Gun Violence is Not a Republican Problem, It’s a Democratic Problem

Forget Wal-Mart and skip your local gun show. The murderers of tomorrow will not be found wearing orange vests at your local sporting goods store. They won’t have NRA memberships or trophies on their walls.

You won’t find them in America. Look for them in Obamerica.

67% of firearm murders took place in the country’s 50 largest metro areas. The 62 cities in those metro areas have a firearm murder rate of 9.7, more than twice the national average. Among teenagers the firearm murder rate is 14.6 or almost three times the national average.

Those are the crowded cities of Obamerica. Those are the places with the most restrictive gun control laws and the highest crime rates. And many of them have been run by Democrats and their political machines for almost as long as they have been broken.

Obama won every major city in the election, except for Jacksonville and Salt Lake City. And the higher the death rate, the bigger his victory.

He won New Orleans by 80 to 17 where the murder rate is ten times higher than the national average. He won Detroit, where the murder rate of 53 per 100,000 people is the second highest in the country and twice as high as any country in the world, including the Congo and South Africa. He won it 73 to 26. And then he celebrated his victory in Chicago where the murder rate is three times the statewide average.

These places aren’t America. They’re Obamerica.

In 2006, the 54% of the population living in those 50 metro areas was responsible for 67% of armed killings nationwide. Those are disproportionate numbers especially when you consider that for the people living in most of those cities walking into a store and legally buying a gun is all but impossible.

Mayors of Obamerican cities blame guns because it’s easier than blaming people and now the President of Obamerica has turned to the same shameless tactic. The NRA counters that people kill people, but that’s exactly why Obamerican leaders would rather talk about the guns.

Chicago, the capital of Obamerica, is a city run by gangs and politicians. It has 68,000 gang members, four times the number of police officers. Chicago politicians solicit the support of gang members in their campaigns, accepting laundered contributions from them, hiring their members and tipping them off about upcoming police raids. And their biggest favor to the gang bosses is doing nothing about the epidemic of gang violence.

80% of Chicago’s murders are gang-related. But in 1999 when a bill came up in the Illinois State Senate to charge anyone carrying out a firearm attack on school property as an adult, a law that would have largely affected gang members, the future leader of Obamerica voted present. Had he not voted present, it is doubtful that he would have been reelected in an area where gang leaders wield a great deal of influence.

The majority of murders in the cities with the worst homicide rates are gang-related. And while it isn’t always possible to be certain whether a killing was gang-related, the majority of homicide victims in city after city have been found to have criminal records.

In 2010, there were 11,078 firearm homicides in the United States and over 2,000 known gang-related killings, over 90% of which are carried out with firearms. Since 1981, Los Angeles alone has had 16,000 gang related homicides. That’s more than twice the number of Americans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

This is what Obamerica looks like. It’s a place where life is cheap and illegal guns are as available as illegal drugs. It’s the war that we aren’t talking about, because it’s easier to talk about the inanimate objects being used to fight that war.

There are, as John Edwards said, two Americas. America is a country that runs pretty well. And then there’s Obamerica. Not all of Obamerica is broken, but a lot of it is. America does not have a gun violence problem. Obamerica does. And Obamerica has a gun violence problem for the same reason that it has a drug problem and a broken family problem.

Democratic leaders and machines, combined with social workers and justice crusaders have run Obamerica into the ground. Obamerican cities used to be the homes of industry and progress. Now they’re places where young Black and Hispanic men kill each other in growing numbers.

America does not need gun control. It is a mostly law-abiding place. And gun control cannot help Obamerica. Not when its murder rate is driven by gangs who have no trouble obtaining anything; whether it’s legal in the United States or not.

This country does not need to have a conversation about how many bullets should go in a clip. It does need to have a conversation about how many parents should go in a family. It needs to talk about the ghettos of Obamerica and have a serious conversation about broken families and generational dependency.

Obama has become a role model to millions of people in the black community. If anyone can address these problems, it’s him. But instead of trying to solve the problems of Obamerica, instead of doing something about the high levels of unemployment, the broken families and the glamorization of drug dealing and violent crime, he wimped out and picked a fight with rural America.

AIDS prevention was sabotaged by the claim that the disease was a general problem spreading through the population. It wasn’t. Neither is gun violence.

