Gay Islamist Hardliner is New Tunisian Prime Minister

Tunisia is where the Arab Spring began when a Muslim man full of sexist fury at being slapped by a female police officer set himself on fire. From such glorious beginnings, the Arab Spring spread across the region bringing Islamist victories with it.

The Islamist Ennahdha Party took Tunisia but then faced a major backlash as the Salafists began terrorizing the country with the apparently complicity of the government.

Labor riots turned violent and bloody as fighting between liberals and Islamists broke out across the country. Now Jebali, who was bad enough, has resigned and is being replaced by Islamist hardliner Ali Laarayedh.

Ali Laarayedh was the Minister of the Interior and was therefore held responsible for the the  brutal crackdown on labor protesters. While Ennahdha pretended to be interested in reconciling with liberals, the elevation of a thug like Ali Laarayedh sends another sort of message entirely. And the message is that the Islamists will continue to engage in the violent suppression of Tunisians who want a free country.

But violent crackdowns on protesters is not all that Ali is known for. Aside from his undistinguished tenure as Minister of the Interior, when he accidentally or deliberately allowed the Salafist attack on the US embassy to take place, Ali was caught up in a gay scandal when a videotape was released of him having sex with another man while in prison.

UPDATE: Multiple comments have come in from Tunisia claiming that Ali Laarayedh is “a gay”, “not a guy and honor man”, that the video tape was fake, that the video shows Ali being raped, that Ali was drugged at the time and that Ali was not gay, but his gay sex partner was.

Finally there is this message from Free Tunisian

To this sick author ….
Congrats … You just made yourself famous among +10 millions Tunisians proud of their revolution
We will never forget.

Now I feel just like Sally Field.

  • Mary Sue

    Heh, he'll probably straightwash that with "It was just prison sex, so he's not gay, he's just Jailhouse gay."

    • john jameson

      One thing I've learned from some troops who have been in the mid east – being raped as a measure of setting the power structure is epidemic there. its exactly like prison rape – a brutal environement where those with the most power rape others to show their strength. Its not really ssexual – its more like the power thing and rape is the bludgeon

      • Abir Othmani

        Oh not really, the sex tape (I watched it) showed a love act with a lot of passion and it is also wrong to compare a Northafrican country to middleeastern countries as the cultural differences are really huge.

      • Omar Jaoua

        tunisia is in north africa you know. you can't just suppose that tunisia and iraq are the same :)
        i know that your definition of the midlle east is different from ours but still, you should consider the eventual differences.

  • joe b

    come on daniel, surely you know the rules for gay sex in muslim countries?

    if they are both under 18, neither gay.
    if the 'receiever' is under 18, he's not gay.
    if the 'receiver' is over 18, he's gay

    Only receivers over 18 are considered homosexual in arab culture. A 'giver' of any age is not gay.

    this is how it works.

    • AdinaK

      More to the point, so sayeth the Iranian Hitler – there are no gays in Iran!

      Nevertheless, westerners must understand that wherever Sharia Law rules there is NO tolerance for anyone who is NOT a hard line Muslim, and it is not negotiable. Islam, which literally means submission, is non-compromising and incompatible with the west. Most significantly, its relationship with blood makes it DEADLY –

      Adina Kutnicki Israel

      • Farihane

        Islam means PEACE not submission!! You should check your translation before sharing wrong ideas!!

        • Mary Sue

          It's the peace OF Submission. It forces people to submit to it.

        • Kelly Kafir

          Islam means submission. Have YOU read the Qur'an, Hadith and the Sira? And I doubt that you have read the Reliance of the Traveller (sic). Peace is defined as the time when all are under Shari'ah law. Don't get them confused with the Western definition of peace, Farihane.

    • beez

      That's actually a cultural view not uncommon in Latin American countries. In any case, Barack Obama and his Pakistani roommate at Occidental College, Hasan Chandoo, had a gay relationship. In their case, it seems Obama was the giver, and Chandoo the receiver, at least, according to what I've gleaned from my sources. I find it interesting that Chandoo became a US citizen. He now lives somewhere in NY State. Chandoo's family back in Pakistan is mega-wealthy. I've also read that the giver-receiver view of homosexuality is especially common among wealthy Muslims. The wealthier a giver type is, the less likely he is to be viewed as gay. Maybe this worked for receivers as well, as in Chandoo's case, or maybe that's why he left Pakistan.

