Fort Hood Terrorist Really Working Hard to Convince Skeptical Judge That He’s a Muslim Terrorist


There is an undertone of black comedy in Muslim terrorist trials where committed Jihadists are pitted against politically correct judges and lawyers who keep trying to convince them that they really aren’t Muslim terrorists.

The Nidal Hasan case is a high stakes game because Obama Inc. has gone all in on claiming that Hasan isn’t a terrorist, but just a case of workplace violence. They swapped out the skeptical judge for a friendly judge and gave him every bit of leeway. But Hasan has sabotaged the plan by deciding to act as his own attorney and convince everyone that he really is a Muslim terrorist.

Hasan, charged with the massacre at Fort Hood, Texas, said Tuesday he wants jurors to know he is being “forced” to wear a U.S. Army uniform.

Col. Tara Osborn, the judge at Hasan’s court martial, did not rule on his request as jury selection began, the Austin American-Statesman began.

Hasan, a psychiatrist, is acting as his own lawyer. He has said he will be represented by former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark if Osborn allows him to use a defense that he was justified in gunning down soldiers at Fort Hood to prevent unlawful violence to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

During Tuesday’s hearing, Hasan said he believes the Army uniform “represents an enemy of Islam.”

“I can’t take any pride in wearing this uniform,” Hasan said. “I want the panel to know that, that I am being forced to wear it.”

So the cover up is hitting a few snags. The murderer is refusing to participate in the cover-up of his motive.

Hasan told one colonel that Abdulhakim Muhammad, sentenced to life in prison for the June 2009 fatal shooting of a soldier outside a Little Rock, Arkansas, military recruiting station, was his “brother and friend.” Muhammad, who converted to Islam in college, has told The Associated Press that the shootings were an act of war on the U.S.

So that makes Hasan a terrorist.

In answering Hasan’s questions based on jury questionnaires they filled out about a year ago, several potential jurors said they had negative views of Muslims, the Qur’an or Shariah, the Islamic legal and religious code. But they said they could put aside those views and only consider evidence in the case – including a colonel asked by Hasan if “the fact that I do believe the Qur’an justifies killing” would prevent him from being a fair juror.

The military judge, Col. Tara Osborn, told Hasan several times to rephrase his questions and avoid mentioning his beliefs.


  • T100C1970

    COL Tara Osborne is unfortunately demonstrating that she has EXACTLY what is sought in a General Officer these days.. Look for her on the fast track to promotion.. The Obama Regime is (rather cleverly) trying to make sure the military stays on THEIR side in any upcoming civil strife by curtailing the promotions of senior officers who have traditional American values.

    • Titus Greenwood

      There is NO DOUBT that COL Osborne will be a General Officer, especially if Hitlery Clinton seizes power in 2017. Hitlery will want all the “polirically reliable” Judges she can pack on every court possible. This chick might even be considered for the Supreme Court, if she proves to be Liberal Socialist enough!

  • John Davidson

    It seems our legal system is more about politics than justice since Holder took control of every aspect of it.

  • OfficialPro

    Nobody forced Major Hassan-chop to put on the uniform in the first place. Last I checked, the draft wasn’t in effect.

  • Dylan Felts

    A first: he’ll chop off his own head!

  • ZigZ

    Remember, as Napolitano is leaving DHS, there were no terrorist attack on US soil under her watch.

    • Cathy Madera

      uh hello …boston

      • ZigZ

        and Ft. Hood, BVD Bomber, Times Sq Bomber, the muslim who shot up the marine base,….

  • PalmBeachVoter

    If an active duty soldier/sailor/airman/marine attacks his/her comrades how is this not treason?

  • lee gillette

    They should put this trial on TV

  • herb benty

    Picture this, the year is 1944 and a busy morning at Ft. Hood as soldiers prepare for the European War. A German- American doctor at Ft.Hood goes on a rampage killing scores of soldiers while shouting, “Hiel Hitler”. Later, he said he didn’t want Americans to kill Nazi’s. All his mail is examined and it is obvious he is a Nazi. How many years would it take to put this incident behind us, oh, about a month. Firing squad. WHY is islam different???