Giffords Anti-Gun Super PAC Removes “Americans” from its Name


The Super PAC set up for ex-Congresswoman and professional martyr Gabrielle Giffords by a sleazy Texas hurricane lawyer is now dumping the American part of its name.

Originally known as Americans for Responsible Solutions, in line with Obama’s big talking point, the multimillion dollar Super PAC is now known as “Rights and Responsibilities”.

The name sharpens its attack on the Second Amendment by emphasizing that rights are limited by responsibilities. This false dichotomy, as usual, obscures the fact that the war against the Second Amendment isn’t about responsible gun ownership. It’s about outlawing gun ownership stage by stage under the guise of responsible solutions.

Giffords has begun dumping her campaign cash into the Super PAC and donating it to “conservative” senators who come out for limiting the Second Amendment in line with the anti-2nd agenda.

The first donations will be to Sen. Pat Toomey (R-Pa.), who along with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) worked on the bipartisan gun control measure, which did not clear the Senate.

Giffords’ congressional campaign also gave money to Manchin a few months ago. Other donations will go to Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Sen. Kay Hagan (D-N.C.), both of whom supported the measure. Hagan is facing a tough fight for reelection in 2014.

The Giffords gang is trying to seem more moderate than the Bloomberg approach which backfired badly. Bloomberg may have unintentionally done pro-2nd amendment groups a big favor with his arrogant overreach of power.

Gabrielle Giffords, or whoever is really running the show, is sticking to a more subtle approach. Meanwhile her creepy husband has set up Veterans for Responsible Solutions as a sister group.

Kelly is taking point on the initiative as a veteran himself. The former astronaut is a retired Navy captain, becoming a combat veteran as a military aviator. “I’ve been shot at” while flying, Kelly told reporters on a conference call organized to promote the initiative.

That was in Desert Storm… where apparently he had a near-death experiences.

Then, Kelly spoke vividly of his career as both a navy pilot and astronaut, ranging from near death experiences in Desert Storm to the dangers of traveling into space.

Don’t forget the incredible dangers of building an entire industry around your wife because a crazy person shot her.


    It’s fitting that they removed “Americans” from their name since real Americans respect the right to keep and bear arms.

  • A Z

    When you enter the military they tell you all your rights have been taken away.

    They say they are given back as privileges if you superiors decide that you have earned them. Then they go on a long spiel about rights and responsibilities.

    Gifford’s husband is a graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy. He probably heard that spiel. He probably came up with the ideal or at least readily agreed to it, because he was comfortable with it.

    For unit cohesion, unity of effort in the face of an enemy that might be okay.

    However when the American people enacted the Bill of Rights, there was no talk of “Mother may I” Do you really want to ask some politicians for the privilege to own a firearm or to defend yourself?

    Democrat President Woodrow Wilson (a university professor) was an out and out racist that segregated government. We fought the Civil War why? It took Republican President Eisenhower to desegregate the government.

    LBJ was a reprobate. He walked around Air Force one nude. Yes, he thought he was all that.

    Do you want your political betters (?) to decide if you have the privilege of enjoying the Bill of Rights

    • A Z

      What part of my comment was not true and therefore objectionable?

      Is the truth objectionable?

  • Racist

    “Hagan is facing a tough fight for reelection in 2014.”

    No, Hagan is facing the final 10 months of her Senate career if I have to spend the entire Early Voting period personally driving every non-Commie in NC to the polls and then spend the entire day on Election day dressed in “White Panther” gear intimidating old black ladies outside the polls in Durham, Chapel Hill, and Fayettnam!!! “I will let you know when I get up there”!!!

  • truebearing

    The Left is expert at turning victims into unassailable, unopposable moral authorities on gun control, civil rights, etc. They benefit from this strategy more by suppressing opposition than actually changing people’s minds. It’s yet another PC suppression tactic. It also induces an irrational guilt that can only be assuaged by donating to their phony causes.

    Does this mean we can select an aggrieved victim of Obamacare that can lead the fight to ban Obama, or a victim of Muslim violence that will help get Islam banned? We better get busy. There are hordes of victims to choose from.

  • Darc1

    A Navy Captain? Now I have another reason to hate Kelly.
    I hate officers, most of them are morons just like Kelly.

  • TazErase

    Putting Mark Kally in charge of an anti second amendment group is about as bad as giving kids a free cigarette sample in their Kellogg’s Special K cereal! He is such a hypocrite no one in their right mind would pay him any attention.

  • TexTopCat

    “Giffords, who became an advocate for gun-control issues after she was shot in the head at a public constituent event in January 2011. She suffered brain trauma and left Congress.”
    –The Morning Call, “Gabby Giffords giving to Sen. Pat Toomey over gun stance” 12/07/2013

    Well I guess that “brain trauma” is a requirement for gun control supporters.

  • Jack Swagger

    Hey Look! Scrambled Eggs and Ham!