Adam Lanza is as much of a poster boy for gun violence, as Ryan White was for AIDS. A better poster boy for gun violence might be Jay-Z, who boasts of having been a drug dealer and claims to have shot his brother at the age of 12. The drug dealer to millionaire rapper is the Horatio Alger story of Obamerica. And Jay-Z can be seen partying with Obama.

If Obama really wants to get serious about gun violence, then all he has to do is turn to the man standing next to him. But Obama, like every Chicago politician before him, don’t want to end the violence. The death toll is profitable, not just for rappers writing bad poetry about dealing drugs and shooting rivals, but for the politicians atop that heap who score money and gain power by using the problems of Obamerica as some sort of call to conscience for the rest of the country.

That’s what Obama is doing now. Hiding behind Newtown and adorable little kids is the grim specter of Obamerica’s death toll. It’s buried inside the gruesome figures of how many Americans are shot each year issued as an indictment against the entire country in general and gun owners in particular. But those numbers are not an indictment of America. They are an indictment of Democratic mayors and liberal social policy. They are an indictment of Obama.

We need to set aside the same old tired social justice rhetoric and have a serious conversation about what is wrong with New Orleans, Detroit and Chicago. And we need to do it before it’s too late.

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  • GodsMichael

    Stupidity magnifys itself with words. gun violence is everyone's problem. such a selfish look at gun violence, are we not the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? then we are united by this problem. it's not a problem until it happens in your neck of the woods. don't think it can never happen. if we don't get guns out of the hands of crazy people Liberal Conservative no matter what they are, we will face them again and again unless we do something here are several ideas that can aid in keeping children everywhere safe without more guns

    • Mary Sue

      You're united by gang problem murders? Then why aren't you doing anything about gangs?

  • Firebird

    And the moron mayor of the WINDY CITY as well as our dictator OBAMA wants to disarm all americans and sign the UN SMALL ARMS CONTROL TREATY and yet CHICAGO is one of americas most crime ridden cities and when the U.S. SUPREUM COURT upheld the 2nd AMENDMENT and over turned WASHING D.C. s stict gun ban thier stuff shirt jackass mayor said he would appeal the ruling Typical liberal eletists living in his protected estate with his armed guards and dogs to protect him HE NEEDS TO LEAVE AMERICA AND NEVER COME BACK

  • OhioDude

    I love Mr. Gs' writings, but alas, he avoids the demographic reality of this problem ….

    Poverty is found aplentry in West Virginia. Crime ? … notsomuch
    Pittsburgh is a dense urban area. Crime rate ? Compare to Philly, if you dare.

    Progressive takeover of mediatainment, education, legal and governmental nodes has left the Host debilitated. All these command and control centers intentionally divert attention from the underlying reality. So we focus on Lance Armstrong, not the looming financial crash. On an athletes' fantasy girlfriend, not the growing criminality of our FedGov. On guns, and not the sociopathic cohorts who use them violently and criminally

    Mr. Obama is not cause … he is pluperfect Symptom. Only a devolved citizenry would have elected a manifestly incompetent Marxist, Muslim fruit of Affirmative Action fueled – White Guilt to the Executive


    • West Texan

      OhioDude and Greenfield are right on.

  • Pops

    On the one hand, the article is right. Murder is highest in cities that have the most restrictive gun laws (and most of those laws have been on the books for decades).

    But on the other, Republicans will never win another national election if they smugly write off all of America's cities — cities where the population is, where most underclass blacks live (and always will), where more immigrants (legal or otherwise) go for work (and always will).

    • Questions

      Republicans will never win another election if they continue to deny that whites are their natural base. As for importing immigrants to do jobs that "Americans won't do," that mentality is what got us into a jam in the first place.

    • coach

      Until Republicans give out free health care, free housing, free food, etc.. to those who live in the cities Democrats will always be re-elected

  • poetcomic1

    Once you figure out who brought Martin Luther King north to Chicago in 1966 you can figure how all 'this' started. The ethnic cleansing of the white working class in Northern cities. Whole communities destroyed as utterly as the Jewish towns and villages of my ancestors in Eastern Europe were obliterated by the Nazis. Open housing was the Trojan Horse and a vast coercive network of laws rising from the Civil Rights Act and America was never the same. With the Civil Rights Act Americans lost the freedom to create community and to defend and define themselves. You could no longer legally have an 'Italian-American Catholic neighborhood'. It is against the 'fair housing laws'. I will celebrate MLK day with a black armband.

