Free Syrian Army and Al Nusra Front Now Fighting Each Other

Why have a two-sided civil war, when you can have a three-sided civil war? Four-sided if you count the Kurds.

Two Syrian rebel groups – one seeking an elected civil government, the other favoring the establishment of a religious state – are battling each other in the city of Tal Abyad…

Four people were killed Sunday in fighting here between the Farouq Battalions, which favors elections, and Jabhat al Nusra, or the Nusra Front, which the United States has declared an al Qaida-affiliated terrorist group. Since then, Farouq has been massing men here in an example of the growing friction that’s emerged in recent months as Nusra has captured strategic infrastructure across Syria’s north and east, including oil and gas installations, grain silos and a hydroelectric dam.

The McClatchy report is spinning this as a fight between pro-democracy moderates and anti-democracy Islamists, but the Farouq Battalions are a part of the Free Syrian Army that, at least used to be, loaded with Salafists.

So this is actually a firefight between one group of Salafists and another… which is not too surprising as Salafis don’t get along too well with each other.

And this isn’t really about democracy. It’s about power. Everyone is staking out their turf because it’s the ticket to money, recruits and control.

The Farouq Battalions and the Al Nusra Front may pretend that it’s all about theology or an end to Assad, but it’s really about who gets to run things and who gets to build a new dynasty on top of the ruins.

Powerful families send their sons to stake out a claim. Others fund fighters to make the claim for them. Islam isn’t mere religion, it’s theocracy, which means that it acts as justification for power. The Koran and its interpreters provide the legalese for ad hoc regimes run by Salafists to spring up anywhere.

But in the final analysis, the purpose of power is power.

  • mohammad

    More than news looks like this is writers personal hateful opinion about islam

    • Demetrius M

      Don't know about the writer, but I personally hate islam. A fake religion espousing tyranny, intimidation, violence against women and non-believers, how is that a religion? It's a violent social club more than a religion, reminiscent of a biker gang. You guys even run drugs so there is that connection.

      • Amr

        Good you hate Islam you are a red neck bigot so no one needs your love or respect since you can't even be bothered to research on the thing you "hate".
        Its a true religion not a fake one you prat it has set rules and rituals that isn't "fake" no tyranny is "espoused" its based on justice and honesty something you lack.
        Intimidation? Against who? last time i checked Christians were the ones attacking Muslim nations so I guess the intimidation comes from Christians a capitalist corporations more than a religion.
        "violnece against women" oh please violence against women is higher in the west amongst Christians so don't give the bleeding hearts "I care for womens rights" BS you hypocrites are the #1 fakes whining about womens rights then refusing to practice it. Women are eye candy for you guys so don't give the womens rights malarkey here.
        In Islam women are respected and have rights something Christians took many years to put on
        "Violence against non believers" yeah believe what you want the "violence" is usually sectarian violence between gangs of idiots pretending to be Muslim.
        Oh there is a difference between ISLAM and MUSLIMS why not get a book and read it rather than pretending you are an expert
        "You guys even run drugs" Listen you twit in Islam it is banned and a complete sin to use drugs to sell drugs or even to pedal drugs why not get a proper education before putting out your idiotic version of Islam

  • AdinaK

    Okay now, here is the deal in Syria, and where we are headed, despite their infighting –

    Much of the "credit" leads back to the leader who "led from behind". I am living very close to its cross hairs!!

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • gee59

    I wish all three (or is it six) sides lots of luck (all of it bad) in their war to exterminate each other. I hope that all the sides succeed in killing off the others.

  • adam

    A PATHETIC attempt to create something that does not exist! A CALIPHATE is coming whether you like it or not!!

    • Unknown

      A caliphate means a single leader controlling Muslim countries and the chosen elected premiers in each countries and every one of them must respect and follow the caliph orders. Don't be stupid here, I don't think the Muslim governments outside Syria would accept it unless if their people would protest to support the caliphate. Remember the people shouldn't be scared of the government, the government should be scared of the people. The aftermath of Syria; the oppositions would probably go on Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt then past the Gulf region to turn the country into Islamic then this would enable to create a Caliph. Do you get it?

      P.S this page is false and unbiased. The Free Syrian Army respected Al Nusra as they said they would never cause divisions and they are giving their life for the sake of fighting Assad's army.