Frontpage’s 2013 Man of the Year: Ted Cruz

Ted_CruzHarry Reid called him a “laughingstock” and Grover Norqust’s men accused him of being a “terrorist.” The head of the Chamber Commerce suggested that he learn to sit down and be quiet. Nigeria demanded that he apologize and Chris Matthews accused him of wanting to kill Obama’s baby.

At September’s end, Jonathan Chait at New York Magazine gloated, “Someone tell Ted Cruz the ObamaCare War is Over.”

“Cruz can say, ‘Everyone in America knows Obamacare is destroying the economy,’ and quite plausibly believe it. News to the contrary has never penetrated his mental bunker,” Chait wrote suggesting that Cruz and his allies would end up like the Japanese soldiers on lost islands fighting for a lost cause.

Fast forward a few months and it’s ObamaCare that looks like the lost cause.

A Rasmussen poll places Cruz as the third most influential world leader after Obama and the Pope. Texas Republicans favor him for the top job and he took first place in the Value Voter Summit straw poll. Cruz ties Hillary Clinton in Colorado and beats her among independents.

It’s quite a comeback for a man who was being lowered into the coffin by the liberal media just a few short months ago after a vicious hate campaign with no parallels except the left’s War on Palin.

From one end of the country to the other, the voices of the inevitable, Democrats and Republicans, politicians, pollsters and pundits, in ink-stained print, on the sprawling feeds of cable news and the endless whirl of the Internet, boomed their message.

Ted Cruz was wrong. Ted Cruz was doomed. Ted Cruz would destroy the Republican Party. Ted Cruz was a mad fool for taking on ObamaCare in all the wrong ways. But as the old year tips into the new, Cruz is standing tall and ObamaCare is being torn apart by its namesake in a frantic effort to save his popularity.

Desperation has forced Obama to become Ted Cruz, tearing away pieces of ObamaCare, throwing around delays and postponements for his signature legislation like confetti at a parade.

“One man with courage makes a majority,” Andrew Jackson said. “The Washington strategist said keep your head down, don’t rock the boat, the economy is not going great for President Obama so keep your head down and we will win. Shock of all shocks, we got our butts cleaned,” Cruz said.

“Just keep your head down and we will win races,” Cruz said. “The problem is if you do that, you destroy every single reason anyone has to come up and vote.”

Now the Washington strategists are catching up with Ted Cruz. And so are the polls.

Ted Cruz understood that the impact of ObamaCare on ordinary Americans would be the defining issue of the next election. And he understood that ObamaCare itself would prove him right.

While Republican leaders tried to hold him back, Ted Cruz was getting out in front of the health care policy cancellations, taxes and job cuts. While some Senate Republicans were collaborating in Obama’s illegal alien amnesty, chasing populism with empty gimmicks like domestic drones strikes or delivering empty speeches and bloated budgets; he never deviated from what really mattered.

Ted Cruz was too ruthless, they said. Too arrogant and mean-spirited. Too unwilling to compromise.

And they were right. Ted Cruz was too unwilling to compromise. Too unwilling to choose Green Eggs and Ham, accept ObamaCare as the law of the land and retreat to fighting on the next sinking atoll that the Washington strategists would declare the next great battlefield shortly before they declare it a doomed cause and negotiate another strategic withdrawal to the home islands.

The Republican leadership still favors the great compromisers who compromise on budgets and illegal alien amnesties, and who are never ruthless unless they are stabbing conservatives in the back.

The Cruz Effect forces the Republican Party to choose between style and substance. It can keep its glib unconvincing candidates with perfect faces and perfect hair who have no ideas and nothing to offer. Men whose only virtue is standing for nothing are still the choice of the political machine for the elections of tomorrow where heads will once again be kept down and no harshness will be allowed.

But the definitive figure in the Republican Party is FrontPage’s Man of the Year.

Ted Cruz has emerged as the leading voice of principle in a Republican Party that has become pathetically eager to trade substance for style. He made his stand on substance and in a short few months the pundits and politicians who had abandoned him were forced to do their own sharp turns when he was proven right.

