Freed Gitmo Terrorist Arrested in Israel Plotting Bio Weapons Attack


Can anyone remind me why we keep releasing “innocent” Gitmo terrorists when they keep going back to terrorism?

Israel has been holding for three years an Al Qaeda terrorist, once arrested by Americans a decade ago, after he tried to infiltrate into Israel to train Palestinian Authority terrorists to stage a biological attack, it was revealed on Sunday.

The terrorist was identified as 39-year-old Samer Abed al-Barak, who had been arrested by American authorities and jailed in Guantanamo Bay in 2003. He was released three months later to Jordan, where he was a free man but later was arrested for terrorist activities.

Jordan let him go in 2008 and apparently tipped off Israel that he would try to cross into Israel, according to documents filed in court by the Justice Ministry in response to a petition to free him.

Authorities said Al Barak had studied microbiology in Pakistan and tried to enter Israel via the Allenby Bridge in 2010 to put his knowledge to good jihad use and train Palestinian Authority terrorists to manufacture poisons for a biological attack in Israel.

Al-Barak also was planning a similar attack on Jewish tourists in Jordan. His administration detention is to expire in several days but can be renewed once more, and the Justice Ministry told the court that releasing him would produce an immediate and serious threat to Israel.

It is not known why he has not been charged and placed on trial. His lawyer said he was engaged in Pakistan in “humanitarian activities,: which is a nifty Al Qaeda code word for “killing Jews.”

Government officials confirmed the detention after it was published in the media. The government’s defense in court said that al-Barak is from Kuwait and moved with his family to Jordan and then to Kalkilya, in Samaria, before landing up Pakistan in 1995, where he obtained a masters’ degree that gave him his background for producing biological weapons.

Al Barak moved on to Afghanistan to engage in military training. He joined Al Qaeda in 2001 after being recruited by the terrorist organization’s current leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

So no wonder we let him go.

  • A Z

    “Can anyone remind me why we keep releasing “innocent” Gitmo terrorists when they keep going back to terrorism?”

    The above was a rhetorical question by the author, but is is easy to answer with leftist dogma.

    Now your typical leftist will say we made them bitter and turned them into terrorists .

    These people were just minding their business in Yemen , Afghanistan or the tribal territories of Pakistan when they were snatched up and put in GITMO. As a result they decided to become terrorists at that point.

    Johnny Walker Lindh just happened to visit Yemen and Afghnistan to learn Arabic. Most people go to areas with little infrastructure and few laws to study Arabic or Islam rather than a university such as Al-Azhar University in Cairo.

    With 27 public funded universities/colleges and over 33 private ones I can see why a person such as Mr Lindh would not consider learning Arabic in Egypt.

    But seriously. I would be willing to bet that in 2000 that if Mr Lindh had walked into a Saudi consulate in the U.S. and said i would like to learn Arabic and Islam but do not have the funds to do so they would have paid his tuition and housing to to study in Saudi Arabia

    • defcon 4

      Or if he had promoted a successful genocide of najjis kaffir in some country, let’s say Uganda, been overthrown, and had been sought out to answer for his crimes against humanity Soddy Barbaria would offer him safe haven from such persecution, a government stipend, and his own private mansion to live out the rest of his islamic days — in peace.

  • Biff Henderson

    “His lawyer said he was engaged in Pakistan in “humanitarian activities,: which is a nifty Al Qaeda code word for “killing Jews.”

    I think it’s a safe bet that “humanitarian activities” is used by adherents of the Death Cult as a blanket statement to describe killing anyone, real or imagined, that is not in their bloody camp of savages.

    • defcon 4

      You’re being very unfair. Islam is a very magnanimous religion, it advocates the extermination or subjugation of people of all other faiths and while muhamMAD may have exhibited a certain fondness for Judaism, it isn’t favoritism by any means.

      • Biff Henderson

        One way to frame the history of Mad Mo and the Jews is that a fat dwarf declared himself the King of the Prom and claimed the hot cheerleader as his queen. When he was laughed off the stage he vowed to take her by force, have his way with her and destroy anyone that mocked his claim of sovereignty over the court. The fat dwarf is long gone and a drove of donkeys has in his name avowed to finalize a legacy of teenage angst .

  • tickletik

    Sigh. Daniel, the reason we keep on releasing “innocent” terrorists, is because we need to give them a chance to successfully carry out a terrorist attack which would allow us to imprison them as “guilty”.

    • defcon 4

      ANd then release them again, in deals which promote, something positive, I guess, like a “peace process”.

  • john spielman

    I’m amazed this man chose a field of study that wasn’t “Islamic sudies” but something useful, such as microbiology and received a masters degree! Too bad for him and the world that instead of finding away to combat infectious disease, he tried to do combat WITH infectious disease.

