Geert Wilders Party Now Polling at No. 1

A year ago, Islamists and their useful idiots were writing off Wilders as finished. The political crisis appeared to have shaken his PVV party and Islamists were gleefully claiming that Wilders was done. The future might belong to the more mainstream VVD party willing to compromise on the “big” issues.

But Wilders’ gamble has paid off and voters are turning his way once again.

The PVV would win the most seats in the House of Representatives if an election were held now…

With 24 seats, the party of Geert Wilders would have one more than the VVD, with 23. The PvdA would have 18 seats, according to the latest poll, giving the two ruling parties a total of 41 seats. That is the lowest total since the election in September 2012, when the parties of Diederik Samsom and [Prime Minister Mark] Rutte together won 79 seats

Europe’s bail-out of busted Cyprus, involving yet another transfer of money from the Dutch to the south, seems to have swung more votes behind the Euro-sceptic Wilders.

Being in the populist opposition is a smart move when the economic times are bad and most leaders are making bad compromises to keep the whole disaster sailing along smoothly. And the same thing may be true in the UK.

A smart party primes voters for the realization that it was right all along. A stupid party “evolves” and tosses aside its positions and becomes discredited and indistinguishable from the ruling party.

Does that have some application to the United States? It just might.

  • Texas Patriot

    Geert Wilders is perhaps the most courageous, compassionate, and revolutionary thinker in the world today. As he says, it's not about hating Muslims. It's about hating an ideology that would cause Muslims to hate their fellow man.

    • defcon 4

      Why shouldn't I hate muslimes? They CHOSE to believe in the tenets of their death cult in the same way the nazis CHOSE to believe in theirs. There is no compulsion in having to like someone, at least not yet right?

      • Texas Patriot

        I think that depends on whether you want to call yourself a Christian, or not. Non-Christians are free to hate whomever they want. Christians aren't. We're not required to like everyone, but we are required to love everyone, i.e. to have unrelenting good will towards all men, even our enemies. Is Christianity revolutionary in that regard? Yes. Does it make sense? I think it does. More often than not, our enemies hate us and want to destroy us for no good reason. If we have only good will towards them, why would they hate us and want to destroy us? The answer, according to Christianity, is that our enemies have been deceived and deluded and are more appropriately pitied than hated. Does that mean that we must allow them to kill us or enslave our friends or our families? No, I don't think it does. But I think it does mean that we are not allowed to hate them, but rather that we are allowed only to pity them, to defend ourselves against them (by whatever means necessary), and to hope that at some point they will come to their senses. Is Christianity for everybody? Well, yes. But apparently only a very few are willing and able to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. As Jesus said, "It is a narrow gate and a hard road that lead to life, and only a few find it."

  • unbontir

    The Republican party in America will have a similar rude awakening when the Tea Party citizens who have had enough of the phony two-party paradigm will elect Dr. Ben Carson as President and Dr. Terry Lee Lakin as Vice-president in 2016 and take back the American experiment in government of the people.

  • Texas Patriot

    The only way the Great Experiment of American Government By the People will ever belong to the American people is if the American economy and machinery of production once again of, by, and for the American people. As it is, for the last 60 years, we've been steadily shipping jobs and entire industries offshore, so that the American economy is increasingly a "consumption zone" for the physically and mentally disabled. We can turn all that around with the right leadership, and it all starts with the production of American energy, the reinvention of American education, and the prioritization of technological innovation and high value added manufacturing. For a good summary of the problem, see the following video of Dr. Robert Atkinson discussing his revolutionary new book "Innovation Economics".

  • JacksonPearson

    Reuters) – Dutch populist politician Geert Wilders was acquitted of inciting hatred of Muslims in a court ruling on Thursday that may strengthen his political influence and exacerbate tensions over immigration policy.

    The case was seen by some as a test of free speech in a country which has a long tradition of tolerance and blunt talk, but where opposition to immigration, particularly from Muslim or predominantly Muslim countries, is on the rise.

    Instantly recognizable by his mane of dyed blond hair, Wilders, 47, is one of the most outspoken critics of Islam and immigration in the Netherlands.

    His Freedom Party is now the third-largest in parliament, a measure of support for its anti-immigrant stance, and is the minority government's chief ally. But many of Wilders' comments — such as likening Islam to Nazism — are socially divisive.

    The presiding judge said Wilders's remarks were sometimes "hurtful," "shocking" or "offensive," but that they were made in the context of a public debate about Muslim integration and multi-culturalism, and therefore not a criminal act.

