French Foreign Minister More Hardline on Iran… Than John Kerry


Yes, it’s come down to this.

John Kerry tried to Out-Appease the French. Instead he’s been Out-Cowboyed by the French… who are now harder on Iran than the US.

“We are for an agreement, that’s clear. But the agreement has got to be serious and credible. The initial text made progress but not enough,” French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said, adding that France should avoid falling for “a fool’s game.”

Iran’s refusal to suspend work on a plutonium-producing reactor and downgrade its stockpile of higher-enriched uranium were standing in the way of an interim agreement to curb Tehran’s nuclear program in return for easing of sanctions, France’s foreign minister said Saturday.

A Western diplomat in Geneva for the talks said the French were holding out for conditions on the Iranians tougher than those agreed to by the US and France’s other negotiating partners, raising doubts a final deal could be struck on Saturday.

Mr Fabius mentioned differences over Iran’s Arak reactor southeast of Tehran, which could produce enough plutonium for several nuclear weapons a year once it goes online. He also said there was disagreement over efforts to limit Iran’s uranium enrichment to levels that would require substantial further enriching before they could be used as the fissile core of a nuclear weapon.

French Foreign Ministry spokesman Romain Nadal pointed to “rather large cohesion” among the negotiators, and said France wanted “the international community to see a serious change in the climate” of talks with Iran.

“There have been years of talks that have led to nothing,” Mr Nadal said, alluding to the need for tough terms on Iran.

But… but the nuance. Where’s the nuance? It’s not all black and white. We just have to be willing to reach any deal with Iran.

John Kerry brings the nuance. He brings lots of nuance. The French may be abandoning soft power appeasement, but Kerry is all about the appeasement.

Kerry said early Sunday morning that the Iran talks are “a long and interesting process, but a very productive one.”

“There’s no question in my mind that we are closer now (to a deal) as we leave Geneva,” he said.

“We are not blind, and I don’t think we’re stupid,” Mr Kerry told NBC’s Meet the Press program.

The Iranians… and even the French would beg to differ.


  • Ed FDNYRetiree

    The only things John Kerry is “hardline” on are:

    treason to the troops and beings as dumb as sand.

    Oh — and on mooring his boat in Rhode Island to avoid paying taxes in Massachushits.

  • Veracious_one

    …. but Kerry is all about the appeasement…
    and Muslim appeasement has never worked….

  • A Z

    Here is the take away on the French position.

    They wanted Iran to oxidize their uranium. That way it could not be used for a nuclear weapon. I take it still could be use for nuclear power but not for blowing things up.

    I think the French have a good position and John Kerry does not.

  • A Z

    Here are 2 links. Oxidizing the uranium deweaponizes it but it still can be used for commercial power applications.

    I listened to Charles Butler subbing for the last 3 weeks for 2 other talk show hosts. He is a great host. I hope his show goes national. Mr Butler did say John Kerry was a good guy, but hard advocated the wrong policies.

    The French position is so reasonable I find it hard to see how Mr Kerry could not support it.

    IMO the answer is that he is taking orders from Obama or agrees with Obama. We know Obama is not serious about stopping the Iranians.

  • WorldWatchman

    Kerry is just a puppet for the socialist muslim in charge.