      • Abdallah HAJJI

        not true also!!! a homosexual is a homosexual regardless giving/receiving. And it not common among wealthy muslims!!!
        You guys how do you get these info!!! You're reading about islam from a non muslim!!! it's like I read about Jesus from a non-christian. Islam is not those rats from al kaida!! Islam is us, modern people with strong awareness. What are those radicalist are doing is what the church did in Europ in the 17th and 18th centuries.

        • Mary Sue

          well maybe not from where you come from, but homosexuality is so common in Afghanistan that men couldn't figure out why their women weren't becoming pregnant (hint: anal sex is not conducive to conception)

          • Kelly Kafir

            and don't forget the Bachi Bazi boys… dressing them up like girls and making them dance like girls. Just sick. And our troops have to wait for the Afcrapistanis to finish raping the little boys before they can go out on their patrols.

            And all you professional victims – I mean Muslims that are all butt hurt over where we are get ting our info? Well it's called the Qur'an, Hadith and Sira. Fatwahs and the Reliance of the Traveller (sic) and we get a lot of it from ex Muslims who have had enough of the hate and sickness and tell us what is going on. And, BTW, they live under the threat of death from your "religion of peace" because they left Islam.

    • Afef

      Where did you get the information?!!!

    • Omar Jaoua

      nope. both are gay and both can be subject to homophobic aggression. at least that's the case in tunisia.

    • Abdallah HAJJI

      That's not true!!! this does not depend on the age! and the giver is gay also and he's more rejected from society you won't sit with eather of them in muslim countries. that's a simple rule

    • manar

      That's so not true -_-

  • Arlie

    Reverend Wigglesworth was asked to say a prayer at a pig roast: he prayed, "Lord, Almighty, if you can bless what you've already cursed, then bless this pig Amen."

  • Goemon

    Guess he was just trying to Get his bomb hole widened. Allah is most merciful and forgiving when the. Goal of gay sex is to spread his truth.

  • guest

    A little wisdom from "The Sopranos" is in order here:

    Dr. Jennifer Melfi: A lot of your circle must have done jail time. They can't be strangers to male-male sexual contact.
    Tony Soprano: Well you get a pass fer that.
    Dr. Jennifer Melfi: Well, that's nice.
    Tony Soprano: Well, what are ya gonna do? There's no women there. Y-y-you're there five, ten years. And just for the record, my, uhh, incarceration was very short term, so I never had any need for any anal-you know.

  • xmale

    who says he was'nt the receiver??

  • JacksonPearson

    If he was in Iran, he'd been hung from a crane by now!

  • Clara S

    So, where is the responsibility for the 'giver'? In this scenario, all the young boys are invisible….and used up. Ahhhhhh…..Islam, the religion of peace.

    • khoubeib

      Just for you info , child rape's penalty in islam is beheading after being proved , at least some of the middle eastern country still do apply those executions , but most of the arab world puts child predators in jail .

  • beez

    Clara, there is none for the giver, especially if he's a rich or powerful giver.

  • bryce armstrong

    So much for how 'in'tolerent Islam is. Im sure it wont be lo long before you homo enablers will be whining aboutIslam being homophobic in no time.

  • emal

    Well I suppose you are not Tunisians..;and that's why you poeple seem to be fooled by these cheap attempts to make of a man who used to be a victim and who used to be suppressed just because of his thoughts a "gay person"… That's so awkward and unethical.

    • othman

      He stopped being a victim the day he used shotguns on people who demanded to know why they're still sidelined. But it's okay,they're not dead,just blind. /sarcasm
      Also,he was jailed because he was part of the group that wanted to make a coup d'état, not because he was gay. Stop lying out of your ass and get your facts straight.

  • Afef

    Your great fear is Islam though you have not authentic ideas about it. I advise you guys to search more for what Islam means, to grasp its true nature. It is shameful how you judge people while your culture is shrouded with laws and charters etc protecting human rights and glorifying a long list of principles and ethics. I am Muslim and this fact does not deny my emotions and compassion for human beings regardless of their religious background. Please do not speak unless your words are based on concrete facts.

    • Larry S.


      Did you have some sort of point you wanted to make? Or are you just mindless bloviating??

      • Larry S.