    • Mary Sue

      The narrative of the chasing out of the white worker was whitewashed (LOL) by the Radical Left as "White Flight": The Whites Feared The Blacks, Therefore They Fled To The Suburbs To Escape Them Because They Are Racist™.

      It's a simplistic explanation/excuse to be sure; reality is almost always more complex than that.

  • Jim wheeler

    Don’t ban guns, BAN DEMOCRATS!!!!!

    • Questions

      Instead of baiting Democrats, maybe some hardy souls out there could debate them instead. Or is Rush Limbaugh afraid of losing?

      • Mary Sue

        Rush is pro at what he does.

  • Robert Klein

    One thing I don't see mentioned too often, probably because it is a hot topic also, is that the People that are ranting about gun control are using the death of 20 children for their platfom to ban guns. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong on this. Arn't these same libtards the ones that promoted the murder of over 1,200,000 children through abortion?

  • CurmudgyOneJr

    Mr. Greenfield, you usually hit all the bases and I always appreciate your insights. But this time, you missed Second Base … Adam Lanza was hardly a gangster. He probably didn't even know any gangsters. But, having been to the doctor for depression, as his mom said before he killed her, he probably was prescribed so-called "antidespressant" drugs of the SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) variety. These drugs are proven to cause exactly the kinds of attacks Lanza performed, yet nobody is saying anything. Big Pharma has too much money for the politicians; the finances of their lobby make the NRA look like nothing.

    You missed this. On purpose?

  • muchiboy

    And I thought all Zombies were brain dead.You guys must have a single remaining neuron in semi-working condition to write the stuff you do.Now I have to figure if you're responsible for what you write.I mean,having but a single neural pathway to nowhere? muchiboy

  • Darlene

    I would like to know where you got your information so I can cite it when I do my research for class. Liberal academia needs to hear this stuff as many students just tow the liberal line in order to pass and get their college credit and because they have a heavy course load and this places time restrictions on meaningful discourse.

    There are a few conservative students but the majority of students will not speak up in fear of repercussions of a possible much lower grade. Politics in action on our campuses is alive and well.

    • Anne

      I don’t think this article is not too well researched. A simple search for the rate of firearm deaths by state turns up a top 20 list in which most of them are red states, or were red states in the near past (Florida, Nevada).
      Wyoming’s rate of 18.8 beats the quoted rate of Detroit (9.7). No major cities in Wyoming. Ditto for Alaska. Please do your research based on actual data. The latest study excludes DC, but that still leaves 9 of the top 10 as red states, some without very large cities.

  • my2cents

    Your arguments are mute when you keep referring to what the whites did to the slaves. It was the blacks that kidnapped their own people and brought them to the states to be enslaved. So really they started learning violence from their own people.

  • Sheri Auested

    Good Lord you all are a bunch of idiots. You also are a bunch of haters, you can't stand our president or anyone that is a democrat in which I'm not. No wonder why are country is falling a part with haters like you living in it!! Everything to you is Obama's fault, I just don't understand people like you that have no desire to even try and support our president . It's just plain wrong!

    • Jim

      Just like everything was Bush's Fault. Typical Liberal Hypocrisy

  • Linda

    The ingorant people who commit gun crimes don't even know what the words "political party" mean. Evil and stupidity knows no such boundries.

  • keithbrekhus

    However, even when we look at gun homicide rates alone neither Chicago nor New York City make it near the top of the list of most dangerous American cities. In 2011, the FBI Uniform Crime Reports reveal both New York City and Chicago had lower overall homicide rates than Atlanta, Baton Rouge, Birmingham, Danville (VA), Dayton (OH), Ft. Myers (FL), Gary (IN), Gulfport (MS), Jackson (MS), Kansas City (KS), Kansas City (MO), Little Rock, Memphis, Miami, New Orleans, North Little Rock (AR) Pine Bluff (AR), Richmond (VA), Rocky Mount (NC), St. Louis, and York (PA).

