Free Syrian Army Spokesman Warns UN Inspectors Will Not Be Allowed into Syria


This plan is really going well.

 General Idris said rebel brigades regard the proposed US-Russian deal to eliminate Assad’s chemical arsenal as a blow to their two-and-a-half-year uprising to remove Assad. He said that the rebels would co-operate with the UN but that the initiative would not resolve the crisis or help ordinary Syrians.Only 2 percent of the 100,000 deaths so far in Syria have been caused by chemical weapons.

Another member of the Syrian opposition military council took a harder line: Qassim Saadeddine told Reuters – “Let the Kerry-Lavrov plan go to hell. We reject it and we will not protect the inspectors or let them enter Syria.”

Qassim Saadeddine was listed as the spokesman for the Supreme Military Council. He’s also a colonel on the ground in Homs, which means in the real world he has more sway than Idris does.

And that means UN inspectors will be leery of entering areas under rebel control, which means that, paradoxically, the best places for Assad to stash his weapons may be in disputed areas, so long as he can hold on to them.

All that will make the war even messier than it already is.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “All that will make the war even messier than it already is.”

    Huh. So we try to help but things might not go as planned? This is a job for Superman!

  • LibertarianToo

    Perhaps Qassim Saadeddine doesn’t want the UN to discover the Free Syrian Army’s chemical weapons.

  • Biff Henderson

    This pompous a$$ with his contingent of body guards sits behind a laptop all gussied up in bangles and bows. The West doesn’t jump to his bidding and he lashes out with harsh words. Mechanical advantage him.

  • Veracious_one

    and these are the guys Obama is arming…..

  • Texas Patriot

    “General Idris said rebel brigades regard the proposed US-Russian deal to eliminate Assad’s chemical arsenal as a blow to their two-and-a-half-year uprising to remove Assad. ”

    And why would that be regarded as anything but a good thing by anyone other than the Al Qaida affiliated rebels themselves. However bad we may think the government of Bashar Assad is, there is no question that the government that would be imposed in the event the rebels are successful would be worse by many orders of magnitude. Compared with the Islamist rebels whose favorite passtime seems to be the beheading of handcuffed prisoners with butcher knives, Bashar Assad and his government seem to be decidedly nice, rational, and reasonable people. The bottom line is that America, once again, has blindly stumbled into a snake pit with no hope of resolving anything, but this time we seem to have intervened on behalf of the snakes.

    • Moa

      Dude, there is no “blindly stumbling” at all. It is undeclared Democrat policy to support the Muslim Brotherhood at all costs. The Dems think that by appeasing the Brotherhood then they will like America and another 9/11 will be avoided.
      See Barry Rubin’s analysis (near the end it talks about the consistent [and delusional!] Democrat policy to assist the Muslim Brotherhood)

      Unfortunately the Dems are as deluded to reality as always, and ignore any facts that would destroy their ideological position. In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood advisors in the White House arrange to fire advisors who tell the truth (like Major Stephen Coughlin).

      The Holy Land Foundation trial documents and “The Project” documents found in Switzerland spell out exactly what the Muslim Brotherhood intends to do (destroy America as we know it), and even the stages of this process (which is fairly well advanced). The Dems are cool with this – because it will help usher in their socialist utopia (so they think; they’ll be first against the wall if the Muslim Brotherhood actually gets enough Islamic immigrants into the country to make a difference).

      • Texas Patriot

        There is no question that the Muslim Brotherhood is a radical Islamist organization with the ultimate goal of destroying and overthrowing America and implementing sharia law throughout the world. But I do not see that the current group of Republicans is any less blind about that than the Democrats. Islamic radicals have been aggressively attacking Western targets of choice at least since the Munich Olympics in 1972.

        Yet the constant refrain we hear from politicians in both political parties is “But of course this has nothing to do with Islam.” Could there be anything more ridiculous than seeing John McCain and Lindsay Graham publicly complaining that an agreement on chemical weapons would disappoint the Al Qaida-affiliated Syrian rebels? Until we face the rather sobering fact that both political parties in America and virtually all political parties in Europe have been totally asleep at the wheel regarding the nature and extent of the existential threat represented by the ideology of radical Islam, things will get worse before they get better.

        At this point, the political parties in America are like sleepwalkers blaming each other for a problem that neither sees nor understands. So the charade continues. So we continue to preach that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam, that terrorists have “hijacked a peaceful religion”. And so we continue to make ill-informed and extremely dangerous choices that are leading us into a deadly trap. To me it feels like walking blindly into a box canyon.

      • Solo712

        I think it’s worse than that, bud. The SD under Hillary was not just appeasing the Muslim Brotherhood. It forged an ideological alliance with the movement.

      • ziggy zoggy

        Moa, I don’t think it’s a Dem policy to aid the brotherhood so much as an Obama policy. Hilary hired Houma because she’s stupid. Obama knows what he’s doing. He may even be a member.

        • Moa

          No, this is not a policy unique to Obama.

          That’s because Obama does not make policy, he’s just a friendly face in front of the camera. It is Valerie Jarret that makes policy (search for articles on here on this very site).

          Think about it, if Hilliary was on charge would there be any change in policy with regard to appeasing the Muslim Brotherhood by aiding them? no!

          Even changing to some Republicans would not make a difference. See Senators McCain and Lindsey, for example.

          I suggest you watch the Barry Rubin analysis. Near the end he explains that Democrat policy appears to be consistent and well thought out (in terms of what they want to achieve in assisting the Muslim Brotherhood – not at all “well thought out” in what is really going to happen given the aims and nature of the MB).

          I’m afraid, the Democrats and Muslim Brotherhood can no longer be separated in terms of policy these days, The so called “Red/Green Alliance” is well entrenched throughout the Democratic apparatus.

          If only it were different – but it is not.

  • Larry Larkin

    “Because we think we are going to win this war, and when we do we want all the chemical weapons for ourselves, not just the ones we already have”.
    And once they have them they then have to option of using them on Israel, which is what they were intended for in the first place.

  • Solo712

    Is general Idris not relieved and that under the agreement Assad will no longer be able to gas Syrian women and children, not to say the rebel fighters ? How is one to interpret this ?

  • Aizino Smith

    I thought based on past experience that Kerry’s deal would fall apart. I just wondered how fast and when.

    I was shocked that in 24 hours of Kerry’s deal, that 20 trucks were moving to Iraq.

    My questions are the following. Will Kerry be feted as an elder statesman 2 to 6 years from now? Will the Democrats take a hit in the elections and in the polls for their stupidity?

  • ziggy zoggy

    “Free Syrian Army?” In the past, you’ve correctly noted that the rag tag assortment of terrorist thugs trying to conquer Syria aren’t free, aren’t Syrian and aren’t an army. Even the use of terms like “rebel brigades” is false. Most of those Sunni fanatics are foreigners and they don’t have the discipline, skill or knowledge to form cohesive military units, much less fight as an army. They are nothing but bandits who attack the weakest targets they can find.

    Stick to your original analysis. Calling these trash “The Free Syrian Army” lends them an authenticity they haven’t earned and don’t deserve.