        Make that mindlessly bloviating!

    • Mary Sue

      is Arabic your first language, or are you one of the Muslims that learned the Koran by rote and don't actually understand arabic?

  • sa7ar

    that's true he is a gay

    • Afef

      You shared the experience with him?!!! إتقي ربك حرام عليك

    • Dali

      wenti 9a7ba

      • 7sén

        w enty ta7an :)

      • sa7ar

        nahdha is ashamed of tunisia

  • fatma

    you're totally wrong!!!!!!!!!

    • fatma

      are you torch9ana ? laariadh is Gay and Proud !

  • Makhloufi
  • sousou

    one thing kinda bothers me a lot in this article:

    “Tunisia is where the Arab Spring began when a Muslim man full of sexist fury at being slapped by a female police officer set himself on fire.”

    You weren’t present at that time Mr Daniel greenfield, to know if that muslim man called Mohammad Bouazizi, was a very hard muslim or not, according to people who know it, he was more like an alcoholic guy, who was desperate about his whole situation, obviously being slapped up made and the fact that the mayor ignored his request made things worse for him, which lead to his self immolation.

    Coming up to your poor analysis of the situation, may be as an american, you don’t seem to make a difference between islam as a religion and muslims, I want to remind you that before criticizing muslims, who might be sinners like anybody else, you ‘d better care about the radical christians that you have in America, and who are way more dangerous than radical muslims, a bit of objectivity please, you guys screwed up the journalism filed, by your lack of objectivity !

    • Afef

      I totally agree! Thumbs up!

    • Mary Sue

      Radical Christians way more dangerous than Radical Muslims? Don't make me laugh!

      Last I heard, radical christians do NOT even believe in doing the following:

      -killing non-christians and believing there should be no penalty for such
      -not one modern "radical christian" believes in killing unbelievers who won't convert
      -the death penalty for blasphemy
      -beating women and claiming it is commanded by God in his Word.
      -holy war and killing unbelievers in it just for not believing in Jesus
      -forcing super restrictive laws (like Sharia, but there is no Christian equivalent).

      I don't know who you have been listening to regarding "radical" Christians but please stop listening to them, they don't know what they are talking about. It's like how you think we think about Islam and Muslims!

  • Dali

    You have lost your credibility Frontpagemag by that lying. I am Tunisian and in know that it is not true.

    • Faustus

      I’m also Tunisia, and what is written in the article is entirely correct.

    • Mary Sue

      uh, ok, you're Tunisian. What lying are you talking about? (plus a tunisian below just confirmed it is true). Maybe you don't see it where you're hanging around?

      • Kelly Kafir

        Lying to defend Islam is allowed. It is called al taqiyya. Also, in Islam, if there is no love involved, it is not considered homosexual. And if a male has no hair on his face, it is ok to have sex with him. That is why so many Muslim boys have been molested. Westerners have a lot to learn about Islam.

  • muslim

    I would like to explain the truth.This man was tortured in prison where he was obliged to take drugs and thus the old regime put him with a gay in same room after giving him a lot of drugs .He was in prison for more than 10 please respect him

  • Nidhal

    I can only feel sorry for the writer of this article who is either misinformed or wrote this on purpose !!
    What you mentionned is not true ! Ennahdha did not agress any labor forces and the new Pm is not gay for sure !
    You're gonna have to face the consequences of what you wrote sir !

  • nidhal

    This is a very poor analysis !!

  • khoubeib

    I'm a tunisia student living in tunisia, i was a very active member in the protests that brought down Aen Ali's regime , i'm not an islamist and i'm not defending any body , but i have to say that this article and who ever wrote it does not have any integrity nor professionalism , starting with the
    ' muslim man full of sexist fury ' saying , you can figure out every thing or intents behind this article , i'm sorry to disappoint you but Tunisia is not an extremist middle eastern country or the musculin hell that you wanna draw to your readers , i advice you to visit Tunisia and to get to know the tunisian people and mentality, and by the way , Larayadh is straight and the jail sex tapes are a frauds that were made for almost every politician in the last 23 years .
    Daniel Greenfield : you owe the tunisian people an apology.

    • Takoua

      thank u for writing that…for telling the truth and defending an islamist Tunisian although u r not an islamist ..I admire what u have written ..
      Daniel Greenfield : you owe the tunisian people an apology.