    New York City has a gun death rate that is less than half the national average and a lower homicide rate than such innocuous and unthreatening cities as Beaumont (TX), Clearwater (FL), Conway (AR), Council Bluffs (IA), Delray Beach (FL), Ft. Lauderdale (FL), Glendale (AZ), Pueblo (CO), South Bend (IN), Terre Haute (IN) and Topeka (KS). A New York City snowbird, who vacations or moves to West Palm Beach Florida is more than twice as likely to be murdered in West Palm Beach than to be killed in New York City. A Tulsa, Oklahoma resident is twice as likely to be murdered and 2.5 times more likely to suffer a fatal gunshot wound then a resident of the Big Apple.

    Gun deaths and murders in general are highly complex sociological events, so it is not always easy to determine what effect gun control laws have as correlation does not necessarily equal causation. What we do know however is that both firearm suicide and homicide rates are much higher in the gun law lax South than in the more gun restrictive Northeast and West Coast states .

  • keithbrekhus

    "But in 1999 when a bill came up in the Illinois State Senate to charge anyone carrying out a firearm attack on school property as an adult, a law that would have largely affected gang members, the future leader of Obamerica voted present. " Well what is wrong with that? Aren't you guys the ones who say criminals don't obey laws? And now you are saying legislation would have helped?

    • blue

      Legislating penalties is to keep attorneys from plea bargaining it has nothing to do with keeping criminals from breaking the law. But then as a democrat you would not realize the difference.

  • keithbrekhus

    Homicides in Chicago peaked in 1974 at 970 murders that year compared to 506 last year. I blame Nixon.

  • Tvbuell

    Kiethbrekhus has a lot of statistics that seem to support his apparent bias and lack of epistemological understanding. He may need to look at a thesaurus for starters. “Homicide” is a legal term and does not differentiate the gun related killing of a rape victim killing a rapist, from a rapist killing a victim. All over the country, law abiding citizens in gun-friendly places are using their legally owned guns to eliminate criminals in droves for perfectly legitimate reasons. The places that Kiethbrekhus cites as areas of “higher homicide rates” are places where criminals are simply dispatched, thus contributing to the statistically higher homicide rates reflected in the FBI statistics, quite justifiably. Suicides are not statistically correlated to gun ownership in any meaningful way as shown in Japanese suicide statistics which are some of the highest in the world. Guns are illegal in Japan.

  • lisa

    I have read many of the comments on this post and I gotta admit this obama stuff is fascinating! The posts come across like a Simpsons cartoon. Rush Limbough must be a genius as there are so many echoing his spiel. Punditry has always been the art of duping. You guys bust me up!

  • fredh

    Since 1030, the democrats have control Congress for 60 years, the republicans only 16 years. There are 63 million registered democrats, 47 million registered Republicans, and 32 million registered independents. Americas workforce totals 140 million people, 77 million people work for government, plus another 20 to 30 million retired government employees. This leaves only 63 million people paying all the taxes working in the private sector. Since 1971 Pres. Nixon, change Americas economy from an industrial to a service economy. Question ; How many people working in the private sector are catering to the over paid government employees.

    • lcuvillier

      And they don’t intend to lose their control either. That’s what’s it all about anyways. They want to have total control over everyone’s lives.

  • john9999030326594598

    Suicides not mentioned, nor are Child or adult gun accidents mentioned. Why? Because they are not murder. Yet suicide is said to be higher than murder. Of course this is a very good thing for the all white GOP. Lord knows this herd thinning in effect is a very very good thing for Republicans. Comprenda?

    • howardfrombroward

      dear john lengthy number, you are full of the smelly stuff I used to load into the manure spreader back when I lived on our family farm. you also might want to recall that it was the republican party which ended slavery. my gop ancestors nobly fought and bled to end the democrat bondage imposed on people. please get a life and get a brain.

      • john9999030326594598

        Awe did reality get a nerve? Amigo? The Constitution I suppose does give GOP members the right to self delete thru gun Rapture ect or however the Jack Kevorkian types sees fit. I think it says; “PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.

        • Jade1

          Yes John by all means lets take away all the guns so then govt can enslave us us all including you.

        • Aggie95

          well the problem with your theory laddie is its your fellow democrats killing other democrats for the most part …. so why would we have an issue with it

    • anonymous

      Well that might make sense, but most of those suicides are older white males, which would tend to be thinning out the republican herd would it not? Logic fail.

