French Have Positive Opinion of Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism, Negative Opinion of Islam

France's President Sarkozy and Tibet's exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama meet in Gdansk

Everyone knows that Europe is Islamophobic, but for some reason it’s also Buddihiphilic*. Maybe the French actually judge religions based on their behavior. Or maybe, like everyone else, they’re irrationally afraid of being murdered by Muslim terrorists even though there is no reason for them to be because that never happens.

Almost three French people in four (73%) say that they have a negative image of Islam, while other religions enjoy the approval of a clear majority, according to a poll published on Tuesday.

Questioned by the agency Tilder and the Institut Montaigne, in the context of the program “Place aux idées” broadcast on Tuesday evening on LCP, 87% of French people have a positive image of Buddhism, 76% of Protestantism, 69% of Catholicism, 64% of Judaism, but only 26% of Islam, 1% not expressing an opinion.

More French people have a positive view of Buddhism than they do of their own religion. Which shoots down the whole “French people only have a negative image of Islam because they’re xenophobic bigots who are afraid of anyone different than them” theory.

Clearly that is not the case.

Nor is this a case of the French being more positive about Buddhism because it’s a foreign religion that does not exist in France. Surveys suggest that 1 percent of France may be Buddhist. That is significantly less than the number of Muslims, but it’s not insignificant.

The simplistic narrative of Islamist apologists is that Europeans or Americans have issues with Islam because it’s foreign. This relies on the old lefty polar division between nativism and tolerance. Either you like foreigners or you hate them. Either you are open to new things or you’re a reactionary bigot. And any criticism of Islam is filed into the latter category.

But the survey suggests that the French don’t have an instinctive dislike of other religions. They have issues with Islam for reasons that are rather obvious to anyone paying attention to Muslim violence and hate.

If concern about Islam is just a reactionary instinct to anything foreign, Buddhism would rank as poorly as Islam. At least it would rank more poorly than Christianity or Judaism. But the French, to everyone’s surprise, are tolerant. They just don’t like being colonized, robbed, raped and murdered in the name of a creed that says that they are subhuman because they don’t believe in a 7th century prophet’s claim to divine sanctions for his rape and murder spree.

And that makes you wonder, who are the real bigots?

* (As opposed to Buddiphiles, who are fans of Buddy Holly. Though the French also have a more positive image of Buddy Holly than they do of Islam)

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  • dapo

    "THEY PLAN BUT ALLAH IS THE GREATEST PLANNER". NO matter what people believe ISLAM remains the only logical religion for those who can think for themselves. ISLAM is not a religion on the lips but the way Muslims eat, sleep, marry etc. The good news is despite the Islamphobia in western countries the growth of converts is amazing and that really shows ISLAM appeals to the Mind not the physical body. ALHAMDULLILAH

    • Softly Bob

      Couldn't be more wrong.
      Islam is the ONLY religion that doesn't allow people to think for themselves otherwise you would be able to criticize the false prophet Mohammed, which you can't!
      Islam appeals to the physical body and NOT the mind. Mohammed was obsessed with greed and lust. Even the Muslim view of paradise is purely physical.
      Any converts to Islam are only converting because Muslims tell lies about Islam. Anyone who knows the real truth about this religion of Satan would never convert to it.

    • Mary Sue

      are you one of those Muslims that do not actually understand Arabic, and thus only can recite the Koran by rote, without understanding what it actually MEANS?

    • ssmith

      islam is the religion for all who CAN'T think for themselves. The most illogical religion ever with a brutal 7 th century Sharia law, unparalleled in it's sheer absurdity. Caliphs exempt from prosecution, whatever crime they commit, apostates to be killed along with adulterers and homosexuals, women easily divorced, their testimony worth less than a man, they lose the children they need 4 witnesses to file a rape complaint, no age limit for marriage , jihad compulsory, brutal punishments, it goes on …..No decent sane individual can have any respect whatsoever for this medieval madness.
      It is a religion for those insecure individuals who need rules and rituals who cannot cope living in freedom, scared of making make their own decisions about what to EAT ???? Having to sneeze in the morning because the devil sleeps up their nose according to the hadith. I mean come on…..
      Heavens above, we live in 2013. We have come a long way, who in his right mind would want to go back to the middle ages ????!!!!!

    • Toni_Pereira

      Get a girl without beard, idiot!