    • aymoun

      he owes us nothing, cos he's nothing to us

  • Insolite

    Daniel Greenfield – You can be everything but not a journalist ! What a shame ! is it so easy for you to play with minds or to take them as extremely stupid ! Hey man, get up ! we are in the age of globalization !

  • aymoun

    101% wrong information, this man has been sentenced to death on two occasions. the dictator BEN ALI had the habit of using this kind of video to put pressure against these opponents. Your analysis is wrong, but understandable from a citizen living in a country which has the highest rate of homosexuality in the world

    • Mary Sue

      Incorrect, everybody knows France has all the gays.

  • Afef

    10 Golden Islamic Quotes For A Muslim

    1) When you see a person who has been given more than you in money and beauty, look to those, who have been given less.
    2) A Muslim who meets with others and shares their burdens is better than one who lives a life of seclusion and contemplation.
    3) It is better to sit alone than in company with the bad; and it is, better still to sit with the good than alone. It is better to speak to a seeker of knowledge than to remain silent; but silence is better than idle words.
    4) The best richness is the richness of the soul.
    5) Do you know what is better than charity and fasting and prayer? It is keeping peace and good relations between people, as quarrels and bad feelings destroy mankind.
    6) He is not of us who is not affectionate to the little ones, and does not respect the old; and he is not of us, who does not order which is lawful, and prohibits that which is unlawful.
    7) Much silence and a good disposition, there are no two things better than these.
    8) Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith.
    9) The best of the houses is the house where an orphan gets love and kindness.
    10) To overcome evil with good is good, to resist evil by evil is evil.

    • Karim

      Afef, may Allah Bless you sister for spreading the good words! Peace

  • Afef

    Smiling in your brother’s face is an act of charity.
    So is enjoining good and forbidding evil,
    giving directions to the lost traveller,
    aiding the blind and
    removing obstacles from the path.

    ― Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him)

    • Daniel Greenfield

      We've seen the Muslim Patrol out there enjoying and forbidding evil in the UK.

      No thanks.

  • Tunisian

    Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more no more no more no more) / (Hit the road Jack and don't you come back no more

  • Afef

    Muslims are commanded to believe in all God prophets and in all God holy books and to accept and respect all other religions, cultures, and races.
    Quran says (Meaning English translation):
    "There is no compulsion in religion…" (Quran, Chapter 2, Verse 256)
    This statement above is supported by another Quran saying (with meaning English translation):
    "…If God had willed, He would have made you all in one nation and one religion), but that He (God) left you in different religions to compete in good deeds and society benefits. The return of all of you is to God; then He (God) will inform you about that in which you differ" (Quran, Chapter 5, Verse 48)

    • Mary Sue

      um yeah, what about the doctrine that says whatever came after that verse abrogates it, so that any verse after "there is no compulsion" that says "slay the unbelievers wherever you find them"? Huh?

      Your Quran is a contradictory mess.

  • jhon Aschcroft

    Is tunisia the new village peopl e ? :) Y M C A Y M C A Y M C A Y M C A Y M C A

  • Mootaz

    I have been following this issue for some time. The tape i indeed scandalous but those who made it have admitted that Laarayedh was drugged when they filmed him as extortion part of the measures that the Ex-regime used against Islamists. Laarayedh, while in prison, was subject to brutal torture and was threatened with being injected with AIDS if he would not condemn his fellow Islamist militants. Interestingly, he never cracked. I'm not much of a fan of the guy and I did not like his policies back when he was minister of the police but the truth has precedence over opinion.

  • Nahdawi7awi

    Ali Pink gay Torch9ana ( PM) just use religion to manipulate Poor and ingorant tunisian and govern them ! thats "islamist" story :)

  • Jad

    Enough food for thought for the critical discourse theory class!
    "Muslim man full of sexist fury", "a female police officer", "Gay Islamist Hardliner", etc…
    => Awkward framing strategies & lack of journalistic professionalism.

  • Tounsi the Tunisian

    You discuss a topic building on false or at least half-news/truths. The tape you are talking about was released during the iron age of dismissed president ben ali, it is fully mounted by his police services to show Islamists as ugly devils in the eyes of ethic Tunisian population. What is not said also is that Laarayedh was a political prisoner jailed for his opinions and sentence to death by ben ali regime
    The funny thing is that all Tunisia knows that except the author of this article.

