French Arrest Muslim Murderer of US Diplomat


The French are still doing the work that Obama won’t do.

Federal prosecutors have filed murder charges against a convicted killer who allegedly shot an American diplomat to death in Africa just hours before the American was to board a plane and head home to North Carolina for Christmas.

On the night of Dec. 22, 2000, a group of Americans took William Bultemeier, a 51-year-old Department of Defense employee assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Niamey, Niger, out for a farewell dinner at a local French restaurant called La Cloche.

At about 1 a.m., Bultemeier left the restaurant. Before he could get into a white Toyota SUV with diplomatic plates, a gunman identified as Mohamed demanded the keys.

According to prosecutors, Mohamed shot Bultemeier in the chest with a pistol and grabbed his keys.

An accomplice shot Marine Staff Sgt. Christopher McNeeley with an AK-47 as he tried to help Bultemeier. McNeeley was flown to Ramstein Air Base in Germany for medical treatment and survived.

Bultemeier, a retired Army master sergeant, had been deployed to Niger in July 2000. He served as the defense attache systems coordinator. McNeely arrived in Niger in October 2000 to serve as Marine detachment commander.

Now Mo has been arrested or re-arrested in Mali.

A fugitive wanted by the FBI in the killing of a U.S. diplomat in 2000 has been arrested by French forces in Mali, a source familiar with the case told CNN on Thursday.

Alhassane Ould Mohamed, also known as “Cheibani,” a 43-year-old Malian citizen, was named in an indictment unsealed in a federal court in New York in September.

  • 20pizzapies

    How do you figure that Daniel ? He was serving a term in a Nigerian prison for killing 4 Saudis ,and escaped .He was recaptured in Mali by the French , who happen to be there in Mali due to the muslims rebels .
    How do you conclude that Obama was unwilling or whatever negativity you’re attempting to apply ????
    You must really hate that blackman in the whitehouse with all your being , blaming him for all that is wrong in the world . Just like the muslims blame the Jews for all that is wrong in the world .

    • Larry

      “He was recaptured in Mali by the French , who happen to be there in Mali due to the muslims rebels.”

      You have a point, but the French had to fingerprint him and run checks. They could have treated him as a POW and asked no questions.

      Daniel’s ire and accusation does not seem misplaced, if one considers how little had been done to catch the ringleaders of Ben Ghazi or how much effort has been put into misdirecting the American people as to the cause.

      Did Obama direct anyone in the CIA or FBI to look for “Alhassane Ould Mohamed”? Did Bush? IF we question Obama, we have to question Bush.

      With the wars being wound down or just retreating short of pell mell pull out in Iraq and with a Democrat controlled congress the 1st 2 years of his term, what did Obama do?

      It just stands to reason if Mali is full of jihadis and the French were cleaning up, we would want to send some CIA and FBI there to check to see who they caught. DID OBAMA EVEN TRY?

      You could have expected lots of jihadis in Mali to be on some list. these people range from Ubbekistan to Chechnya to Kirghizstan to Syria to Yemen to Bosnia to Mali and all points in between. But it seems SOME people just will not accept this truth.

      • 20pizzapies

        I guess you can’t read or comprehend . He was already jailed in Nigeria , and escaped . he turned up in Mali where the French have a military presence .We don’t .
        Breitbart minds are so small , it’s really pathetic .

        • Drakken

          You really are shortbus special! Larry made some points and you call him names because it is critical of your hero Obummer, go figure. My solution is simple, tell the French to execute them after you drain them dry of information, don’t forget red is positive and black is negative and make sure haji’s nuts are wet, they will tell you everything you want to know. Then let the buzzards feed.

          • 20pizzapies

            he’s not my hero , I simply don’t see any good reason why this situation warrants any criticism of Obama …’s petty and illogical . not to mention assinine . so if the shoe fits …wear it schmuck .

          • Drakken

            Here let me help you, Obummer and his minions are not hunting down the killers of Americans, hence he has failed in due diligence in his duty and responsibilities, have I cleared that up for you Sparky?

          • 20pizzapies

            Oh go sell your opinionated trash on twitchy or gateway pundit , where fellow fools like yourself reside /. you’re a schmuck . I guess all those drone strikes don’t count eh assshole ?

  • Drakken

    Dear French Paratroopers
    Could you please on behalf of the American people take that sub human POS and just take him to the top of a sand dune and put a bullet into him so that the buzzards are able to feast well. It will save the taxpayers millions of dollars and spare us the spectacle of the circus that goes with a trial for which the muslim doesn’t deserve. Please film and pass on the photos so everyone can see how justice should be serve to these muslim savages.
    The American People

  • defcon 4

    Something tells me this wasn’t just a random car jacking in Fwance.