Germany’s Left Party Wants 100% Tax on Income Over $680,000

Hey class warriors, Germany’s Linkspartei aka The Left, has just raised the bar for calling for tax hikes on the rich. Hollande may have pushed for a 75% tax that was struck down and Obama has been yammering endlessly about making “the rich” pay for his crony capitalist programs for the truly rich, but it takes a bunch of lefties from the ancestral home of Communism to really bring on the class war.

Germany’s socialist Left party want a 100 percent tax on anyone earning over €500,000 and will be including the policy in their general election campaign platform, a newspaper reported on Friday.

“We are suggesting that no-one should earn over 40 times the societal minimum,” said The Left’s co-leader Katja Kipping in the party’s draft election platform, which was seen by regional newspaper the Mitteldeutsche Zeitung.

The party paper said the total tax on those taking home over €40,000 per month would be used to fund social welfare and investing in the country’s future.

“Explosive inequality is threatening democracy,” said co-leader Bernd Riexinger. “I call capping income at half a million euros a democracy tax.”

500,000 Euros is about $682,150 and passing it would be a great way to completely eliminate Germany’s robust financial sector, which is usually the plan for these gimmicks which are less about raising revenue and more about destroying capitalism.

Naturally The Left, which still has pictures of Stalin inside their wallets, would know all about democracy. And that’s not an exaggeration. No, really.

Ragnar Lüttke, a leader of The Left, got into trouble for photos showing him at a birthday celebration for Stalin. So yes, the Left is exactly what you think it is.

  • tagalog

    When the state takes all of what you make over a given amount, I wouldn't exactly call that "democracy." I'd call it "authoritarian" in addition to "arbitrary" and "capricious."

    Of course, consider that this is the GERMAN conception of "democracy."

  • Edward Cline

    I've always questioned the cognitive powers of anyone who subscribes to socialist, communist, and other collectivist ideas, whether or not they're in an official Party. It would indicate a deliberate abdication of one's mind in favor of whatever malign emotion governs a person's actions and outlook, particularly when it comes to capitalism. Call it volitional political autism, aggravated by an epistemological dyslexia when it comes to facts and observable reality. Reality will be what such a person wishes it to be. Capitalism will be eliminated, but there will still be oom-papa bands and beer gardens and plentifully stocked shelves in stores and dances around Maypoles. The poverty of the old East Germany and the flourishing of West Berlin and West Germany were not lessons lost on these bedazzled Linkspartei honchos. They're incapable of learning lessons because of their cognitive disabilities. (One could also say the same things, more or less, about France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and other European paradises.

  • Questions

    Do Germany's egalitarian class warriors want their people to be equally poor or unequally rich? Most people (like me) would opt for the latter. Apparently, these misguided advocates of "democracy" have other ideas.

    Even talk of total confiscation of income beyond a certain level sends a bad signal. Keep in mind that Germany already is doing the heavy lifting for the 17 Eurozone nations. Most Germans by now are rather weary of covering losses of the Greeks, the Spanish and other "Club Med" EU countries. Hopefully, Chancellor Merkel can put the kibosh on this tyrannical proposal.

  • JacksonPearson

    Doesn't matter where (here), or which country in the world (there). But when politicians see a big pile of cash, no matter who owns it, or how they earned it, they go nuts figuring out how to democratize it to get their paws on it. The major flaw in any democracy is, when the have-nots, can vote themselves monies from the haves.

  • SoCalMike

    Parasites like this law maker and Obama are "threatening democracy" with their poisonous gospel of envy and incessant plunder.
    Our guys never respond to this with any kind of force.
    Like good pets who know their place they just sit and eat it.

  • @paulvmarks

    It would hit a lot more than the "robust financial sector" (actually German banks are a mess anyway – same as in most places). it would also destroy the family owned manufacturing enterprises, the backbone of the German economy.

    That is, of course, exactly what the Communists (sorry the "Progressives") wish to do.

    Destroying the family owned business enterprises (removing real owners from the system) is a desire the far left shares with Warren Buffett (of all people) he went to Germany to push for inheritance tax to be applied to such enterprises – for the same reason that people him support inheritance tax in the United States (to destroy family owned business enteprises – to push people into "selling out" so that they can leave their children a trust fund instead of a, taxed to bits, business).

  • Mary Sue

    That'll only work for ONE YEAR. After that, they'll conspicuously find themselves out of other people's money to spend as anyone making more than that GTFO's from Germany.

    But hopefully the German people aren't so daft as to think that someone can live on 0 Euros a year even if what they were originally bringing in was over their upper limit.

  • @karita_feliz

    That's pathetic, they're getting desperate already haha.
    Die Linke (The Left) is a dying party in Germany. They've been kicked out consecutively from the Parliaments of North Rhine-Westphalia, Schleswig-Holstein and most recently Lower Saxony.
    (They failed to get the 5% threshold required to get into parliament)

    And yes they're Communists, they're the remnant of the ruling party in the defunct East Germany