    N.B. I am Tunisian

  • Afef

    Muslims are commanded to believe in all God prophets and in all God holy books and to accept and respect all other religions, cultures, and races.

  • Proby

    Hey , wait , he is not gay , the video was only about him being forced to be tortured by the police stick , it was a rape video !! The publishers should be responsible about what they spread :/

  • Ons

    To the author, yes the beginnings of our revolution are glorious indeed because it’s about refusing humiliation. Hence, it was the slap by an officer and the confiscation of the mere means of earning one’s living that started it, you imbecil, no matter what was the officer’s gender. Besides, if your stinking country didn’t fund the islamists via Qatar money, they would never ever win the elections. What your country did was ruining democracy as it is ridiculous in the U.S since the richest candidate wins, then he has to be nice (go down on) his (Wall Street) sponsors instead of doing the right thing for the people; same thing goes there… applying by force the evil IMF agenda this is for the US, and then play bearded bad guys to please Qatar. Do I need to mention whose ally Qatar is ? When I read your rubbish, all I can think about is : TOO bad stupidity isn’t painful.

    • Mary Sue

      The IMF is Evil? How so?

  • Lotfi Saibi

    I would like to address this comment to “writer” of this article, and then to the editor who allowed it to be published.
    For the purpose of full of full disclosure, I am a member of the opposition party of Tunisia. I am, and have been opposed to Ali Laarayedh as Interior Minister, and now, as Prime minister, on the ground of his inability to perform his duties as those who elected him expected.
    Having said that, I believe that your article is very badly written. It is written on unfounded rumors and innuendos. The person who wrote this article seems to be homophobic and may even hold certain bigoted feelings towards arabs or Muslims. It is a shame that the internet allows for such amateurish trash to be published.

  • Wii

    BIG UP MR GREENFIELD ! That was fun !

    • Fathi

      Gays always support themselves.

  • saidi

    he is spécially terrorist more that gay , ALI LARAYIDH is the reponsable of death of Chokri bel aid!

  • Ay from TUNISIA

    this short article is very shallow and describes wrongly things happening here in Tunisia, few corrections for instance: the drunk guy burned himself protesting in front of the mayor office because of his suffer from unemployment, similar incident happened last week in France. Ennahdha , the "Islamist"party is ruling the country in coalition with two liberal parties after a very fair elections and the islamist oppression for Tunisian people is simply absent,… the new chosen prime minister was tortured in jail, such as other islamists, socialists an anybody in the opposition. the former dictator regime was even shooting videos of some leaders's wives being raped by policeman, hundreds of fake videos were also made as form of extremist torture. the videotape of what you called gay scandal has been released and Tunisian people here saw clearly that was even badly made with some primary editing from the 80's when he was jailed. However, I'm from the opportion and I do absolutely agree that the former prime minister did run things badly. Finally, no wonder since the author is just sitting in New York, far away from reality, a lot of fantasies can be written. Tunisia carries several civilizations over the last 3000 years and this makes the the Tunisian people resilient in front of wind of changes, wish the same for the US.

  • maha

    The leaders of opposition were raped by police men while in prison, they have been raped in front of their wives and theirwwives were raped too. Now the actual opposition is calling them gay just to humiliate them… that opposition to a legitimate gouvernement was applauding the ex president while he practiced torture in and out prisons …
    I hope not much people believe this wrong and unbiased information

  • Atef Sassi

    I m tunisian,clearly political Islam is a threat to the democratic transition in our country,political Islam and democracy in the twenty-first century are not compatible.Islam becomes lethal weapon when it comes out on the political scene.

    • Fathi

      Let people choose what they want…..isn't that the democracy you are supporting?

  • illuminati

    saying Gay Islamist is like saying good sionist …it can not happen…two words never match

    • Mary Sue

      oh great, another jew hater?

  • Fathi

    Shame on ou Mr Daniel. This Article is full of lies and misleading statements. This man was jailed for more than 10 years under one of the bloodiest dictatorship in the arab world, and all what happened to him was fake .You did a dirty job and you owe the guy ( ALI ) an apology.

