Genocidal Muslim Country Warns of Genocide if Europe Doesn’t Accept Muslims

Turkey not only committed genocide against Christians, but it still lies about it and locks up its citizens who even mention the genocide. It’s also violently anti-semitic underits current Islamist government.

So that means the time is right for its government to hypocritically warn Europe that the failure to accept Muslim immigrants could lead to another Holocaust.

European countries will face new humanitarian tragedies leading to mass killings of people if they continue in their failure to embrace tolerance toward different cultures and religions, President Abdullah Gül has warned.

“Islam and migrants have been a reality in Europe for centuries. As long as the continent of Europe doesn’t approach segments which are different from the majority with tolerance, particularly in regards to religion, an occurrence of new inquisitions and Holocausts, as well as incidents evoking Srebrenica, are probable,” Gül said yesterday.

No doubt Turkey could be a model of tolerance for Europe.

Turkey has huge numbers of Kurdish political prisoners, some locked up for merely speaking their language or singing nationalistic songs.

Turkey not only refuses to acknowledge its Armenian genocide, but Erdogan, its thuggish Islamist leader, threatened Armenians with ethnic cleansing if they keep complaining about it.

And oh yes… Turkey has been carrying out surveillance of its Jewish community.

Racism and a lack of tolerance of different cultures and lifestyles are some of the chronic diseases in Western societies, Gül said, drawing attention to the increase in support for political parties which portray migrants as the main reason for societal problems in European countries such as safety, unemployment, crime and poverty.

Speaking of racism, the Afro-Turks, the descendants of African slaves from the Ottoman Empire, are routinely discriminated against and referred to as Arabs. (That tells you something about the affection that Turks have for Arabs and their notion of whiteness.)

“Ninety percent of the Afro-Turks are poor, with little education. Most of the men have no job, and of course nor do the women.”

And when it comes to its treatment of African migrants, Turkey isn’t doing so well either.

The scholar also said North Africans and Sub-Saharan Africans were subjected to differing degrees of discrimination in Turkey.

“There are substantial differences among the two groups: North Africans are Arab in culture and mostly Muslim, whereas Sub-Saharans are not Arab in culture and are mostly Christian,” he said, adding that the first group was subject to less discrimination from Turkish society.

Islam is an important “bridge” Africans use to penetrate Turkish society, although it does not completely negate the race factor, Şaul said. “Black skin marks people out, and it socially affects their lives very negatively.”

Many, however, remember the death of Nigerian migrant Festus Okey, who was shot and killed at Beyoğlu police station on Aug. 20, 2007. There is much controversy over the circumstances of Okey’s death, although authorities have established that the bullet that killed the man came from a police gun.

But let’s hear more from President Gul about racism being a European disease.

“When politics begins ‘otherizing’ a segment, then we see the alienation of migrants and minorities from the country in which they live and from the society in which they live as an inevitable consequence.”

Gul blathers about Otherizing, but it’s Erdogan who urged Turks in Germany not to assimilate and to remain Turks. You can’t colonize another country with settlers and then complain that you’re being otherizing when you’re otherizing yourself as part of a nationalistic and theocratic program of conquest.

  • john spielman

    The utter GALL of Abdullah Gull! What supreme hypocrisy. We must demad that a Jewish synoque and Christian church be opend in Mecca immediately, or else all muslims be forcefully deported from the west.

    • AdinaK

      In fact, if Muslim leaders understand that the west is no longer supine, then their outlandish comments would fall on deaf ears. In fact, here is more than food for thought re Erdogan's Islamist Turkey and his out-sized gall –

      As to Jews building synagogues in Mecca, Christians churches too, well, this process may be best –

      He/they behave as such because the citizens allow it!! The west's leadership is bowed…forget about them.

      Adina Kutnicki, Israel

      • Cassandra

        Adina you are so right but so many people unfortunately do not see this and they think by bowing the Muslim will befriend them. Wrong. They would love to get rid of all unbelievers or make them into dhimmis. Even the moderate one.I hope the EU will never let the Turks in . Europe is already in a hot spot Muslim wise and if the Turkish hordes descent on Europe, Europe id dead.

  • Drakken

    Obviously this turk knows a little history and thinks that he can throw it in the Europeans face, well the muslims in Europe have worn out their welcome and if he thinks that that Europeans can be cowed into accepting millions of more muslims, he is about to have a very rude awaking. European patience can only be pushed so far before the muslims release that inner nationalist, and when it does, and make no mistake it will, the Balkans on steroids are about to be unleashed on these savages. The Europeans are sick and tired of their women being raped, assaulted in the streets, killed for being an infidel.The arrogance of these muslims offends the sensibilities because they have taken our openeness and kindness and have throw it in our faces and laughed at our weakness.Go to any European city and ask a native what they think of the muslims in their midst, the hate and resentment well hidden before, is now coming to the surface in regards to these savages.The days of accepting diversity and multiculturalism are coming to an end, muslim, be warned.

