisemites is PC and you’re in the right camp when the jihad spills over.

  • Habbgun

    Boycotting won’t accomplish much but embracing the opportunity will. What opportunity? The opportunity to really question the fairness and necessity of a four year college. From every viewpoint requiring a student to meet some idea of a well rounded member of western civilization is an illegal tie-in. Especially since the modern university itself questions the worth of western civilization (and given the world wars and genocides rightly so). Shouldn’t a chemistry major just be required to take chemistry. A physics major only physics. Shouldn’t the amount of coursework reflect the amount an individual needs to demonstrate basic competency and if they wish more they can take more. By lessening the burden people can go later in life when they know what they really want. We are confusing the knowledge conduit with knowledge itself.


    “Educated” people like teachers, doctors, lawyers, scientists who lived in national SOCIALIST Germany were n a z i s too – proving that being “educated” is no protection from being EVIL.

    Socialism is a death cult determined to destroy themselves and everyone else.