  • Proud Tunisian

    "Tunisia is where the Arab Spring began when a Muslim man full of sexist fury at being slapped by a female police officer set himself on fire" ????????????
    Mr Greenfield, I read you were "completing" a book, right? If the 232-words you wrote above contain this obnoxious and shameful load of unverified information and biased dribble what would your completed book be like?

  • elyes ghodbani

    please respect the tunisien new prime minister . his not guy , his a honor man and i trust him …daniel greenfield try to be a man…

  • smk

    islamists are all terrorists , usa and the world must understand this reality

  • Hadi

    Mr. Daniel Greenfield how such an ignorant person you are. I didn't got it how you had been hired to work as a journalist.
    Sorry to say this, but none of the information you gave was right. They are all wrong and B.S. You should write your articles based on strong arguments and real facts not on rumors.
    The guy called Bouazizi was an alcoholic man who uses drugs with no polite. He sexually harassed a female officer (she reserved the balance he used to sell fruits illegally) saying "you took the balance, so give me your boobs to weighs the fruits"! She responded by slapping him on the face. He got angry and set fire in himself. So, that jerk has nothing to do with islam and he doesn't represent muslims.
    This new prime minister Ali Larayedh was in prison for more than 10 years for the fact he was against the ancient regime not for being gay.
    Mr. Daniel, if you hate someone or some people doesn't mean you should write lies and b.s about them or disrespect them. Hate whatever you want (and hate will just harm you not them), but at least show some respect to others and be honest.
    Shame on you FrontPage Mag

  • lfrigi

    I pity the word "journalist". So many apply that tag to themselves nowadays when they do not have the slightest of clues as to what journalism really is. Call yourself an opinionated ignoramus (because that is how you come through in this "journalistic" chef-d'oeuvre) who goes on misconceptions and preconceptions without even bothering to check facts and nuances. I do not blame you; I blame the person who posted this link for the colossal waste of 10 minutes of my life that I will never gain back.

  • rebel

    we're already tired of fighting stupid people with all peaceful ways possible
    yet it only gets worse
    this the traitors (all the ones included in nadha are abusing the coutry and spreading their milicia

    but we're not giving up yet
    we will fight to the last one.

    these pericides fkn bunch of thieves traitors and hipocrites.

  • Zied

    We all know that it is a fake !!
    Ben Ali regime made this videos for moral torture

  • saif

    suck my dick dear minister :D

  • hamma

    pls arayedh no gay

  • dumont

    how did you know that bouazizi was full of sexist fury?
    you write about us in the exact and foolish way that fanatic muslims write about occident!


    FrontPage Magazine is a conservative online political magazine, edited by David Horowitz and published by the David Horowitz Freedom Center , a non-profit organization in Los Angeles, California.So you can't really be surprised when seeing such articles aiming to disfigure islam and muslim people.I would like to say also that the writer did not tell facts as he should,just personnal opinions.the man who set himself on fire(bouazzizi) was a poor mandepresses,not living properly.He put all his frustration on the municipality female employee who was controling his illegal work tools (namely scales(as he was selling vegetables on a mobile wagon),he cursed her so as a reaction,she slapped him so he went in front of the municipality and set himself on fire.As for Mr Ali Laarayadh the actual PM ,i would like to say that every kind of torture were permitted during the dictator ben Ali ,so he was taking video tapes for his political opponnents to blackmail them.So dont be surprised .A word for the writer please Mr inform yourself before writing such trash,iam a tunisian girl and i know stories about your country more than you know ,you americans think you are the center of the world but guess what you are very ignorant about what happens in the rest of the world with regard to geography history of the world,so please stay in your ivory tower and leave us in peace,

  • mokhtar

    First of all the minister is not gay and he will never be, the video was fake and this was a regular practices for the old regime to attak his oppsers and most of the Tunisian people are aware of that. you mentioned the word gay to attract the audiance and you putted in a negative prespective in the other hand we find a noumerous politicians in the USA are gay but you will never be able or you will never have the bravery and the guts to criticize them for their gender. you know well that you will never see the light for the rest of your life. we did not see you writing about the bruttel regime we had it for 23 years.

