French Court Orders Release of Lebanese Terrorist Who Murdered US Lieutenant Colonel

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah, a Lebanese terrorist leader of one of the PFLP splinter groups, will be freed from prison, after 28 years in jail and deported to Lebanon, where he will no doubt receive a rousing welcome.

Abdallah converted from Christianity to Islam and his Communist terrorist group murdered an Israeli diplomat in Paris, Yacov Barsimentov and Lt. Col. Charles R. Ray, an assistant military attache. Ray was shot once in the back of the neck. His murder was the first murder officially designated as a terrorist attack by the Reagan Administration and the president said that;

“Just particularly what you should do I think is one of the things that’s been wrong. People have gone to bed in some of these countries that have done things to us in the past confident that they can go to sleep, wake up in the morning and the United States wouldn’t have taken any action. What I meant by that phrase was that anyone who does these, violates our rights in the future, is not going to be able to go to bed with that confidence.”

“This assassination changed not one bit of U.S. policy. It only changed the life of a family and we still suffer,” Sharon Ray, the Lt. Colonel’s wife testified at Abdallah’s trial.

Robert Homme, the American consul general in Strasbourg, was also wounded in the face, neck and chest by one of Abdallah’s gunmen on a motorcycle.

Georges Ibrahim Abdallah was sentenced to life in prison and the attacks by his group ended with his capture, though other terrorist bombings were carried out in Paris, most likely by Hezbollah, to intimidate the authorities into releasing him.

Since then there has been an extensive campaign underway to free the terrorist leader with protesters chanting, “French justice at the feet of the Americans and Zionists.”

Now they have gotten their way. And French justice lies at the feet of Islam and Qatar.

  • Mary Sue

    Ugh, that's no way to alleviate jail overcrowding.

  • Abe Bird

    First they kneed to a Saudi king, and now they set free their terrorists ………..

  • RUI

    Guess who won't be coming to their rescue again!

  • Margarita

    what a horrible move…. how is it justice? makes me wonder why – is it hate, bribes, scare campaigns? would be interesting to know the truth behind it………

  • WilliamJamesWard

    How many Frenchmen should be walking up the steps to the Guillotine, all of them less,
    how many less? There was a day Abdallah would have rightfully lost his miserable head.

  • JacksonPearson

    The ungrateful French, just love to shove their thumbs into America's eyes! The next plea from them will be, when their multicultural Islamofascists give them an ultimatum of converting, or losing their heads.

  • Anamah

    The misery of this French judge … coward and selfish liberation of this criminal ; it would be great if the next killing of this one is someone related to the same who allows this garbage to be freed.

  • Boetica

    Drone strike………….

  • SoCalMike

    Same with the left here.
    They are licking their traitorous chops just waiting to let the Blind Sheik go.
    They can't wait.
    They are waiting for the right moment so they can do it under cover of news darkness when the media false prophets have something else to distract the public with.
    Save a whale, harpoon a leftist.
    They are the most poisonous of foul things.