  • john9999030326594598

    Not a Republican Problem, It’s a Democratic Problem. Of course it is a Democrat Problem because 72% of Latino voted for Democrat Obama last time in 2012. Plus more of these same Latinos are said to be coming across our unguarded border daily, Comprenda? God knows this should be even a higher number. You must understand most Latinos are Catholics and cannot stomach the Protestant Heretics of the GOP that all should burned at the stake as was done in the middle 1500s. Thus we can better understand why all GOP children of all ages should have access to loaded guns. Hence all gun accidents or suicide are in fact very beneficial to the GOP when it makes more room for liberal voting Latinos. Granted some immigrants may not be allowed to vote but their numbers will still be used to figure each states Electoral vote. This of course is what elects a president. The fact that RED states like Arizona chase or jail and deport such people to Blue states can only improve the electoral numbers of RED states. TE HE HE HE HE Gosh maybe the Sacred amendment was written by God? So Please GOP families give your children more loaded guns. I am sure we will all read about your child’s gun experiences in the funny papers of the front page

  • Leilani Hagberg

    Explain the violence and murder rates in Mexico as related to Obama. This is not reasonable logic in this article.Poverty and lack of class mobility are strong correlators to crime .

    • anonymous

      Ok, I’ll bite.. The murder rate in Mexico, where guns are banned, is the result of our drug prohibition and mexican cartels with billions to bribe officials and arm themselves to the teeth.. Their motto is “A bribe or a bullet”. Interestingly enough that murder rate is now plummeting like a stone.. Why you ask? Because mexican citizens have had enough, they have ignored the ban on guns, armed themselves, and as of now have chased the cartels out of large swaths of Mexico by themselves, as armed citizens.

      Maybe the good citizens of Chicago should do the same for the murdering drug financed gangs in our inner cities.. It is clear that law enforcement and politicians have been unable to do a thing about it.

  • Leilani Hagberg

    It’s disgusting to say Obama is hiding behind Newtown ,and mocking the tragedy to advance your lack of logic. You are mentally ill

  • Lucille

    Well I think of it this way: Many of the lower-income people who live in the inner-city are going to vote democrat, since that is what will help them the most. The inner city also has a much denser population which likely leads to more crime but the lower income of these people is likely a factor as well. Wouldn’t somebody with less money have less to lose and are therefore more likely to commit a crime? I think that crime is inversely related to income and that the lower income likely leads to a more democratic way of thinking. So yes, many people who commit crimes may be democratic but it is not because they are democratic that they commit crimes but because their income is lower that they commit crimes and are likely democratic.

    • anonymous

      Moderately interesting mental masturbation.. Fact is the main gun violence problem in this country is not a few whackos killing for attention, with a media that has assured them as much stardom as any hollywood celebrity.. Those guys are statistically insignificant in the number of gun killings…

      The much larger problem and the elephant in the room that the media and politicians aren’t spewing their rhetoric all over the airwaves about, is the huge majority of gun killings by minority youths, killing minority youths..

      Where is the massive outrage? Where is the equal media investigation? Where is the massive campaigns and such to end it? What are legislators proposing and what bills are going up for vote to fix it? One look at the FBI crime statistics shows anyone who cares to look where the majority of gun violence occurs… But since banning guns there hasn’t worked I can only assume the leaders there have no other solution..

  • Mary-Molly Martin

    So Obama is responsible for overcrowded cities and was voted in by gangs. I do wonder how many gang members vote? You live in a blue state (or city) with restrictive gun laws, just go to a neighboring red state where they’re all too happy to sell you guns.

    • nought

      Reading comprehensions was not this person strong point and beside has no idea how gun laws are enforced. aka as stupid.

    • Aggie95

      why shouldn’t they sell guns …in case you missed it they are not the ones running around killing everyone with a mad happy abandon

    • MoonBeamWatcher

      and I bet your mad as heck at all the unprovoked killings
      of blacks . . . by the, (drum roll please) police!

  • tuhaybey

    Actually, the states with the most gun deaths per capita are overwhelmingly red states. 18 of the 20 with the most gun deaths per capita are red and 17 of the 20 with the fewest are blue-