Political parties are not brands of mouthwash or detergent. They cannot be sold through money and repetition alone. Campaign volunteers do not walk through the rain when there is nothing to believe in. Struggling men and women do not mail out checks because they are told to do it. And millions and millions of Americans do not take time out from caring for their families, working a second job and struggling to make ends meet to wait on line and cast a vote for a man whom they do not believe in.

Cruz has brought principle and substance back to the Republican Party. And that has given millions of its supporters who despaired after the defeat of 2012 something to stand for, to fight for and to believe in.

The Cruz Effect happened because one man understood that you don’t keep your head down while looking for popular fights to pick, but you pick the unpopular fights that truly matter and you fight them until they become popular.

Ted Cruz took on ObamaCare and when everyone was done writing his political obituary as a dangerous loose cannon who shouldn’t be allowed to talk without the party’s permission, they looked up from their iPads to find ObamaCare hunched over and bleeding in a corner while Ted Cruz was back in Texas speaking to cheering crowds.

In 2013, he took on ObamaCare, the media and his own party without ever losing faith in the fight. And instead of the fight burying his political career, as every media outlet insisted it would, it buried Obama’s second term instead.

This was the year when Ted Cruz showed the Republican Party what was possible when you fight the good fight for what you believe in. And that is why he is FrontPage Magazine’s Man of the Year.

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  • rsilverm

    Good choice.

  • Tabitha Bliss

    Great choice!
    There are others who have also named him their “Man / Person of the Year”.. They include; The Hill, TPNN, Specatator & Glenn Beck so there appears to be a Cruz wave building.
    The establishment GOP must HATE this man! I’m sure they don’t want to see any more like him, which is why the Chamber of Commerce is pulling out the big guns & big bucks ($50 million), to crush tea party candidates in 2014!
    To compete with all the lies of the left & their media minions as well as the GOP establishment, we in the middle class better all be prepared to volunteer for a strong ground game!
    May Cruz remain an equally huge threat to the DC establishment in 2014!

  • Moa

    Ted Cruz for Leader of the Free World in 2016!

    The Left will stop at nothing, *nothing* to harm Cruz. Expect the most vicious of slanders to be fabricated against him, and if they can harm him physically they will (most non-Muslim terrorists are not neo-Nazis, as the Marxist Mainstream Media would have you believe, but those ideologically Left).

    • bigjulie

      Absolutely, Moa! The Left is “empty colon afraid” of Cruz. The man is relentless in his pursuit of his goals, absolutely sure of his positions and is articulate enough to run rings around anyone on the Left, especially Obama and Hillary! He is my #1 POTUS in 2016 candidate and I will work my butt off for him here in Oregon!

      • Moa

        Fantastic Julie!

        It turns out I’m in New Zealand so can’t work for Cruz directly. All I can do is advocate for him. Cruz would be excellent not only for US Conservatives, but also for the rest of the World. Out of all those on the Right Cruz is the most Reaganesque in ability to recover the economy, stabilize the geopolitical situation, while confronting the evil totalitarianism of Islam.

        He’s also Hispanic, which matters to the racists on the Left. The Republican Establishment sell out to the Democrats claiming they are chasing the hispanic vote. Well, they can remain true to principle and let Cruz do his magic instead.

        If anyone thinks Cruz is not eligible to be President I suggest they read the following analysis by the CATO Institute, which concludes he is:
        “Yes, Ted Cruz Can be President”

        • bigjulie

          Thanks for the link, Moa The best of the New Year to you and yours!

          • Moa

            My pleasure. Here’s a weird thing you may not be aware of, due to timezones New Zealand is only a few hours away from midnight on New Year’s Eve (yes, I know you still have the better part of a day to go in the Land of the [formerly] Free).

          • charles simmonds

            a long way from home and going slowly nuts?

        • AnAmericanStory

 is full if it, if they believe Cruz is a natural born Citizen. I will read the article to see what kind of a legal pretzel they had to twist and bake.
          I’ll say on thing Re:Lockwood…look it up. It states in part…the HOLDING in Minor v Happersett was that Virginia Minor was a citizen (a natural born Citizen) but did not have a right to vote.
          Two rulings in the case: citizenship & voting.
          It wasn’t dicta.

