Michelle Obama Can’t Tweet after Government Shutdown of her 16 Assistants


The Government Shutdown isn’t just hard for ordinary people. It’s also tough for the folks on top. A contingency plan has been developed to allow Obama to go on functioning with only 1/4 of his 1,701 person staff.

And the effect is being felt even by Michelle Obama’s Twitter account.

Sure Michelle Obama could take time out from her busy schedule to Tweet once every two days (that’s her average) but due to the Government Shutdown somehow impacting some of her 16 assistants, her Twitter account will now be “limited”.

Maybe now she’ll only post once every four days.

The horror. The humanity.


Which of Michelle Obama’s 16 assistants were hit by the Government Shutdown?

Was it Chief of Staff for the First Lady Susan Sher ($172,200 a year) or Camille Y. Johnston, Director of Communications for the First Lady ($140,000 a year) or Melissa E. Winter, Deputy Chief of Staff to the First Lady ($102,000 a year).

Maybe it was Catherine M. Lelyveld, the First Lady’s Press Secretary or Erinn J Burnough, Deputy Social Secretary to the First Lady or Dana Lewis, Special Assistant to the First Lady.

Could it be Semonti M. Mustaphi, the First Lady’s Deputy Press Secretary, Tyler A Lechtenberg, Associate Director of Correspondence for the First Lady or maybe it was Deilia A. Jackson, Deputy Associate Director of Correspondence for the First Lady.

There’s no way to know. This list is from 2009. It’s entirely possible that Michelle Obama’s staff may have ballooned from 16 to 1600.

There may be Deputy Assistant Directors of Social Media Correspondence and Deputy Associate Chiefs of Staff for Social Media Updating with six figure salaries.

All we know is that someone in Marie Antoinette’s retinue was responsible for Tweeting links to press releases every two days and is no longer able to do that because of the government shutdown.

Of course since Michelle Obama’s Twitter account tweeted today to announce that it couldn’t Tweet, the situation probably won’t become urgent until Thursday.

But we finally have an answer to the question: How many assistants does it take to Tweet a link for Michelle Obama.

The answer: 16

You filthy Republicans. I hope you’re ashamed of yourselves.


  • Veracious_one

    my immature nephews tweet easily with no help at all…

    • Mary Curry

      She is too busy trying to figure out how to wipe her own butt, zip a zipper, get the elevator to go up and down, and tie her shoes.

  • PAthena

    Why are Michelle Obama’s assistants getting such large salaries?
    “Chief of Staff for the First Lady Susan Sher ($172,200 a year) or Camille Y. Johnston, Director of Communications for the First Lady ($140,000 a year) or Melissa E. Winter, Deputy Chief of Staff to the First Lady ($102,000 a year” The government could save a great deal of money by reducing such salaries to no more than $50,000 a year.

    • DogmaelJones1

      Better yet: Fire the butt-kissing parasites.

      • gawxxx

        my apologies to the parasites !

    • vulgar_imposter

      To be fair, could you please post the salaries of George W’s staff? I know you won’t. Because that would undermine your ridiculous argument. Conservatives are the worst kind of hypocrites there are.

      • Ambaja

        Michelle Obama has 16 paid staff which cost the American taxpayers $1,256,700.

        Laura Bush had 10 paid staff which cost the American taxpayers $764,900.

        A difference of $491,800. – See more at:

        It proves the argument; it certainly doesn’t undermine it, in the least.

        • Gee

          If they want a staff – they should be paying for it not the taxpayers

        • Mary Curry

          Barbara and Laura Bush paid for most of the staff themselves. What they did not pay for was the kitchen staff and other housekeeping staff.

      • A Willful Boy

        As a conservative, I was disappointed that your argument relied on a predecessor also being wasteful. I seem to recall conservatives, “the worst kind of hypocrites”, being pretty hard on GW as a big-gov RINO.

      • Mary Petra

        WHY DON’T YOU POST IT??????

  • Smoking Hamster

    This is one of the happiest days of my life.

    • objectivefactsmatter


  • DogmaelJones1

    The cloud of the government shutdown is rich with silver linings. This is one of them: Minnie the Moocher not flapping her gums in public.

  • http://theobservatorium.blogspot.com/ Nate

    Why do I hear the Hallelujah Chorus in the backgound?

  • Jared

    Sorry, she only needs ONE person to do all those jobs. They only need to work for five minutes a day and make one post. It should read, ” Can’t be bothered with doing this shit myself, too lazy. Now get on with it Cracker.”

  • Hass

    Hmm, I heard she might take to Twerking for now.

    • El Desdichado

      this is in EXTREMELY poor taste.
      As the only enlightened poster around this vile thread said earlier:
      “Conservatives are so f–ing stupid.” Amen. http://tinyurl.com/oshlhol

      • Hass

        Awwww…. How about you tell someone who gives a fuck?.

      • ziggy zoggy

        And you take it in the @$$. Moochelle the Wookie has the biggest d!€k in your hole.

  • C. O. Jones

    Just _how_ is it that the “First Lady” even has a staff at all, or for that matter, an office? “First Lady” is not an elected position, has no Constitutional place in the government, and no official duties.

    Rein in her double-wide butt!

    • Softly Bob

      Agreed. She is the Black Marie Antoinette and Imelda Marcos rolled into one.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Exactly! She uses Air Force One to jet set to every vacation spot in the world and we’re supposed to believe she does it for charitable and humanitarian reasons. Officially.

      She holds no office. She is a welfare hag using our tax dollars while she spits on us. “First Lady?” My dog has earned a better title.

      • Randy Witt

        What has she done as far as humanitarian reasons when it comes to her foreign vacations?Look back at previous first ladies.She has done nothing!

  • Ide-Clair

    As long as the media acts as a mouthpiece for this government, people will not know how bad it is. It will continue to get worse until America is unidentifiable.

  • vulgar_imposter

    Wow, Greenfield. This is top-notch journalism. Not at all petty. But I guess the mouth foaming zealots who reside here lap it up like unthinking dogs. Conservatives are so fucking stupid.

    • Teresa Pritchett

      We must be lapping it up kind of like you there hey? 2 posts from you don’t ya know there.Hey stupid Woof Woof

      • vulgar_imposter

        Huh? I can’t make heads or tails of what you wrote. Perhaps a grammar refresher would help.

        • Gee

          You could use one in logic for a change.

          Leftists are so fucking moronic

  • Gee

    Since the ‘First Lady’ has no official duties or jobs – why does she get any taxpayer funded personnel? The Odumbas want assistance – they should be paying for them and their medical care

    • Mary Curry

      Jackie Kennedy and Lady Bird Johnson had staff but they paid their salaries themselves.

  • Guest

    Now, remember that First Lady Laura Bush had her assistant. Thats correct, her (one) assistant.

    • Mary Curry

      And paid the salary herself, as did her mother-in-law Barbara.

  • Jakareh

    Moochelle may be well illiterate. Let’s face it: an assertive black woman such as her could easily get through college and law school without actually being able to read.

    • Johnnie Redding

      And did, remember she flunked the bar exam on the first try.