Gov Flags “Militia” Social Media Keywords, Ignores “Jihad”

Stop these dangerous terrorists before they drum again

Stop these dangerous terrorists before they drum again

Well we all know Jihad is just a form of spiritual struggle. Nothing dangerous about that at all. Not like those dangerous militias that overthrew the legitimately elected government of King George III.

Department of Homeland Security to release its list of “keywords” that are used to by its agents to monitor Twitter, Facebook and other social networking sites.

The list, including phrases, reveals which words you probably want to avoid or else risk being flagged and eyeballed as a possible terrorist or someone who is otherwise posing threats to the United States. Words included such innocuous terms as: “Militia,” “exercise,” “cops,” “national security” and “facility.” Interestingly and of note, “jihad” was not included, nor were the words “Middle East,” “Arab,” “Muslim,” “terrorist” or “pressure cooker.” Perhaps those are on a different DHS red flag list?

That would be the list of the White House visitor logs.

  • jeepwonder

    It seems pretty clear which side this administration wants to win.

    Oh, just for the people listening in. Here’s a list of words for you to flag.

    Tea Party.
    Freedom of speech.

    When might I expect an audit from the Cincinatti IRS office?

  • unionville

    DHS has become Obama’s own little compiler of “enemies” to his administration. When DHS has the temerity to call the Occupy Movement peaceful while putting Tea Party “extremists” on it for scrutiny it loses all credibility. It has become an excuse to keep an eye on ones political adversaries.

  • NJK

    DHS is the ones stockpiling hollow point bullets to kill Americans. They’ll let him do it too.