    • gee59

      Au contraire mon ami – he is not uneducated at all. He believes that the rest of the world is and is attempting to confuse the facts with his inventions. This is typical of the fascists.

      • Drakken

        The muslims are not fascist, they are religious supremist with deep arab orgins who think us Europeans/Americans infidels are beneath them and hold us with utter contempt and hatred, especially our women who the savages think can take anytime it suits them.

  • Passer by

    It is rearly mentioned that Turkey does not give asylum to Africans and Asians (including Arabs), only to Europeans. There is a turkish law that says that only refugees from Europe are acceptable, all other refugees are with temporary status.

  • Jason

    The muslim religion is a peaceful religion and anyone that doesn't believe that must be killed. This is what we have to contend with in the future unless we take action against these savages. It seems we are all sitting back and tolerating what muslims say and do. Why?

    • Mary Sue

      because of the "peace at all costs (including the cost of freedom)" crowd.

  • Toni_Pereira

    And now, for something completely unrelated, i just remembered what happened when Inter Milan played a phew years ago against Fenerbache(a turkish soccer team) :

  • HAHA

    ah u guys are scared. 4 millions turks have already passed vienna, austriua reaching into germany itself. 5 millions moors have passed tours and settled france itself. sorry once again who really won in vienna an tours. lol i wonder you it feels to be white where most ppl are old and dying no one wants to have kids or even get married. the future is clear. young muslim old europeons. hooray. finally africans and asians are reverse colonising europe after 500 years of clonialism, latinos are colonising USA after many years of being on the receiving in. KARMA. LOL

    • Toni_Pereira

      "austriua" "clonialism" "europeons"…you sure write like a chimpanzee. If you are looking for peanuts you won't find it here..

    • Drakken

      You savages are about to feel our wrath and when you do, there will be no quarter nor mercy.

      • gee59

        My friend – I wish you the most success but am afraid that history is indeed on his moronic side. Europe will appease when it should be firm.

        They demand Israel appeases the fascists when confronted with Islamic xenophobia, they too have done the same.

        • Drakken

          It is always darkest before the dawn my friend gee, but once the proverbial shot heard around the world is heard, there won't be a place in the west that a muslim won't be an endangered species, remember our old ancient roots, war is in our DNA and once that dragon is let out of its cage, there will be no putting back in again.

          • Passenger

            hi. I'm a Lebanese Christian. The country became a third world country when muslim population outnumbered christian one. We now have large numbers of radicals who live in their heads back in 600 A.D . Learn from our experience and don't let this happen to beautiful Europe.

  • F.K. Juliano

    Turkey is a pet peeve of mine, or more precisely the notion that in Turkey one sees the proof that Islam and democratic values are compatible. Turkey is, if anything, worse than other Muslim countries–more cynical, more arrogant, more brutal. As Daniel Greenfield points out Turkey is a genocidal country, and that's true of Turkey in much more real sense than of Germany. As horrific as the Holocaust was, at least the post-Nazi government has admitted the nation's guilt and paid compensation. In Turkey, by contrast, there was never a break with the past. Turkey denies or justifies the genocide it committed and refuses to consider any form of compensation or apology, which makes present-day Turks complicit.

    Kudos to Daniel Greenfield for once again writing about an issue even other anti-Jihadists missed.

    • Raymond in DC

      Back in high school we learned that classic of Greek logic, "All men are mortal. Socrates is a man. Therefore Socrates is mortal." An Islamic variant, courtesy of Turkey's Erdogan a few years back, went something like this: "Muslims don't commit genocide. [Sudan's] Al-Bashir is a Muslim. Therefore Al-Bashir couldn't be guilty of genocide." While the Greek example starts with a premise all accept as true, the Islamic example starts with an assertion most recognize as false.

      Such "logic" partly explains not only their refusal to recognize the Turkish genocide against the Armenians, but the present day welcome mat they put out to Hamas and Sudanese war criminals. (The other part is the deeply held belief that whatever they did is consistent with Islamic tradition and law, thus they have nothing to apologize for.)