        • AnAmericanStory

          May I suggest you read Leo Donofrio at
          Cato is wrong…but hey it’s just the Constitution, right.

  • truebearing

    Absolutely the right choice. Bravo Frontpage!

    Rare is the politician who combines the honesty, courage, and intelligence we see in Cruz. The Left is scared to death of him, and so is the Republican Lemmingship, and they should be. He’d demolish Hillary in a debate, and do it gracefully. Comparatively speaking, he makes Boehner look like the lone fire hydrant in a dog park.

    Cruz has an uncanny ability to get the craven and corrupt out on a limb, over-confidently flapping their vacuous lips, then deftly stepping quietly back, letting reality serve them their crow. They all pronounced him dead after he took on Obamacare and the flaccid Republican leadership, but like any great leader — Reagan, Churchill, Palin — the fight only made him stronger.

    Cruz knew exactly what he was doing when he set them all up. Several moves ahead of his critics, Cruz was playing chess while the Left and their comrades in political theater — the Republican leadership — were playing Whack-A-Mole.

  • Just the Truth

    Absolutely the right choice!! How refreshing to finally see a man of moral rectitude, excellent character and integrity in Washington.

  • The March Hare

    And, to all those who talk of a third party. This is how you change the Republican party to what it should be. A strong Republican leader who personifies the principles of the true conservative platform and makes the party become a mass of principled conservative supporters and activists.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      Exactly …

      And for those who still want the third party, they should understand that it will only give the DEMs perpetual power …

    • CitizenPatiot

      The problem with the GOP is they like the status quo and these new conservatives threaten their power, so, the GOP is going to primary the conservatives that haven’t fallen in line with leadership, such as Mike Lee in UT and others. Listen to the GOP Leadership attempt to cut the legs off these new voices that are doing what their constituents sent them to D.C. to do. I am very disappointed in our Party and told them not to expect any money from me as I will give to individual candidates that represent my values and those of these United States.

      • The March Hare

        Only a fool would give money to the party and not directly to the individual candidates. We are all aware of how they work and is why the third party talk gets started. Primaries are where the fights should take place and the money should go to the true conservatives directly. We don’t need to try to build a completely new party infrastructure as well as split the vote. Just take it over from the bottom up. The time is ripe.

        • bigjulie

          Good point! But taking over “from the bottom up” is much easier said than done. For one thing, large Republican donors like the way things are right now because money means control. We will have to get millions of us “bottom feeders” all singing off the same songsheet for it to happen.
          We should be concentrating on getting rid of Boehner, McConnell, Priebus and most of all Karl Rove! All these people have a vested interest in the status quo and will not change a thing even if they end up with a majority in both houses. Rove’s in it for the money, and there is a LOT of it to be had by those who sing the songs that wealthy Republicans like to hear. Just remember, “In your support, be HEARTY, if the candidate supports the TEA PARTY”!

          • BDnSC

            Another place to start is the US Chamber of Commerce. , Let them know that we have alternatives to their supporters. If they want to back the RINOs and amnesty we will not do business with them or their supporters.
            Companies like A&E pick fights, fire back and follow up by not watching or doing business with them.
            If we all start voting with our money, this fight will be much easier.

          • bigjulie

            Great point! In the final analysis these guys all react more than anything else to a DOLLAR VOTE. Folks are not “forgetting” as they did in the past because we are finally discovering that the DOLLAR VOTE counts more than a ballot vote, in many, many cases.

      • caser4liberty

        To Citizen Patriot: As it should be.


      Yeah, we need to lose those old boys who never get out of Wash, DC.

  • kilfincelt

    Grover Norquist, who has ties to Islamic Jihadists, doesn’t like Cruz? Harry Reid who slammed Obamacare through Congress, doesn’t like Cruz? Cruz must be doing something right. Person of the year? Definitely a good choice.

    • Jerry S

      If you want to find the best man to lead this country, you need only to find the man Leftists hate most.