    • defcon 4

      Maybe he was conducting an intensive study of the medical properties of camel urine.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      A surprising amount of Muslim medical personnel go into terrorism. Especially pediatricians.

      • defcon 4

        Medical jihad — it’s a reality, right here in the US of 0bamastan.

      • Biff Henderson

        The futility of life for life’s sake is a major theme in Islam. The Death Cult prefers the humanitarian endeavor of stacking a mountain of skulls for Allah’s cause.

        • Daniel Greenfield

          We love death, you love life is their slogan

          Not very Hippocratic

          • Biff Henderson

            They took a Flipacrassic oath in its stead.

  • Veracious_one

    Muslims say they will kill us if we keep arresting them for terrorist activities….of course they will kill us if we don’t arrest them….they’re only following the Qur’an….

  • ObamaYoMoma

    Can anyone remind me why we keep releasing “innocent” Gitmo terrorists when they keep going back to terrorism?

    Mislabeling what are really acts of jihad (holy war) as being terrorism instead of what it actually is, is incredibly detrimental to our national security. The biggest reasons the Left, which unfortunately today also includes most members of the Republican Party, mischaracterizes what is really jihad (holy war) as somehow being terrorism is because, first of all, terrorism is much less than war. Terrorism calls for one set of minor solutions, while a war, on the other hand, calls for a hold different but much greater set of solutions, since war as opposed to just mere terrorism is overall a much greater problem since it represents a much more profound threat. Thus, by mislabeling what are actually acts of jihad (holy war) as somehow just being merely acts of terrorism instead of what it actually is, the Left can and does successfully minimize the threat and obfuscate the truth.

    Second of all, by mislabeling what are really acts of jihad (holy war) as somehow being terrorism, the Left in its infinite wisdom can then blame it on everything else other that what it really is. Thus, according to the Left, in the case of the USA, Islamic terrorism is a response to America’s exploitative capitalist foreign policies. In the case of Ron Paul kooks, terrorism is a response to America’s “interventionist” foreign policy. Or in the case of Israel, terrorism is a response to Israeli settlements or to harsh Israeli policies.

    However, if an act of jihad were called what it actually is, instead of being mislabeled as terrorism, and then further understood to be what it actually is, i.e., a preemptive holy war waged by all Muslims against all non-Muslims to ultimately make Islam supreme, then when a violent act of jihad occurred somewhere in the world everyone would know automatically what it actually is and the reasons behind it. Thus, there would be no way for those on the Left to obfuscate the truth anymore. Further, it would then have to be dealt with as a war, instead of just mere terrorism perpetrated by a tiny minority of extremists.

    Indeed, in such a scenario, everyone would automatically know and understand that the Islamic world is waging a preemptive jihad (holy war) against all infidels to ultimately make Islam supreme throughout the world. Thus, mass Muslim immigration to the West along with all of its excess baggage, for instance, would be unthinkable much less allowed like it is today. Indeed, no one would be lobbying Congress for America to intervene on the side of the MB, AQ, and the Sunnis in Syria, because it would automatically be understood that all Muslims are our perpetual enemies. Virtually all Americans would unequivocally support Israel, because everyone would also understand that Israel is a victim of a preemptive jihad (holy war) waged by the Islamic world to ultimately make Islam supreme. Iran’s ruling Mullahs and Iran’s nuclear weapons program would be urgently eradicated because people would automatically understand that Muslims must never be allowed to acquire nukes. The Pakistanis false claim that they have nukes to protect themselves against India’s nukes would also be understood to be bogus and de-nuking Pakistan would become a top priority. And the list goes on and on.

    • Northstar

      Jihad = Terrorism
      ObamaYoMoma = Screwball

      • ObamaYoMoma

        Whatever Western Canadian!

    • Mark Snow


      • ObamaYoMoma


  • defcon 4

    I hope the muslime MF’er doesn’t suffer a fatal accident — like deplaning from 55,000 feet, or contracting a severe case of lead poisoning, or accidentally being doused w/a flammable substance and burning to death.

  • S.L. Rachford’s Ire

    How could this happen? We had him in prison.

    • Drakken

      He promised on a stack of korans that he would not wage jihad again and the dummies in charge believed him. If it had been me in charge, I would have fed him and the other effing savages to the sharks.

  • Drakken

    Gitmo does have the worlds largest Hammerhead shark migration into gitomo bay, and as a animal lover that I am, we should give those hammerheads a free meal.

  • Mark Snow

    Hi from england…the goyim know about the holohoax

    Tick tock

    • defcon 4

      England == W. Pakistain.

    • iluvisrael

      happy eternal nakba!!

  • cacslewisfan

    Dang, they really suck. I am so tired of pretending there is some rational ground we can all get along on. Good grief. Is there any way to break up with the Left and the Muslim world?