First They Came for FOX and the Media Didn’t Care, Then They Came for the AP

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There is a pattern to these things. FOX News journalists are treated as un-journalists. Targeting them is okay regardless of their actual politics because they part of the “enemy camp”.

Before the Justice Department was secretly obtaining phone records of Associated Press reporters, the Obama administration was investigating a Fox News journalist.

According to the Post, the Justice Department went further in investigating Rosen than they did with AP reporters. They obtained his security badge access records at the State Department, looked at records of his calls with a specific State Department adviser and even went through his personal e-mails.

Email seizures go beyond phone records. And the nature of the leak appears to have been less dangerous since it involved saying what everyone already knew. That North Korea was going to conduct more nuclear tests. I knew it without any secret leak access.

It does not appear that Rosen received any classified information. Rather he received an informed opinion from someone with access to classified information, which is not at all the same thing and happens routinely in Washington D.C.

The real question is why Rosen was being targeted and the likely answer is because of his affiliation and because he was reporting inconvenient things.

  • DDay66

    Or because he is a Jew who didn't follow orders completely. Lord knows the one thing a DemoKKKrat hates more than a Republican is a Jew.

    • Mary Sue

      Or a Republican Jew!

    • Defcon 4

      HOw do you explain Democraptic senators Feinstein and Boxer?

      • DDay66

        That is easily explained by the common misconception that Judaism is an ethnicity. The truth is, Judaism is a religion, so they are nothing more than the decendants of Jews. Others like them are Democrats First.

  • adinakutnicki

    NO one should dare think that all of a sudden the msm has developed a conscience or journalistic ethics. Not at all. But they are, as all should be, duly outraged at the scope of the intrusion into a free press and its attendant implications.
    Obama Inc is a regime gone wild, and the leftist media are paradoxically responsible for their excesses, as they covered up all their crimes, until it bit them too –

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • Cat K

      I agree with Daniel that they will soon kiss and make-up ( see blog today) or they will use this to anoint Huma Muslim Brotherhood Abedin's BFF Hillary Clinton. I agree they do not have a conscience or morality and they show no respect for the constitution or what's left of their audience.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    Something I have noticed over the years, the more crimes criminals commit the more
    paranoid they become, the paranoia festers when objections come up to thier behavior.
    The MSM has aided in the Obama regeme's believing they can do anything they like,
    covering for them no matter what but attacking and spying on the press, well there is a
    place to far, imagine that. Arrogance should have been the obvious symptom of the
    megalocephalalic White House maniacs in their illuse of public office and it goes on.

    • Defcon 4

      Dictatorship in the making?

  • tagalog

    The mark of how effective Fox News is, is the fact that so many lefties hate it so

    No one seems to notice the left-wing bias (except Bernard Goldberg and us righties) at MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, and so on. When it's brought up, the reaction is so rejecting it's like hitting a brick wall.

    I do think I've noticed a whiff of a trend back toward what I would call the middle of the road in news reporting on CBS News. It's far from perfect, but better than it used to be. CBS News always prided itself on its good reporting, maybe they're making a comeback.

    • Mary Sue

      the Lefties like to insist that fox news "lies", that it gives out inaccurate information.

      Yeah, and the rest of the mainstream press DOESN'T? Bullhonkey.

    • Cat K

      Bot do NOT forget the recent (to me) revelation that each of the alphabet MSM networks has a close relative/sibling IN the White House. So, they will not deviate far from White House goals and methods. That's, of course, why their relatives were so employed. Kind of like very highly paid hostages.Golden handcuffs.

  • Flowerknife_us

    The Media is so far left, that Fox-generally in the middle over all, is still Far Right.

    The Media has become a troop of script writers telling tails that give Fiction a bad name.

    Fiction is becoming a very hard sell.

    Calling it Fiction is an even harder sell.

  • Richard of Oz

    Welcome to Australia! It was only through the work of the Institute of Public Affairs, a non profit, volunteer group of savvy professionals and those-of-us-who-know donors, that the legislation, which would have made illegal any criticism of these low life student union has-beens we call a government, was defeated. The lamestream media of the leftard variety were quite happy to not comment. Only News Ltd. (Murdoch) actively fought this – even then, not all pubs in the stable. It is a wedge – break it!

  • @HomerAFunes

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  • tkellybal

    It's a wonder that Holder hasn't been asked to resign for the sake of the administration. Not with this bunch. Obama doesn't think he is doing anything wrong. He feels justified. He thinks he should be able to bypass the Constitution because he's on the 'right side of history'.