      • JDinSTL

        Well said

  • Brett_McS


  • wildjew

    I will be looking for a conservative I can vote for in our Republican primary, 2016; probably a conservative alternative to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. If polls are accurate, Christie, like Mitt Romney, will likely be the Republican Establishment choice.

    Ted Cruz I think has proven himself on domestic issues like healthcare, the economy, limited government. I am looking for a strong conservative on national security, foreign policy. After the December 2011 Iowa debate when Gingrich and Romney debated whether or not the Palestinian Muslims are an invented people and terrorists dedicated to Israel’s destruction, Romney essentially took the side of the Palestinians and the phony peace process. Romney indicated he was not fit to go against Obama on foreign policy or national security. Obama came out the winner when the subject turned to foreign policy. Romney would not and could not distinguish himself from Obama.

    I would like a Republican candidate who will say, “Enough is enough! We’ve got to go back to our conservative principles” by rejecting George W. Bush’s October 2001 vision for a Muslim-enemy state in Israel. Frontpagemag writers should champion the reversal of this fundamental evil in our party aims and goals since President Bush made supporting the Palestinian cause formal GOP policy. I wonder who is advising Cruz on foreign policy and the global jihad. I hope he isn’t looking to John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Scholars and historians like Robert Spencer and Newt Gingrich would be a good start. I am sure there are others.

    • Mark

      No. Israel and Palestine are none of our business. Let them work their problems out. If there is a military conflict, we will side with Israel, though not with troops.

      • wildjew

        You say the Muslim world war against Israel is none of our business but since Israel declared statehood in 1948, elected leaders, especially U.S. administrations made it our business largely (I suspect) because we have interests in the region. It is easy for you to say it is none of our business if you are not an elected official. Both the Republican and Democratic parties see it as our business. Sadly, both parties are on the wrong side of the conflict.

      • truebearing

        When was defending free nations that are our staunch ally not our business? A lack of unity among truly democratic nations will be the end of truly democratic nations, and to say we will “side” with a completely outnumbered nation, but with the caveate of “no troops on the ground,” is ridiculous. That kind of naive, self-centered thinking is an invitation for aggressor nations to attack Israel, or any other ally.

  • charles simmonds

    for Pete’s sake, stop whining!
    what about the “vicious hate campaign” against Obama?

    • reader

      For Pete’s sake, stop whining, charles!

    • alericKong

      There’s been no such thing. He breast feeds with journalists daily, and his last two electoral opponents were overly kind.

    • truebearing

      The “vicious hate campaign against Obama?” It is the only form of recognition he has earned.

      • charles simmonds

        in that case truebearing you should remember the adage “what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander”

  • lernie


    • BS77

      Be great to see Sen. Cruz run in 2016…too bad we must wait so long !!!!!….Oh well. One of Sen Cruz’s biggest problems will be the wretched blatantly leftist media…MSNBC, NY Times etc etc that will treat him like they treated Gov. Palin. The left is relentless in attacking Republican, conservative or any contrary political entities.

      • caser4liberty

        Would that be due to the fact that the left is amoral?

      • JDinSTL

        He will swat them like flies. We’ve seen it done before.

  • MukeNecca

    The Cruz Effect happened because one man understood that you don’t keep
    your head down while looking for popular fights to pick, but you pick
    the unpopular fights that truly matter and you fight them until they
    become popular.

    Very well put!

  • Clare Spark

    While he was blasted by the moderate men, I supported him here: “Generational conflict, Remarque, and Ted Cruz.”

  • rappini pasta

    Cruz for POTUS.

    • Wolfthatknowsall

      We should phrase it, “Cruz for President”. Because of the DEM’s educational system, in America, there are too many people who won’t know what a “POTUS” is …

  • CitizenPatiot

    Here is a man of distinction and principles. And, what really scare the Dem’s is he really is smart (notice he released his school records compared to BHO). He understands the value of our Declaration and our Constitution and how much the Fed (Central) Gov’t has taken over almost all of our choices as well as defeating those with a new idea to be able to bring it to market to live or die on its own.

    • charles simmonds

      1. Thou shalt have no other gods before me. 2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image.

      Constitutional fundamentalists should take care not to make an idol of a man made thing.