  • Gcbc

    He has so many political prisoners in Turkey. Turks that I know are making plans to leave. Turkey is becoming more Islamizized all the time. There is persecution of minorities increasing in Turkey and yet he threatens Europeans who already suffer from the violence and abuse of the Muslim immigrants they've already accepted. The Muslims need to be refused entry to the West unless they are non-Muslims. Muslims are creating ghettos of their own choice, they are making these areas ghettos all by themselves. They usually get welfare because they quite often lie about their own finances. Taking from the WEST is something is to be very proud of. We should start deporting any Muslim who causes trouble right away, with as little fuss as possible. One chance only. This from Turkey is a threat and unless it is met by a very negative reaction from the governments of Europe,it will only get worse. Time for Europe's politicians to get rid of the wimpy EU parliament, which is destroying Europe and take immediate action.

  • tarasbalderdash

    We need to do everything in our power to move Turkey back to the path that Kemal Ataturk put her on (and yes, I know that isn't going to deal with the Armenian genocide). Without a move back to Ataturk's secular democracy Turkey will almost inevitably end up going to war with Russia and potentially other European powers.

    • Drakken

      The Russians would deal with them in a typical Russian manner and I say let them have at it. Your not going to change the turks from islam unless every mosque is burnt to the ground and every imam is hanging from a lampost.

    • Dav

      What do you think the path of Ataturk was? The truth is, his claims of peace in the world are pure lies. He fought international law and encouraged extreme, blinding nationalism (Which runs Turkey today). He is responsible for making many more Greeks, Armenians, Assyrians and Kurds leave their homeland and building a homogenus state of just turks. This is not secularism, it is the opposite. What he did was ensure the Ottoman Empire continued under a different name. He taught facism and supremicism in a way that went un-noticed.

      Before there was Hitler, there was Ataturk.

    • Cassandra

      Forget Ataturk. The Turks are moving quickly toward Islamization of their country. I went there several times. In the 80th I did not see many women with scarves but recently you see a lot more. Same in the EU. To me this is the thermometer for the rise of Islam.

    • Soul of Genocide

      You don't what Ataturk did for Armenian…?
      he was another Criminal…
      he killed more Armenians…
      You need to read more

      • Halil Demir

        If Ataturk's ideaology is so racist, why is it that the head of the CHP party (the main party which is working to get rid of the ruleing AKP party) an Alevi Kurd named Kemal Kilicdaroglu? Look up Kemal Kilicdaroglu and his ethnicity, clown.

  • Texas Patriot

    There is only one solution to the problem of Muslims immigrating into Europe: forced deportation as a result of entry based on false pretenses. Any good Muslim will freely admit that the Koran requires all Muslims to fight non-Muslims until sharia law is imposed on the entire world. How many countries knew that when they allowed Muslims into their country? Very few, I would imagine. So now that we know the truth about the warlike propensities of Islam, it's time to set the record straight. Those Muslims who do not wish to renounce Islam but rather wish to continue in the faith of Muhammad should be allowed to leave peacefully and go to a country were violent overthrow of the government is permitted. Since violent overthrow of the government is not permitted in most Western nations, it only stands to reason that those who do not wish to renounce a religion that requires perpetual war against non-Muslims should not be allowed to stay. It's not that complicated, really.

    • keith

      Imagine?? Apparently that's all you do since you clearly do not know anything about the Qur'an or Sharia and only espouse the false attributes they've been given by bigots. Do some research and you'll be able to separate the ignorant Qutbists from real Muslims the same way we know that Westboro Baptist Church does not represent all Christians.

  • deborah

    Turks murdered one million plus Armenians and are busily trying to kill off Kurds– Turkey Ambassador Gul has lots of gall. (nerve). Bring back Ataturk- the Turkish people loved him so

    • Soul from Genocide

      President Gul's grandmother is Armenian …One of Turkish MP said …and the Journalist write …he put the journalist in jail for 8 months…!!!

  • Jason

    Why is Obama going out of his way and kissing Turkish ass ? He forced Israel to apologize for the Mavi Marmara affair where 9 Turkish terrorists were killed by the IDF ? Turkish PM Erdogan called Zionism as a racist ideology and Obama said nothing !!

  • sam

    If conditions were so good in Turkey, why so many of them emigrate to Christian Europe?