    • John Spielman

      Islam is vicious demon inspired malevolent works righteous theology that allows, even encourages violence against non believers as a way to counter one's sins. Islam trivializes sin and portrays their god (Allah) as weak and unable to defend his own honor,thus requiring Muslims to kill anyone who ridicules him or his pseudo prophet, the demon possessed pedophile Mohammed.

    • Drakken

      You and the rest of your muslim brethren really have no idea as to what is about to happen to you do you? Your denial of why us westerners despise you and your evil religion are about to come to the surface and I would really love to see the expression of shock on your faces as it all plays out. Hint, it doesn't end well for you and yours, and it will be even worse if your a traitor convert.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      You mean Plotter. And no he isn't. His plots only work when the FBI doesn't get to his followers first.

  • Michael Copeland

    Islam is “an ideological political movement”, says Anjem Choudary
    (BBC Newsnight Jan 2010).
    “…it is a complete way of life, individual and social, material and moral,
    economic and political, legal and cultural, national and international”,
    says Yusuf al-Qaradawi, senior adviser to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt,
    ( [4] 23 Oct 2011).

    There you have it, from the Trojan Horses’ mouths.

    “Islam is not a religion”, Qaradawi confirms, “in the common, distorted, meaning of the word, confining its scope only to the private life of man”.

    Qaradawi speaks for Islamic law, not for Western law. There is
    nothing “distorted” in Western law about religion being confined
    to private conscience. That is how it is treated. The other features
    he lists – economic, political, legal and so on – are altogether outside the
    scope of religion under Western law. Islam is far, far more than prayers, private conscience, and religious instruction.

    Choudary’s fellow Benefit-claimant, Sayful Islam, affirms:

    “Shariah is the solution … economically, socially, judicially and
    politically.” (World Net Daily 25 Feb 2011)

    This is what Mohammed Mahdi Akef, leader of the then banned Muslim Brotherhood, said in 2007:

    “Islam will invade Europe and America….the Jihad will lead to
    smashing Western civilization and replacing it with Islam …..”
    (American Thinker 2 Apr 2007)

    This is not “religion” as known to U.S. law.

  • Michael Copeland

    The French, through their “Zones Urbaines Sensitives” (Orwell-speak for No-Go-Muslim-Ghettoes), through first-hand experience of Jew murder and harassment, rapes, endless car-burnings, street occupations by illegal prayers, vandalism and arson of churches, are well familiar with political Islam’s encroachment on their national culture, and how they have been left undefended by their government.

    The poll is the Canary in the Coalmine.

    • Drakken

      The canary is dead, all that is going to happen now is a Balkans on steroids.

      • Indioviejo

        Drakken, you give me hope. I can't see the Europeans going quietly into the night without a fight.It will probably be a civil war because most European countries are socialist and the progressives are multiculturalist, but it may come to this. My problem is thinking on what side America will support in the coming fight. Will we have a fight of our own?

        • Indioviejo


  • Roger

    It seems that islam wears out it's welcome every time people see it up close.
    At least the ones with enough freedom too.

    • JacksonPearson

      "It seems that islam wears out it's welcome every time people see it up close.
      At least the ones with enough freedom too."

      Islamic suicide-bomb-vest designers didn't factor in deodorants. Those vests have gotta get kind of smelly after a few failures.

  • Dennis Metz

    It is so strange that some people for years preached about living together and getting along (blacks) but now they and Muslims are the most violent groups there is. whites are not safe around either group. just look in the news and you see Muslim and black groups talking about murdering Jews and whites and then carrying it out. it is not safe for white kids to go to school with the raping bulling blacks that have been programmed and conditioned by the panthers and black leaders to hate whitey.

    • Roger

      I thought only white people were racist? Did I miss that page of the liberal propaganda?

  • Toni_Pereira

    C'mon, Daniel! Everybody knows that pool is part of the everlasting zionist conspiarcy. The jews invented Christianity and Buddhism(I heard a rumor that they might have invented Judaism!)

  • JacksonPearson

    "French Have Positive Opinion of Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism, Negative Opinion of Islam"
    Gad, I wonder why???
    Wherever Islam spreads, are then followed by Darkness, Death and Destruction.

  • rookmoot

    @Michael Copeland
    “Zones Urbaines Sensitives” on dit aussi "zone de non droit"

    • Roger

      Are you referring to the zones where muslims riot and burn cars at any preceived provocation and police refuse to enter them due to danger?