      • Debbie G

        Aren’t you carrying this a bit far, Charles? All CP said is that Cruz is smart, understands the Constitution and thinks big government has gone too far. I don’t see any idolization going on here.

  • kstev99

    Great Choice! Cruz would have my vote over the mainstream GOP mentioned as probable presidential candidates. I watched Ted’s marathon against Obamacare on the Senate floor and was very impressed with his passion and debating ability. I hope the voters just wake up and realize that it wasn’t Cruz who shut down the govt, but Obama and Reid’s refusal to negotiate.

  • Habbgun

    Imagine if the Repubs were the party of men who fought first and compromised second. It might be a party worth caring about.


    Excellent selection. But as I see it, Leftists have commandeered the Democrat Party and Liberals the GOP. So where do conservatives go?

  • Elizabeth Cape Cod

    Hi DID try to save us from obamacare, after all. Good choice.

  • celador2

    I admire Cruz too because he always is guided by the US constitution and his oath to uphold it over the perpetuation of the expanding federal government for its own sake.

  • Fed Up

    I thought our own Marco Rubio was going to be the first latino to have a shot at POTUS. His early Senate-run speeches were Reaganesque, principled and poignant. Then, alas, once in DC he went native faster than any politician I can recall in my 35 years of political odds-making. Just last week he didn’t even have the sense to refuse Obamacare subsidies.

    But Cruz? Cruz is that rarest of so called “conservative” politicians- he’d rather fight than switch. It’s beyond refreshing, it’s inspiring and by being right on just about every issue on which he’s taken a stand deserves the accolades and support of a forgotten electorate that only wants real leadership to right our sinking ship.

    • bigjulie

      Good Point, Fed Up! The Republican Party has more faux conservative decoys than Phil Robertson! I sent Christie money and got stabbed in the back…same with Rubio (over amnesty) and I am still nursing that wound! We have to watch out for anyone backed by Karl Rove…but right now I would vote for a Cruz/Lee ticket in a NY second!

      • JDinSTL

        Kristie Kreme – A total fraud

  • elmerpickens

    Run, Ted, Run!!!!

    Yours truly,

    Hillary Rodham “Electoral Landslide” Clinton

  • darnellecheri

    Any time Sean Penn states that a Republican needs to be committed to a mental institution, as well as claiming that Obama should issue an Executive Order to commit Senator Cruz (as told to Piers Morgan), it is a fair bet that the Senator is doing something incredibly sane for our country. A supremely well-written article on an American patriot. There are a handful of Congressional leaders in Washington D.C. that have integrity and are standing in the gap against this insane administration. I have hope.

  • USARetired

    Our government has the poorest track record for efficiency and honesty in the world, therefor Ted should run on some of these issues;
    1. NO Amnesty! Enforce our immigration laws ans secure the Border!
    2. Repeal the unconstitutional Obamacare in it’s entirity .
    3. Contract Medicare, medicaid, VA care, Social Security, etc. Our government cannot effectively run anything!
    4. Arrest and prosecute Obama for his crimes while in office. This could win the election alone!
    5.Actually investigate ‘Fast & Furious, Benghazi, and the ‘Green Energy’ bankruptcies (Who took the Money?)?
    6. Reverse Gays in the military, and same sex anything in America!

    There is a nearly endless list, but these would be good for starters.

  • Nhóm Đào Tạo

    It is easy for you to say it is none of our business if you are not an elected official.
    Ve may bay di Nhat Ban
    Ve may bay di Han Quoc

  • Chris Behme

    Ted Cruz for president! I will personally campaign for him.
    And how about Scott Walker for VP?
    Ted Cruz gives me hope that there might be life after eight years of the endless left wing idiocy of Obama and his cronies.

  • Patriot077

    Best choice ever for Man of the Year. I can’t wait to work on his campaign. I couldn’t vote for him in TX so by gosh I’m going to love casting the ballot for President!