  • Soul from Genocide

    Turks are "Not Muslims" …All educated Muslim Arabs agree…since they entered Arabia killed their poets many and many…They entered Baghdad and ended Golden Islamic Era by throwing books in the rivers…!
    When the poet, Assad Rustom, who lived in Washington, USA, heard that his friends were hanged, he wrote the famous poem, sharply criticizing, insulting Jamal the butcher:
    The Sons of Turks You are Never Muslims
    ““Jamal——Sir! Your name means beauty But you’’re awfully ugly Your tongue and palms are fully dirty. You are senseless, criminal, full of sins You have no spirit, no clean soul, Deficient of manhood humanity.”” ~~~~~~~~
    The Syrian poet, Nasseb Areedah (1888-1940): Living in America wrote his untitled poem:
    ““Coffin his body Bury his soul In the deepest grave Don’’t feel sorry Don’’t lament Who is disloyal Remain soulless dead Can never wake up to feel Yet to regret.”
    The poet, Khayr-eldeen Al-Zarkali, wrote his titled poem:
    The Arabs and the Turks
    ““Those Turks the grandsons of Genghis Khan. Took young Arabs pushed them to a slave bazaar. Promised statements changed abruptly, Acting exactly the opposite for those held in custody Torturing, humiliating, insulting the braves. Yet on what they swore, pretending agreed. They are dishonest, soulless, enjoy greed.”” ~~~~~~~~ The Lebanese poet, Fuad Al-Khateeb (1880-1957), wrote his untitled poem, blaming the Turks,
    ““You Turks harmed our people in their joints so hard Till swords blade awoke to vengeance sharply shard.”” ~~~~~~~~~
    The Armenians helped Jamal the so-called alsaffah (the butcher) to reach high rank in the Ottoman Empire-Astana. Later he betrayed not only the Armenians but also the entire nationalists of the Middle East. He started killing them from the Anatolian Mountains reaching Yemen including the holy land of Muslims, the Arabia.
    Ref: from the book, A Poetic Soul Shined of Genocides (2008) by the author. The above poems are translated from Arabic to English by Dr. Sylva Portoian and Daniel Janoyan from the poetry book published in Syria written
    by famous Arab poets during five hundred years of Seljuk-Ottoman invasion.
    The Image of Turks by Recent Arabic Poetry (1870-1920)
    By Naeem Al-Yaffi & Maher Al-Munjid

  • Soul from Genocide

    ““Whoever Is A Killer Cannot Act As A Lawyer””
    Before a new generation of Ottomans attacks others
    Let it first recognize the Armenian Genocide.
    Anatolia is full of ’’Smashed Armenian Skulls’’
    Still weeping coagulated blood by slayers’’ hands.
    Let them trace their DNA back to Seljuk-Satanic genes
    The links are there . . . . No-one can wipe them out.
    Their genes seem to be carried to their cohorts.
    These soulless people ignore their grandfathers’’ crimes
    Even after they annihilated almost two-thirds of Armenians from their ancient land,
    Taking everything from a clever dedicated nation Which had worked hard for everything it had,
    Now the slayers’’ new-trained soldiers have Started killing innocent Kurds.
    They possess special genes to slay . . . ““Slaying Gene””
    Today, Turkey’’s driving aids Defending Gaza from Israeli’’s raids.
    How many innocent Iraqis are killed since four decades?
    No one cares. Why don’’t they help their neighbor
    Before giving help to those that practice unethical trade
    And help strengthen their Air force?
    They disregard opinions of Arabs
    Lending them their fabricated films
    To gain commerce hence affluence
    They think they are cleverer than others!
    In their opinion, Arabs don’’t deserve
    To lead a luxurious life.
    When they meet veiled Muslim Arab females
    They never behave with respect but push them away
    As if, they were wild animals or criminals
    As if, they were not human beings.
    I heard these stories from every Arab woman
    Who visited their land . . .
    They never want to go back!
    Their history is full of snatched cities like Iskenderun, Istanbul . . .
    Not to forget . . . converting cathedrals such as Ayasofia* to a Royal Palace to Mosque and later a Museum.
    Arabs saved Armenians from massacres After the Turks threw Armenians in rivers, forcing Mothers to march under red-sun Striving to protect their emaciated children from the searing rays. Armenians were starved . . . bones left in heaps; Still seen in Der-Zor in the open air, under blue skies!
    Can we ask the new-Ottomans Who hanged poets and literate Arabs (Lebanese, Syrians and Palestinians) on August 21, 1915 and May 6, 1916 In two city-squares: El-Burj in Beirut and Al-Marjah In Damascus**,
    Wasn’’t he Jamal alsaffah (The Butcher) Who genocided our minds, hearts, lands
    Raped and killed our virgin girls . . .
    Followed our orphans even after leaving Anatolia to Arab lands to slay them till graves?

