George Soros Convenes Criminals to Advise De Blasio on Not Fighting Crime

Welcome to the new New York where George Soros finances a group of criminals to demand that cops leave them alone.

A group of 50 ex-cons, junkies and chronic vagrants gathered at a Manhattan “Think Tank” Thursday to describe what they thought the NYPD should be doing to make their lives easier.

The felonious forum outlined a clear “get-soft-on-crime” vision.

“I like the idea of ending stop and frisk. That was the first thing that was totally there for me,” opined Mikell Green-Grand, a 49-year-old former jailbird who has convictions for grand larceny and identity theft.

Arthur Castillo, 38 — who has been convicted for possessing stolen property and assault — said he would be much obliged if the cops just left him alone to do his thing.

“Cops won’t leave us alone!” he said. “Newly released prisoners are watched by the police and a lot of us don’t feel we have an opportunity to readapt to normal life because we are treated as criminals even though we are free.”

The event, which was held in Morningside Heights, was hosted by an advisory group called Talking Transitions, run by liberal billionaire investment magnate George Soros.

The goal was to offer de Blasio tips on “policing, corrections, parole policies and more.”

Since Talking Transitions is actually advising de Blasio during his preparations for assuming office, the opinions posited by the panel of crooks and deadbeats will be relayed to him and could have real policy effects.

“Bloomberg forgot about all of us. I’m hoping DeBlasio remembers us,” said Gregorio “Koko” Cruz, 63, who was convicted of first degree manslaughter, robbery, kidnapping and criminal possession of a weapon.

“After 12 years of Bloomberg, it’s time for a change,” the thief Green-Grand added.

Castillo, of Bayside, Queens, called for de Blasio to both “redistribute” the wealth and pay what is, in effect, protection money.

“A lot of money is spent on the prison system — it should be used to cultivate prisoners lives,” he opined. “The money should be redistributed to help those who want to change while they are incarcerated.”

DeBlasio/Castillo 2016. When you’re ready to get serious about your social justice.

  • VHG1

    A man so vile, so disgusting, a rattle snake wouldn’t bite him!

  • UCSPanther

    New Yorkers deserve what they get for electing this idiot.

    • tickletik

      Nobody deserves this. I’ll tell you something man, people don’t learn from these kinds of mistakes, because this is a mistake of cowardice. A guy like de Blasio makes people weaker, more fearful, more frightened. And so they will cling to him even harder. Look at the neighborhoods that voted for him, yeah, they are “minorities”, but they are also fatherless homes. Men who expect their women to throw them out of the house with the aid of the courts, women who have only the state to protect them, boys who grow up hearing from their mothers that black men are disposable. These are frightened people choosing to empower the State because that is all they know.

      This isn’t about brains, it’s about fear. I wish the black folk were selfish, I really do. Then they would demand the right to guns, to enforce private property laws, they would demand the State to stay home because they would take care of their own problems.

      They are right to demand stop and frisk laws be removed, but they don’t realize that has to be replaced with strong 2nd amendment rules.

  • Drakken

    Let New York burn! They bloody well deserve it, business and finance are already ahead of the learning curve and have contingency operations in place to completely move their operations elsewhere, hint, it is really warm where they are going and they are not waiting for lawyers to make it happen.

  • antioli

    Any truth to the claim that the Grand Dragon of the KKK is going to give De Blasio a Medal for planning to restore murders of Blacks in NYC by eliminating Stop and Frisk? What about the war on Orthodox Jews which he will do nothing about?
    Is there a Hitler medal in it for him???