Future NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio also a Fan of Marxist Liberation Theology

bill di blasio

After learning that he was a fan of the Marxist terrorist FSLN group which ethnically cleansed the Jews of Nicaragua, Bill de Blasio defended himself by explaining that he was also a big fan of Liberation Theology.

“I think that article didn’t fully represent what I feel except for one passage,” he said, “that very accurately noted that one part of me is a New Deal Democrat–just an updated version of it–one part of me is probably similar to a European Social Democrat, and I’m also very deeply influenced by liberation theology, which I learned a lot about in the years I worked on Latin America.”

Great. So mix one part disastrous economic philosophy influenced by Mussolini, one part EU bankruptcy and one part Marxism rebranded in Catholic colors.

This movement is usually held to have begun with the second Latin American Bishops’ Conference, which was held in Colombia in 1968. At that conference, the attending bishops proposed to combine the teachings of Jesus Christ with those of Karl Marx as a way of justifying violent revolution to overthrow the economics of capitalism. The bishops interpreted every biblical criticism of the rich as a mandate to redistribute wealth from the haves to the have-nots, and every expression of compassion for the poor as a call for a social uprising by peasants and workers.

The liberation theology movement’s seminal text, A Theology of Liberation, was written in 1971, three years after the Bishops’ Conference, by Gustavo Gutiérrez, a Peruvian priest and theologian.

And here is what Gustavo Gutiérrez had to say about accepting Karl Marx as his savior.

As I have witnessed the power of Marxism to provide motivation for a life of service where none existed before, I have come to a new appreciation of this part of my own history.

And Bill de Blasio remains a fan of burning synagogues and persecuting Jews.

Mr. de Blasio also yet again defended his support for the Nicaraguan Sandinista party, which has been slammed repeatedly by his Republican rival, Joe Lhota.

“I’m very proud to have been deeply involved in a movement that rightfully thought U.S. policy toward Central America was wrong-headed and counter-productive and not in line with our values,” he said. “I’m proud to have been involved in the effort that was challenging that.”

In fact, Bill de Blasio was a vocal supporter of the regime, not just an opponent of US policy, including subscribing to a party paper that contained anti-Semitic invective.

  • Omar

    Wow, it just keeps on getting worse regarding Bill de Blasio’s radical Communist affiliations. He complains about U.S. policy in Latin America as “wrong-headed and counterproductive and not in line with our values”. This is a totally wrong view of the world. The U.S. was trying to overthrow Communist dictatorships and replace them with genuine liberal democracies around the world. De Blasio should complain about how Soviet/Russian policy in Eastern Europe and around the world as wrong-headed and counterproductive. Immediately after the fall of Nazi Germany, Moscow decided to become the world’s new bully, thus continuing the Nazis’ legacy of conquest, totalitarianism and misery-causing. In fact, even before World War II began, the USSR wanted to have client states. In the Spanish Civil War, the Soviets decided to eliminate the democratic forces of the Republicans by infiltrating those forces in order to take full control of the Republican forces in the war against Franco. The result of the Soviets’ efforts to sabotage and control the Republicans in Spain (as well as eliminate any anti-Communist liberals in the Republican forces) actually helped contribute to Franco’s victory. The Spain Betrayed book helps clarify the Soviet Union’s true role in the Spanish Civil War: http://www.amazon.com/Spain-Betrayed-Annals-Communism-Series/dp/0300176953 .

    Today, Russia still wants to dominate the world, as noted by its 2008 illegal war against Georgia. The only good post-Soviet leader in Russia was Boris Yeltsin. His successor, Putin, is a Communist who wants to undermine Western efforts to bring democracy to countries in need.
    Anyway, De Blasio is clearly on the wrong side of history. He wants to turn NYC back to the Dinkins days, while at the same time, promote Communist totalitarianism in this country and around the world. Right now, it looks like only Joe Lhota can stop him.

    • Javier Soria Laso

      I agree. I would vote Joe Lhota if i were an american citizen.
      De Blasio is New York’s worst mayor & Mussolini’s follower too.

  • CowboyUp

    Christ never compelled anyone, except the money changers, and them only to leave the Temple and conduct their business elsewhere. It’s telling that these ‘liberation’ theologians adopt the thinking behind the idea of forced conversion.

  • Robert4

    “And Bill de Blasio remains a fan of burning synagogues and persecuting Jews.”

    Smells like Greenfield’s laying lawsuit bait…