  • daddouch

    ech 9awlkom fi hajma tounsiyya 3al page mte3ou

  • SEMY

    Shame on you frontpagemag, you make story based on a fake video !It is shameful how you judge people

  • Iskandar

    that chose this title is a true gay

  • Mourad

    I’m very surprised that an American Electronic magazine can be more poor then local (Tunisian) magazines after this revolution. Our history is more wide then yours…

  • FreeTunisian

    To our friends out there, if someone tell that the south african aprtheid regime is saying the Nilson mandela is guy and never been free fighter … would you belive him ??
    this is exactly the same, it is a propaganda of the ex Tunisian dictator (Ben Ali) against his opponents, the new prime minster is not guy, and he was among the brave men and women of Tunisia who stood up against opression and dcitaorship he has been stencenced to death on tow ocasions … You can read more details below,

    Please don't not insult our revolution,
    if you are ignorant please read the facts,
    if you know this is wrong … Then you must have some serious PBS !!!

    Profile: Ali Larayedh

    Ali Larayedh was born on 15 August 1955 into a farming family in Mednine in Southern Tunisia.

    He studied in Mednine until his Baccaleaureate before moving to Sousse and Tunis where he studied at the Commercial Marine School, graduating as an engineer in 1980.

    He worked as an engineer but was forced to leave his job as a result of harassment and repression and his work in the Islamic Tendency Movement.

    Ali Larayedh joined the Islamic Tendency Movement as a high school student in Mednine.

    At university, Larayedh emerged as a student leader and joined the Movement's student leadership. Following his graduation in 1980, he joined the Movement's leadership.

    Following the arrest of the Movement's leaders in 1981, leadership passed to the younger generation, with Hammadi Jebali becoming the movement's leader and Larayedh the Head of the Consultative (Shura) Council from 1982 to 1986.

    Larayedh headed the Movement's 1984 and 1986 national conferences. At the same time, he also led the "Priorities Project" which produced a number of important papers on the Movement's nature, its vision of change and its organisational structure.

    With the crackdown on the Movement by Bourguiba's regime in 1987, Larayedh was sentenced to death in absentia. He was arrested in October 1987 and was made to wear the execution suit. Following Ben Ali's coup later that year, Larayedh was re-tried and a new death sentence issued against him, which was later reduced to life imprisonment. He was released at the end of 1988 by presidential pardon as part of what was known as the phase of political openness. Larayedh continued to be part of the leadership of the Movement (renamed Ennahdha), as a member of its executive and head of its political bureau from 1988 and as acting spokesperson from 1990.

    With the resumption of the regime's crackdown following the 1989 elections, Larayedh was re-arrested in December 1990. He was tried in 1992 in a military court alongside other Ennahdha leaders and sentenced to 15 years in prison, of which 13 were spent in solitary confinement.

    In addition to physical torture, the early 90s saw numerous pressures and attempts to blackmail Larayedh, most notoriously the publication of an article alleging the existence of a videotape implicating him in a sexual scandal.

    Larayedh was conditionally released on 2 April 2004 and placed under administrative control requiring him to sign in daily at police stations and not to leave the capital.

    Following his release and despite harassment, Larayedh returned to political work, contributing, with other Ennahdha leaders and leftist, liberal and nationalist party leaders to the formation of the 18 October Committee for Rights and Liberties at the end of 2005, working with others within this committee to produce important papers laying a common basis for democratic life. These included papers on the equality of men and women, the relationship between religion and state, political pluralism and freedom of conscience.

    Larayedh also contributed in the years before the revolution to the re-building of Ennahdha underground, due to severe Government repression. In the period before the revolution, Larayedh was arrested several times and threatened with violence against his wife and 3 children.

    Following the revolution and Ennahdha's return to public work and legalisation as a political party, Larayedh headed the Party's Founding Council which acted as the Party's Consultative Council until the 9th National Conference in July 2012. Larayedh contributed to the re-building of the Party and its political strategy and electoral plan. He also participated in Yadh Ben Achour's Committee together with 11 other parties to produce recommendations for management of the transition phase.

    After Ennahdha won the 23 October elections, Larayedh was appointed Interior Minister in PM Hammadi Jebali's government, a position he held for 14 months, facing a number of challenges, the latest being the assassination of the leading Popular Front politician Chokri Belaid. He also addressed the National Constituent Assembly on several occasions to answer deputies' questions.

    Following the resignation of Mr Hammadi Jebali, Ennahdha Party carried out internal democratic consultations and a vote by its Consultative Council, leading to the nomination of Larayedh as Prime Minister.

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