French the Only People Who Still Support a Syrian War


In most places the popularity of the Syrian War hovers somewhere between the black plague and a Biden presidency. In the US and UK, sizable margins of citizens oppose any involvement.

David Cameron became the first Prime Minister since the American Revolution to lose a parliamentary war vote. (BBC blames the Iraq example, maybe they should blame the Revolution example.)

The UK is now out of the war running. Germany isn’t interested. Neither are Germans. And when even the Germans don’t want to invade, who could possibly by left?

The French who support fighting in Syria to the last American

President Hollande of France said that the vote by the UK Parliament would not affect France’s will to act.

He supported “firm” punitive action over an attack which had caused “irreparable” harm to the Syrian people. When asked if France could act against Syria without Britain he said: “Yes. Each country is sovereign to participate or not.”

Although there is no public enthusiasm for military action against Syria, the polls in France are interesting. Somewhere between 45% and 55% of the French people favour punishing Assad.

The strongest opponents of military action are the far right. The Socialists are the most enthusiastic supporters

45 to 55 percent is not exactly sky high, but it is compared to the US and UK numbers. And the Socialists get to distract France from Hollande’s economic ineptness with another war.

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  • Jsjk

    The UK Independent is reporting that Hollande is now backing away from a military strike against Syria. (“France is no longer shoulder-to-shoulder with US”). Also, the polls (?) Quote: “According to an IFOP poll, 59 per cent of French voters oppose French involvement in an air-strike in Syria. The poll found that UN action would be supported by 55 per cent of French people – so long as the French military does not take part.”

    • Shmalkandik

      THanks for the update. I hadn’t understood why France would consider plaicing their military in harm’s way .

      • Jsjk

        Hollande has scheduled an emergency meeting with the French parliament on Wednesday. Different sources are making conflicting statements — some say Hollande is willing to assist in a military strike with the US; others say Hollande is having second thoughts and backing away from his early pro-intervention stance. Guess we’ll have to wait.

      • BS77

        They certainly won’t. They are “behind” the US, but won’t do a thing if it comes down to the nitty gritty.

        • Thomas Simmons

          Yea, they’re waaayyy behind us.

    • Daniel Greenfield

      I saw the article, but it doesn’t seem to have anything tangible, aside from Hollande’s talk of a political solution. But Kerry is saying the same thing.

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    The French have given us French bread, French wine, Maurice Chevalier, and Charles de Gaulle. The first three have some retaining value, at least. But the French should stay out of politics.

    • objectivefactsmatter

      You don’t like French mustard?

  • Gee

    People we have been HAD!!! President Odumba has been playing the entire world and I just figured out why.

    Over the past 6 months Odumba has attempted to get Israel into two different wars. The White House ordered the leaks of intelligence that Israel had struck Syrian targets within a matter of hours three times. Then the White House claimed the IAF had entered the Sinai to attack terrorists. This was shortly AFTER Mursi had been removed from office.

    The Egyptian leak was to discredit the Egyptian military and get the people to demand Mursi be put back in power and failing that get the Egyptian military to attack Israel – thus freeing the MB to overthrow the government.

    The 3 different leaks over Syria is because his pets in FSA aren’t winning and wanting Assad to attack Israel – thus getting the IDF to remove Assad. Assad has refused to fall for it. Now he announces days in advance what his targets are and that it is a one time strike. Neither will do any good – but gets Syria to say they will attack Israel if the US attacks them. Making Syria play into Odumba’s plan.

    The racists keep claiming that the US fights Israel’s wars – which has never happened, but Odumba is trying to get Israel to fight Odumba’s wars to aid the MB.

    Like I said we have been had!!

    • objectivefactsmatter

      I think that’s a big part of the regional games. It might not be the whole story, but you’re not wrong. The key point is that none of it favors US hegemony. 0’Bama wants “social justice” for the world, which means taking the US down to the level of the UK. And the MB / Sunni caliphate movement fields his best allies in that effort. “Social justice” also calls for promotion of the jihadis on the global stage, according to this alleged born again Christian.

      0’Bama is pursuing dominant Islamic regional hegemony in the middle east for the near term, and we don’t really know where he expects it to end.

    • jakespoon

      Yes,since November,2008.

    • Thomas Simmons

      That’s one opinion.

  • objectivefactsmatter

    I guess Hollande and his communist constituents expect to cash in this “favor” to 0’Bama.

  • Good Stuff

    just read a good comment – Obama has realized that he can’t back up his stupid casual threat about Syria crossing a “red line.” If allies had joined, he would have acted without consulting Congress. With no support, and as telegraphing a weak response turned out to be a lead balloon, he now needs a way not to look stupid backing down. So suddenly, “Congress needs to be consulted.” Congress will say no. Obama still gets to beat his chest about how he “wanted to take on Assad,” but can lament how Congress “held him back.” Just watch. –