Former German Socialist Chancellor, “Islamic Immigration is the Problem”


Helmut Schmidt should be around 95 now, so I assume he doesn’t know that he’s not supposed to say that sort of thing. But I also doubt very much that he will get the Thilo Sarrazin treatment. Thilo Sarrazin was lynched for a distorted version of his statement when the real objection was his criticism of immigration.

Schmidt was SPD putting him on the left side of the dial. He was a Socialist leader, but he also has a history of taking positions that are more to the right. Especially after leaving office where he now opposes Turkey’s entry into the EU and denounces Warmunism as “hysteria”. And he is skeptical of the guest-worker boom.

Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt stated that bringing millions of Turkish guest-workers into Germany was a mistake and that multiculturalism can only work under authoritarian regimes. Schmidt told Hamburger Abendblatt reporters that:

“The concept of multiculturalism is difficult to make fit with a democratic society.”

The common theme is culture.

“Given the great cultural differences and geographical concerns I must … recommend against taking Turkey into the European Union,” writes Schmidt.

Islam is another issue of concern to the E.U. says Schmidt: “The outcome of the re-Islamisation process is uncertain and fundamentalism is possible.”

A further problem raised by Schmidt is immigration. Germany has 2.1 million Turkish nationals whom Schmidt says have failed to integrate in the sense of a melting pot.

“No real integration of additional immigrants can be expected and immigration thus need to be limited by the E.U.,” he says. Turkish membership in the European Union would throw open the bloc to free immigration by Turks.

So Schmidt’s latest comments are not surprising.

Helmut Schmidt: As regards Italy or Greece, there’s no problem. One day the Italians and the Greeks will go home or they’ll integrate into society in the course of time. That’s what we’ve seen for decades. The problem isn’t due to Italian, Greek or Spanish immigration. The problem is due to immigration from foreign cultures, for example cultures marked by Islam.


  • Tanker74

    Perhaps Turkey could be considered for entry into the EU after it ends its occupation of Constantinople, and all traces of its desecration of the Hagia Sophia are removed.

    • OfficialPro

      Yeah but they’ll never go willingly. Someone’s going to have to THROW them out. Unless there’s some catastrophe that forces them out.

  • GSR

    Spot on………..the real issue is mass immigration of the 3rd world into first world nations like the USA, Canada, Australia, England, France, Germany, etc.
    The political elites of these countries have pushed this for years but the people of the above countries are quite against it. Culture matters.

    • FalkoBaumgartner

      Unfortunately, Schmidt himself has been among those responsible for this development. The influx of guest-workers stopped in 1973, but then the real mass immigration began with the family reunion which started during his chancellorship and that of his predecessor. Within 17 years, the share of immigrants in work plummeted from two-thirds to one-third in Germany. His comments just demonstrate how clueless the political elite was about the long-term effects of immigration. The political elites had no plan, no vision, and no foresight. And they still lack one. Democracies with their four-year horizon don’t understand demography, it is beyond them.

  • Joshua McNellis

    He is without a doubt the only public figure in Europe honest, brave, and intelligent enough to speak the truth. Well done.