    ““Whoever is a killer cannot act as a lawyer””
    This is unfair for human rights;
    The United Nation knows this . . .
    Of course the Christian English Parliament
    And both the Democratic and Republican senators of United States
    Still turn endless blind eyes—
    Not returning President Wilson’’s signed Armenian Territorial Map of 22, November 1920. They try to convince the Armenian government To open up their false borders, designed by them Under forced Turkish inhumanitarian demands
    To return Artzakh (Karabakh) A holy Armenian ‘‘Switzerland’’ To the nastiest invaders, like a piece of cake That was gifted to them by another tyrant—— Stalin the cruel insane . . . tutor of criminals.
    June 1, 2010
    *Ayasofya: Haghia Sophia: In Greek means ““holy wisdom””; was built as a church (AD 532-537), then rebuilt as a cathedral; former patriarchal basilica with the largest dome (1238-1263); Sultan Mahomet II claimed it to be his own royal building (1453), which later was changed to a mosque (1461), eventually to a museum (1964), located in Istanbul (Constantinople). Ayasofia’’s picture is always advertise on brochures and TVs as if it has been constructed by them and belongs to them, the Turks. ““They seize and proudly show to the world their illegal gain!”

  • Soul from Genocide

    Turks destroyed 2600 churches, monasteries in Turkey which was Armenian land…Now they are building "Turkish Mosques" I will call Turkish Mosques not islamic…in USA and Europe…The design is different …Because real muslim did not kill Armenians …Arabs accepted Armenians in their land and gave them Nationalities after genocide…Please differentiate between "Arab Muslims" and Turkish Muslims…Turks pretend they are muslims…They don't know what is written in Quran…Quran says don't kill women and children…But Turks killed because in their cruel culture they can kill and be proud to slay abdomen of pregnant ladies…to guess the Unknown Sex…!!!

  • Roy

    I wish that they try attempt to a War with Russia , they will feel the damnation of Russian power and let Armenia take Azerbayjan as their ancestory land ,so all Turks will be pushed back to Mongolia where they belong.

  • guest
  • guest
  • Microbe_Hunter

    Whenever I listen to good music I remember Indonesia in 1966 when they had one of their jihads…..and I remember ISLAM DOESN’T ALLOW MUSIC!

    Infidel FOREVER !!!

  • slash345

    Lol europe is utterly retarded for letting this savages in their country.

    How suicidal can you be? They are using your empathy and your immigration policies to invade and conquer you idiots.

    Eurabia is a reality because europeans are weak. You deserve to go extinct. Morons.

    • Darren Doomin

      Obviously as you are on this page you see the threat of Islam in your own country – moron.
      Muslims are attempting a GLOBAL take-over – not just Europe. Europe is just the beginning as it’s attached to the middle-east region so it’s easier.
      The US and Australia ain’t safe though with the amount of “immigrant” breeding going on.

      It’s been planned in their mosques and we just yawn and bury our heads in the sand. In the years to come they will be burying the rest of our bodies too – as it’s inevitable that when THEIR numbers are great enough this “holocaust” WILL happen. Against the kuffar.

  • Nicholas Bodine

    Does it strike anyone as funny how it is always the West, in particular the United States that has to be “tolerant” of other cultures? And it’s people like Turkey who tell us to be tolerant of other cultures, and then they turn around and oppress others? Muticulturalism apparently only applies to the West. Meanwhile, Europe is overrun by violent barbarians in the name of peace and “tolerance. “Unfortunately, the United States of America is next, being the vanguard of the West makes it a target for anti-Western zealots like in Europe and the Middle East. And with an administration currently hell bent on bending over for our enemies, the situation will get worse.

  • MontanaMel

    Perhaps this is why we raise more PIGS in NORTHAMERICA than any place else? That includes Canada and Mexico…
    AND…there are many, many, millions of DOGS in our countries as well…
    Remember, your doggy has to eat too — and, he could care less if it’s long pig with some ARAB flavors, eh?.. Just remember to dip everything in pigs blood soonest.

  • peter

    dont ever trust a turk..

  • Spartanzz

    A holocaust is coming that holocaust will be towards muslims, all of them. They think they’re a Japan in the run up to WW2, all they’ll do is awaken a sleeping giant and by the time the radioactive dust settles, muslims will be an edangered species.

    Your time is coming

  • Bob Dunford

    does any country want fighting on their streets, as they have promised,if they start how will we know untill the first suicide bomb goes off ,will it be in one of our schools killing hundreds of our children,in our shopping centres killing all of our familys .how will we know,untill we hear the bang ,is it not better to look at this, how we see it,deport them all, watch our borders, let no more in,then we will save our family and children only then ,some might be inocent but should we live in fear,