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French Muslims Celebrate New Year by Torching 1,193 Cars

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On January 1, 2013 @ 7:30 pm In The Point | 50 Comments

The good news is that the French insurance industry is getting [1]a lot of repeat business. The bad news is that 1,193 cars were torched, three police officers and four gendarmes were injured. And 339 arrests were [2] made. But it’s just another way that Islamic traditions are becoming part of France in a great multicultural mix of petrol, fire and ruin.

To avoid any show of unfairness toward Hollande voters, it should be pointed out that of those 1,193 cars that burned, 344 went up in flames due to the fire spreading from the other cars that were torched.

Manuel Valls, the Minister of the Interior released these figures, but refused to release the figure [2]s for the year before, and praised the massive security deployment. “More than 53,000 policemen and gendarmes were deployed on the ground, with many firefighters, rescue workers, or 65,000 people in total,” he said

Meanwhile Hollande, like all good sniveling leftist cowards [3], followed in Obama’s footsteps by beginning his own glorious apology tour [4].

In the days preceding Christmas François Hollande made a trip to Algeria to apologize for the war.

Hollande added: “We have this duty to the truth about the violence, the injustices, the massacres, the torture”. Hollande promised to better accommodate those Algerians requesting visas to France and to urge the French consulates to issue the documents more quickly.

Hollande did not utter one word about the atrocious crimes perpetrated by the mafiosi of the Algerian FLN (National Liberation Front) against the Algerian Harkis, the Algerian Kabyles, the Algerian Jews, the Algerian Christians and the Algerian Pieds-Noirs.

Now the French are stuck with an Obama-style leader with an obsession with humiliating their country [3].

The Government of France today slowly leads the country to economic ruin. Hollande also leads France more each day to the moral decay and to a multitude of falsifications, grinding down knowledge and reducing history to a propagandist’s litany.

There was a time, when French President showed a minimum reserve: that time is obviously gone. François Hollande is not the first to behave this way in Algeria, but it was more insistent, as if France was reduced to begging and needed, through its Chairman, to be publicly humiliated.

What is the next sentence at this rate: say “The Socialist Party must follow the example of the FLN” might be possible in a year or two, why not?

François Hollande said he did not want to repent or apologize for the past of France: he did worse. He treated the past of France as if it were rewritten by a propagandist floor sweeper.

“The suffering that colonization has inflicted on Algerian people”  he dared to slip into his speech. Did he know what Algeria before France?

Does he know anything of acts of piracy from the port of Algiers? Does he know anything of the dhimmi status to which Jews were subjected?

Does he even know that colonization was the nineteenth-century idea of the left, carried the name of progress and civilization?

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