French Muslim Hate Group Unveils App to Report Islamophobia


The future of thought crimes will be available on both Apple and Android.

There is as of yet no app to report Muslim groups that spread hate. But if there were, the Collectif Contre l’Islamophobie en France would show up there.

A leading French organization which combats anti-Muslim behaviour and speech launched a new smartphone and tablet app on Monday, allowing users to report incidents of Islamophobia by sending photos and videos to the group.

The Collectif Contre l’Islamophobie en France (the Collective against Islamophobia in France) on Monday launched a smartphone app to enable members of the French public to report anti-Muslim acts and speech.

“In the face of Islamophobia, let’s all be witnesses,” CCIF said in a statement on Monday.

Islamophobia? That’s crazy. And to show you how crazy it is, here is CCIF spokesman Marwan Muhammad.

“Who has the right to say that France in thirty or forty years will not be a Muslim country? Who has the right? Nobody in this country has the right to deprive us of it.”

This becomes a little confusing because when Marwan Muhammad says that France will be a Muslim country, that’s not Islamophobia. But when someone French says it, it’s to be reported on the App.

And then he accused the French Minister of the Interior of being a Secret Jew (TM) because he warns about attacks on Jewish synagogues, but not about the scourge of people making fun of the Koran.

Apparently there isn’t an app to report that anywhere.

  • Jason

    Let’s start one up for instances of Islamic violence in Australia, America, Britain, Western Europe etc. Seriously, are there any tech heads out there that could start this up? Let’s use our freedoms while we still can!

  • antioli

    And also needed is an app to report Islamic hate speech,Islamic violence against non Muslims and violation of women’s rights by Muslims.
    But most of all an app that reports the states refusal to condemn Islamic hate acts while at the same trying to punish those who tell the truth about Islamic acts.

  • henrikrclausen

    I found it on Google Play (search for CCIF, it’s right there) and reported it to Google for “Hate speech”. Please do the same, we can get it removed.