    "I am extremely pleased and happy," Wilders told reporters after the ruling. "This is not so much a win for myself, but a victory for freedom of speech. Fortunately you can criticize Islam and not be gagged in public debate."

    The ruling could embolden Wilders further. He has already won concessions from the government on cutting immigration and introducing a ban on Muslim face veils and burqas.

    "This means that his political views are condoned by law, his political rhetoric has been legalized," said Andre Krouwel, a political scientist at Amsterdam's Free University.

    "This has made him stronger politically. He is needed for a political majority, he is basically vice prime minister without even being in the government."

    Some Dutch citizens have started to question their country's traditionally generous immigration and aid policies, worried by the deteriorating economic climate, higher unemployment, incidence of ethnic crime and signs that Muslim immigrants have not fully integrated into Dutch society.

    Similar concerns have helped far-right parties to gain traction elsewhere in Europe, from France to Scandinavia.

    Farid Azarkan of the SMN association of Moroccans in the Netherlands said he feared the acquittal could further split Dutch society and encourage others to repeat Wilders's comments.

    "You see that people feel more and more supported in saying that minorities are good for nothing," Azarkan said.

    "Wilders has said very extreme things about Muslims and Moroccans, so when will it ever stop? Some will feel this as a sort of support for what they feel and as justification."

    Minorities groups said they would now take the case to the United Nations Human Rights Committee, arguing the ruling meant the Netherlands had failed to protect ethnic minorities from discrimination.

    "The acquittal means that the right of minorities to remain free of hate speech has been breached. We are going to claim our rights at the U.N.," said Mohamed Rabbae of the National Council for Moroccans.

    Wilders, who has received numerous death threats and has to live under 24-hour guard, argued that he was exercising his right to freedom of speech when criticizing Islam.

    The Amsterdam court had used a Supreme Court ruling — that an offensive statement about someone's religion was not a criminal offence — as the basis of its decision, leading to acquittal, the judge said.

    Unusually, the prosecution team had also asked for an acquittal, arguing that politicians have the right to comment on problem issues and that Wilders was not trying to foment violence or division.

    "I think it is good that he has been acquitted," said Elsbeth Kalff, an 83-year-old retired sociologist in Amsterdam.

    "He has been told that he has been rude and offensive but it is on the border of what the criminal law allows. It is good, the Netherlands is, after all, a tolerant country and we should keep it that way."

  • Texas Patriot

    Wilders makes the very simple point that the ideology of Islam is incompatible with Western ideas of (a) freedom of speech, (b) freedom of religion, and (c) equal rights and that makes him very controversial in some quarters. But in fact he is not saying anything that Muslim clerics were not saying themselves 200 years ago when they realized very clearly that America and Islam were totally incompatible. Rudyard Kipling said it best: "East is East, and West is West, and never the twain shall meet." Under these circumstances, trying to import Islamic values to the West makes about as much sense as trying to export American values to the East.

    • Mary Sue

      Yeah Kipling had some up front experience living in the East, so he'd know even back then what was what.

  • AdinaK

    Lessons learned: When one stands for everything one stands for nothing. If ones core principles are anchored in nothing, then most will catch on in time.
    The point being, many are frightened when outright thievery takes place – and by the leadership! So, the fact that Islamists are over running Europe makes the issues stand out even starker.
    As to the US, here are some parallels –


    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

  • Texas Patriot

    Kipling would probably say that Zionism is the craziest idea in the history of the world. But maybe he was wrong. If God's original intent was to give Israel all the lands between the Nile and the Euphrates, who's to say that's not a good idea? Maybe it's God's plan to have the children of Sarah as a permanent buffer between the perpetually warring children of Hagar. It makes a lot of sense, really.

    • rudi

      Even the Quran says the Land Israel belongs to the Jews!

      But if you ask an muslim he never read it or if he read it they say the jews today are not the old jews,ok there are vey few who say its the Land of the jews.

  • Cathy


    “A Few Minutes To Twelve”: Wilders Warns
    February 18, 2013

  • Mladen Andrijasevic

    Geert Wilders’s interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

  • alwaysonwatch

    Better late than never that Europe is waking up!

    • Mary Sue

      I think because some people in Holland have finally figured out that Islam is a threat to their Gay Marriage and such.

      • rudi

        yes but perhaps they had enough of beatings,rapings,stabbings,killings,drug dealers,loverboys(the made even 11 year olg girls to prostitutes!",and paying for immigrants(you know in middle and north europe you became much money for nothing specially when you have some kids-sometimes more if you go to work!)who hate the western cutlure.