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Forget Transgender, Get Ready for Transpecies

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On March 2, 2013 @ 2:21 pm In The Point | 174 Comments


Insanity. It’s not just a mental illness. It’s also an identity. Men in dresses claim that gender is in the mind, not in the body. If you think you’re a woman, then you are a woman. What used to be a minor form of eccentric insanity has now become educational policy in schools.

But why stop at gender when you can also do species? There are people who believe that their true identity is that of an animal. And who is to say that species isn’t in the mind, just like gender is in the mind?

This isn’t just a thought-experiment or satire. It’s reality [2].

Species dysphoria is the equivalent of Gender dysphoria. Mentally ill persons with gender dysphoria are fashionably diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder. There is as of yet no Species Identity Disorder, but that is no doubt coming.

Like Trannies, Transpecies Americans create special pronouns [3]for themselves and insist that refusing to pretend that they’re cats or wolves is a hate crime.

Like most newly minted civil rights groups, Trannies are intolerant of Transpecies Americans accusing them of only pretending to think that they’re cats and playing the old, “How dare you compare your pain to my pain and your imaginary identity to my imaginary identity” game.

Men who claim that they were really born women based on their personality insist that the idea of men who claim they were born cats is just nuts.

“Trying to legitimize your “species dysphoria” is despicable and insensitive to people with gender dysphoria,” one site says [4]. “Denial of a biological link to sexuality/gender-identity is harmful to all queer (LGBTQI) people.”

Identity is apparently only in the mind, until you encounter people whose identity is also in the mind and make your mind identity look stupid.

Someone please give me a legitimate hypothesis that could pose an explanation for a human being thinking they are non-human, other than a simple obsession with the animal/creature in question, or mental illness.

Oh the irony. The irony. Also hate crime. And intolerance.

If you are reading this, you are human. You are of the species Homo sapiens. That is a scientific fact, measured objectively by your genes.

Yes and if your chromosomes are male, then that also is a scientific fact measured objectively.

See the problem is that there’s no limit on boundaries once you begin breaking them. Then you can no longer shut the door and say that X is legitimate but Y isn’t. Once you begin claiming that identity is a mental construct, then you can’t begin insisting on the primacy of genetic identity.

If you accept transgender, then you also have to accept transpecies and every other conceivable thing. If a man who believes he’s a woman has a real problem that has to be solved with surgery to make him resemble a woman, then a man who think he’s a dolphin must be given whatever surgery he needs to look like a dolphin.

Tolerance has spoken.

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