Global Warming Orchestra Travels North to Play for Glacier


Tree Hugging is so 1980s. Get ready for Glacier Hugging. It’s cold and unpleasant and your tongue may end up stuck there.

I wonder what the carbon footprint of bringing an entire orchestra to a glacier looks like. But don’t ask any questions. It’s to bring “awareness” to the problem of people driving too many cars. And that entirely justifies transporting an orchestra to a glacier.

Fifty musicians trekked to Farnham Glacier in the Kootenays Saturday to perform for the glacier itself and express their grief about the melting of glaciers with the aptly titled composition Requiem for a Glacier.

The glacier reportedly thought that their violins were out of tune and the trombone was a little too much. Also it was hoping for something lighter. Maybe a little Gershwin.

“I felt it, as I was playing,” said violinist Gerda Crosthwaite, 74, of Kaslo. “It is farewell to a glacier, feeling sadness it will happen. We cannot stop it any more.”

I just opened my freezer and played the world’s smallest violin for a melting ice cube.

In addition to the choir and orchestra, another 50 people including sound technicians, mountain guides, film crew, “sherpas” to help carry instruments and technical gear, and drivers travelled the steep mountain road from Invermeer to the glaciers of the Jumbo Valley.

If only people would wake up and stop destroying the environment to play music to melting glaciers.
Victoria composer Paul Walde wrote Requiem for a Glacier to bring awareness to melting glaciers in general and particularly to the Jumbo and Farnham Glaciers.

The piece is in Latin like a traditional requiem, but the text is a translation of the B.C. government news release announcing the approval of the Jumbo Glacier Resort and its published chronology of the approval process.

Even imagining what that sounds like is torture.
Ajtony Csaba was a striking sight, conducting on the glacier wearing traditional concert-hall conductor’s garb. He is the director of the University of Victoria Symphony and the Central European Chamber Orchestra.
There was a time when this entire piece of insanity would have led to committal to a mental hospital.

  • tidegateguy

    For an encore they should compose a tune to see if they can stop the sea level from rising. They could call it: “Ode to King Canute”. Imagine how impressed they’ll be with themselves if the they perform this tune during the ebb tide.

  • Joseph

    Actually, the same process that created the Antarctic pole cap and the Artic Ice cap there is now in reverse….The air flow used to take clean water to the poles, but now it takes all the tainted water…stuff that really doesn’t freeze all that well…whatever is in the chemtrails ends up at the poles eventually….It gets carried there…..If you add “antifeeze” to the water it will not freeze…so in essence the people who want to draw attention to the “carbon footprint” ought to be looking at the massive chem trails being laid down on so many continents….not just cars….By govt standards aren’t cars more efficient, or is that too a lie? China has one massive “cloud cover” called ‘ozone’…it is pollution and it gets to the pole also….All this pollution acts like “antifreeze” up there….and then also, the outer planets are experiencing some odd stuff happening too so there is a combination of effects here….cosmic and manmade

    • OfficialPro

      ROFL Chemtrails? Dude stop reading pseudo scientific new age blog crap.

      • Joseph

        I have watched chemtrails being created over the skies of northern Washington state during hunting season…I have watched them in many places…you must be CIA

        • Mike

          Those Chemtrails, they always seem to be following jet aircraft around……………WE ARE DOOMED!!!!!

  • Gamal

    How heartwarming. Get it warming

  • DogmaelJones1

    Daniel, Daniel, you’re making this all up! No, you don’t need to make this stuff up. Loons do that hard work for you. Like this orchestra. I wonder if Paul Walde composed a dirge for the spotted owl, or a sprightly little number for the snail darter.

  • Infovoyeur

    (1) P.C. “mega-kindness” will apparently continue, as in this icewarming serenade…
    (2) 97% of the CEC (current expert consensus–not permanent amateur certainty) of climate scientists currently believe that things are warming. What to do about their misconception?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    “There was a time when this entire piece of insanity would have led to committal to a mental hospital.”

    But thanks to leftist cultural hegemony, these idiots will be presented in the media as heroes.

  • hiskid

    “I just opened my freezer and played the world’s smallest violin for a melting ice cube”. and with that I cracked up laughing….great wit, Daniel!

  • mn jim

    What was the carbon footprint of this orchestra to travel to the glacier? I get tired of the GW hypocrites, like Gore, who has a bigger carbon footprint than most cities.

    • John Timothy

      This is a good point, as long as we take into the equation the domino effect these projects have for causing good.
      Like with Jeff Lawton traveling around the world sharing permaculture as a solution to large scale oil dependency and showing how it can be done in any extreme. The amount of flights he’s taken to teach the thousands of students across the planet, I’m sure, has a cost… but like any economic exchange, it’s about what the returns are. Let’s wait and see what effects Gore’s efforts had on the North American cities global efforts before we say the carbon footprint of a city used by him wasn’t a good investment.

      If the follow through with this project keeps people thinking about how our current way of living is effecting us and the world around us, it could be worth it.

      I read all the musicians were local, so that’s extra points, as is the rideshare system they had set up. And if this took the place of a summer getaway for most of the musicians, it was a far better investment then each driving individually to go camping somewhere, wouldn’t you say?

      Your point is a valuable consideration the more people need to take into account though. I’m sure these projects could be accomplished with far less energy with enough creativity, and potentially accomplish more for that matter.

  • Roadmaster

    I couldn’t hear the tiny violin because I was laughing out loud. Is it on CD?

  • Sussex Girl

    Al Gore lives in a 10,000 sq.ft. home (alone since he and Tipper separated in 2010). Two adults live in my 885 sq.ft. home. I think my whole house must be the size of his master bathroom. Gore can retrofit all the windows and lighting and appliances he wants to get his Gold LEED certification; he still lives in a 10,000 sq.ft. home that uses a stinking lot of energy, no matter how green it is. He also owns a $9 million seaside villa in Santa Barbara. Guess he’s not too concerned about sea-level rise.

    If he really wants the average American to listen to him about carbon (we won’t anyway; I’m just saying if he wanted us to), he should sell the villa and the mega-mansion and move into a normal-sized house. It’s kinda the same with the orchestra on the glacier. Stay home and save the carbon instead of trying to impress us with the theatrics.