Green Energy Billionaire Threatens to Destroy Democratic Senators Who Stand in His Way

It’s terrible when the 1 percent have so much control over national politics. Just kidding, it’s great. We’re headed toward a wonderful oligarchy of liberal billionaires laying out acceptable policies and destroying everyone who stands in their way.

A California billionaire is pledging to spend as much of his fortune as necessary to make climate change “the defining issue of our generation.”

Coincidentally, that billionaire’s fortune, comes from Green Energy “investments” which go big thanks to government intervention and the myth of Global Warming\Climate Change\Sky is Falling.

But I’m sure that’s a complete coincidence. In other coincidental news, Bill Gates is pledging to spend as much of his fortune as necessary to make buying a Windows PC “the defining issue of our generation.”

“The goal here is not to win. The goal here is to destroy these people. We want a smashing victory,” Steyer said of candidates he judges to be on the wrong side of the climate change debate.

So we’ve got Bloomberg mandating national policy on gun control, Steyer mandating national policy on global warming and other billionaires picking their own issue and mandating policy on that.

Isn’t liberal oligarchy great?

Who is Tom Steyer? Oh he’s this guy.

Obama was hosted in San Francisco Wednesday night at the spectacular mansion-with-a-Pacific Ocean-view of private equity billionaire Tom Steyer, the scion of a wealthy New York family (say, isn’t this the guy Obama beat in the fall election?). Their goal? Raise money for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to help restore California’s Nancy Pelosi – also in attendance – as speaker in 2014.

“Should we go back to the boom-and-bust, ‘drill-baby-drill,’ polluting energy policies of yesterday, or should we embrace an advanced energy economy that meets opportunity with innovation? ” said Steyer, a passionate member of the Green Church, at last year’s Democratic Convention.

Obviously the latter. Why? Because green start-up businesses are where Steyer’s greenventure capital firm has put its money.

Renewable energy investor Greener Capital is the name, and rent-seeking is the game.

The more Obama presses anti-coal mandates and Keystone Pipeline delays, the more money Mr. Steyer makes. Last fall, he lobbied against Proposition 23, which would have reversed California’s landmark global warming law that mandates 33 percent of the state’s power in 2020 come from the renewables Greener Capital is vested in. Prop 23 was bad business for ol’ One Percent Steyer.

The American economy is being looted and bankrupted by a collusion between ecoscammers and their political allies. And democracy is being shut by an oligarchy of liberal billionaires determined to use dirty money to rig elections.

  • truebearing

    Yes, this is all true, but did you hear that Kim Kardashian is buying all custom tailored baby clothes? Not only that but NBC will soon be announcing its programming coup — they've acquired exclusive rights to the hot Russian reality show, "Housewives of Bolsheviks" Things are looking up!

  • EarlyBird

    Sure. The 1% and the growing oligarchy is generally represented by the "left." Got it, Danny.

    • truebearing

      Are you such a state of ideological fervor that facts no longer matter, or is your problem poor reading comprehension?

      For your desperately needed information, the Left has far more money than the Right. There are many billionaires and millionaires who are leftists. Time to wake up now and stop swallowing the party lies. I suppose you are still falling for the pre-WWII communist propaganda that Nazism is a rightwing ideology.

    • Ar'nun

      You're both falling for a smoke screen. We are argueing about Billionaires and Millionaires while ignoring the Multi TRILLION dollar Industry of Big Government. The 1% as understood by the ignorant OWS types are peons in the big scheme of things compared to a Government worth $2.7 TRILLION a year, with a supreme military to protect them, and the ability to Regulate or Legislate any one of these tiny little trustfund babies out of existance.

  • WilliamJamesWard

    The only warming is all of the hot air the dimwitted climate morons come up with, stupidity
    is personified in this scam and the contempt for what is left of the ability to think after
    generations of leftist subversion in education is oppressive. Scams make money and
    that is what the leftists are in it for, money, I would if I could pauperise them with a one
    way ticket to Cuba……………………………William

  • AdinaK

    Yes, the real power brokers are those who are leftist to their core, as they work with billionaire oligarchs, mostly in green schemes. Alas, they mostly feign concern for the "masses", at least until their billions come into play.
    In fact, Al Gore is well on his way to becoming one such green oligarch, and anti-American, Georgie boy Soros, is another such capitalist destroyer, even as they engorge themselves from capitalist profits –

    The Radical-in-Chief is their point man. Handmaiden.
    Adina Kutnicki, Israel

    • EarlyBird

      So let's kill some Palestinians!

      • kafir4life

        If they try to kill us, you betcha!!
        But if you wait, they'll kill each other….the way islam says they should, for being the wroing "style" of muslim or not quite muslim enough. It's a remarkable feature of the gutter cult!

  • Ar'nun

    "We’re headed toward a wonderful oligarchy of liberal billionaires laying out acceptable policies and destroying everyone who stands in their way."

    Oh Daniel, you know better than that. This story is about this guy either being too big for his britches and not knowing his station, or something in his feeble Liberal Brain just snapped and he is weeks away from standing on the Street Corner proclaiming the "THE RAPTURE IS UPON US!!!!"

    So this knuckle head trustfund baby is really going to bully people who will potentially be in charge of TRILLIONS of dollars? This guy is way out of his league. If he ticks the wrong person off, he can be destroyed with the stroke of a pen. He could be regulated into obscurity in a heartbeat. He should consider himself lucky the Democrats have allowed him to play the game this long.

  • pennant8

    I will take these green crusaders seriously when they take themselves off the grid. I would love to see moneybags Steyer try to run is oceanfront mega-mansion on just wind and solar. Better yet, I would love to see him try to keep all the servers he needs to track his financial empire running on green. If he even tried it he would soon see lots of red flashing lights, if any lights at all.