Group 95: How the Muslim Brotherhood’s Thugs Took Over Tahrir Square and Terrorizes the Opposition

In free countries, the youth minister promotes fitness and education. In totalitarian countries, it means something closer to Hitler Youth.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s army of thugs are centralized within Group 95. Group 95 is led by Osama Yassin, who acted as the field coordinator in Tahrir Square during the protests and who is now the Youth Minister, which was his role within the Brotherhood, making it obvious once again that the Muslim Brotherhood is simply recreating the Egyptian government in its own image.

During the recent protests, Osama admitted the existence of Group 95 on Al Jazeera, the Qatari propaganda network that helped engineer the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of Egypt, but claimed that they were on the rooftops to “protect” protesters.

The existence of Group 95 gives us some insight into how the Muslim Brotherhood organized its street violence. It has been policy for some time to blame all the violence on agents of the regime or the military, rather than on Group 95, until it became impossible to deny the involvement and existence of Group 95 during the constitutional protests.

Group 95 appears to be functioning as the SA of the Muslim Brotherhood regime. And just to make you feel better about the whole thing, Osama Yassin signed a cooperation agreement with Dr. Ronald Meinardus of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Liberty to provide “leadership training” to youth selected by Osama Yassin.

The Muslim Brotherhood and its political arm, the Freedom and Justice Party, issued a statement denying the existence of the “Brotherhood Group 95,” an entity that has been accused of committing acts of violence during the 25 January revolution.

FJP Deputy Secretary General Amr Zaki told Al-Masry Al-Youm that the group’s youth went to those rooftops during the Battle of the Camel on 28 January to protect demonstrators.

Former group member Haytham Abou Khalil said the Brotherhood has formed groups of “strong youth” to protect the movement’s leaders and female members.

Clearly the one thing they need is more free F-16s from Barack Hussein Obama.