French Intelligence Planned to Kill “Londonistan” Muslim Leaders


France. Doing the jobs Americans won’t do anymore. Or planning to do them. At any rate.

The plan to kill the infamous hook-handed hate-preacher Abu Hamza al Masri, was the result of growing frustration by French security services over the inaction of British authorities in the face of the growing threat of Islamist terrorism. Specifically, the French suspected Abu Hamza of having links to the terrorists responsible for the 1995 Paris Metro bombings.

The “Gateway To Terror” report alleges that French officials were so “fed up” with the lack of action by their British counterparts that they sought to “take matters into their own hands”. They often referred to the British capital as “Londonistan”, due to the apparent impunity with which al Qaeda and other Islamist networks were able to operate there.

In the aftermath of a deadly 1999 London nail-bombing campaign by a neo-Nazi terrorist, France’s Direction Generale de la Securite Exterieure hatched the plan, in which they would disguise their operation as a neo-Nazi hit.

That plan, which was also aborted for unknown reasons, was the result of French concerns over an attack by Algerian terrorists linked to Abu Hamza on the 1998 World Cup soccer tournament.

The French intelligence agency also apparently planned to “take out” other senior British Islamists, according to the report.

Puts all that whining about drones into perspective. Doesn’t it.

  • midnighteye

    They would have been doing all us English a great good service, I hope they change their minds or that some of my countrymen develop backbones.

  • Veracious_one

    It boggles the mind that Muslim terrorists like the infamous hook-handed hate-preacher Abu Hamza al Masri are allowed to freely operate anywhere….

  • Drakken

    Don’t talk about it, just getter done.

    • UCSPanther

      The KGB, even though they are loathed here were good at it, especially in the 1950s…

      • Drakken

        The Russians are still good at it.

  • Bella777

    Am just stunned. Spreading hate is a crime. What happened to your
    Gov’t, England?

  • truebearing

    It sounds like France has found at least some of its testosterone reserves. Just a liitle more and the Brits will be living down having to have the French do their fighting for them. If that’s what it takes….

  • WorldWatchman

    The BIGGEST problem with the free world is their Leaders have allowed the enemy into their countries and those in the military who see the threat are strangled and held down and not allowed to do anything all in the insane name of political correctness. America is not the only country with this insane government ideology. How much hate from the enemy is a country going to take before they start shouting out loud? Or, do they stay quite and become the timid infidel the enemy intends them to be.

  • antioli

    Seems like the Jihad hate preachers are enjoying a soft sweet life away from the Islamic countries. They are willing to call young Muslims to get killed while they them selves are protected by British Liberals.

  • iluvisrael

    poor zhlub – he’s gotta eat with the same hand he uses to wipe his a$$

    • ziggy zoggy

      He has to spank with it, too. No wonder those tiny pincers look like tweezers.