  • Nathan Brazil

    I’d like to see a Ted Cruz – Trey Gowdy ticket next Prez election….I know-I know…I have an overactive immagination, and it’ll never happen. But its fun to think they could take turns running as prez….swap after serving the first 2 terms and get re-elected twice more for another 8 years!


    Thank you, FPM. This gives me hope.


    Reagan did it. Cruz can, too.

    The way the commies took over the Dem party is to just keep relentlessly pushing forward with their agenda, candidates, wherever and whenever possible, running for elections when they had no chance just to get their ideas out there until they could become mainstream. I know. I grew up watching organizers and hearing them talk in my family’s living room and later in theirs.

    We need to stand up and push forward. Ted Cruz is a great example for us.

  • USARetired

    This country desperately needs an outspoken, not afraid to kick @ss, leader, who can whip the congress and senate into shape, and correct the outrageous O;Bozo implementations!

  • charles simmonds

    “our government has the poorest track record for efficiency and honesty in the world”…poorer than Iraq, North Korea, Democratic Republic of Congo?…come on, get real!

    interesting that countries that do have a better track record than America in these areas such as Canada, Israel, Germany, Sweden, Holland. have effective social security networks and shake their heads in uncomprehending amazement at the antics of tea-party extremists

  • DesertCactus

    I will campaign for and commit my finances to help this man become President of the United States of America! This is a man, not a poor substitute for an American citizen, in the White House!

  • tickletik

    The Israelis had better bomb Iran before this man gets elected, because once he gets into office they will simply not be able to do it without terrible repercussions (but not as terrible as getting nuked).

    The reason we can get away with it now is thanks to Obamas arrogant isolation of us. The republicans will be able to say “well, what did you expect them to do when they’ve been totally abandoned and we were aiding their enemies?”

    But once Cruz gets elected, the same political calculus holding back the Israelis will still be there. Cruz may or may not like us, but it makes no difference. He has to answer to the same interests that every political leader does. And even when the world loved us, those interests always preferred us to passively accept butchery.

    Now is a very good time to strike. Hashem is handing us a tremendous opportunity.

  • Debbie G

    Ted’s the man!!!!

  • AnAmericanStory

    Wow, just wow. Let me ask one simple question…will you support Sen. Cruz or will you support the Constitution of the United States if Cruz attempts an illegal run for POTUS? Art2,Sec1,Cl5…you know, the one that states you must be a natural born Citizen (born on the soil to citizen parents) to be eligible for POTUS. Cruz, like Rubio , like Obama can never be eligible. Yes the office has been usurped and believe me Congess is well aware of the issue.
    Don’t think so? Then why all the attempts, to amend this Article since the 1970’s with it ramping up in 2000-06. Congress just wholly refuses to act on it because they are ok with this arrangement. Look at the work ZAPEM did before the 08′ elections. It’s all laid out for those that are interested. Read SR511, written before the election when Congress was giving the blessing and clearing the way for McCain to run. (whereas…his parents were citizens…plural).It matters.
    If you want a clear picture as to the term of art, natural born Citizen, then I suggest the RESEARCH done by Leo Donofrio at naturalborncitizen dot wordpress dot com. Along with research by UndeadRevolution which you will find the ZAPEM research hosted there. They are GREAT reads and will open your eyes.
    Pay close attention at Donofrio’s site to the apparent extremes that Justia went through in an apparent attempt to hide Minor v Happersett 88 US 162 (1875). It’s telling of what has happened in our country.
    Personally I support Cruz as a Senator but he’s not eligible for POTUS. Mark my words the media and the Dems will go crazy tearing Cruz apart on eligibility if he attempts to run in 2016.

    Sutlan Kinish you’re a regular read for me and I would think your intellectual curiosity would lead you to peruse Leo Donofrio’s site, especially Justiagate as he named it.

  • carpe diem 36

    what Ted Cruse is is what the American people used to be before they became weak and stupid by their lefty leaders. the Amnerican people are now slow to learn, they have been fed ideas that are so destructive of rational thinking, so full of garbage like Political Correctness, Racism, Socialism so much stuff they have to start to unlearn and relearn what America and the American people used to be. Independent of goverenment, self sufficient, industrious and above all religious in their various religions.