Guns Prevent 3,600 Rapes a Day

Joe Salazar’s worst nightmare

In Colorado, Democratic politicians like Joe Salazar insist that women cannot be trusted to fight off rapists with guns. After all what happens if one of those women mistakes a good Democrat like Joe Salazar for a rapist. But there is a certain amount of statistical evidence that rapists avoid attacking armed women. Not all of these statistics are fully documented, but they are interesting nonetheless.

The latest independent crime victims polls estimate that 512,000 rapes occur each year, 1,400 a day, and just under 17% are reported to the police. That agrees with the FBI numbers, so I will go with 512,000 rapes, with 17% or one in six reported to the police.

With the magnitude of the problem established:

In the early 1990′s a study concluded that 650 rapes a day were stopped because the victim was – or may have been – armed. But the number of women who carry, and the number of homes with guns, is much higher now.

The latest prisoners surveys estimate that 3,600 rapes a day are never attempted because the victim either showed a gun, said she had a gun, or the rapist though the victim had a gun for some other reason.

So one way or the other, guns prevent 3,600 rapes a day, or more than 1.3 million rapes a year.  That is an enormous amount of human misery prevented by the mere presence of a gun.

But from the leftist point of view, there is never any valid reason for shooting someone except in the name of Social Justice.

  • Paul Blase

    There's a reason for all of those cute little revolvers featured in the ads in "American Rifleman".

  • AdinaK

    The only ones who benefit from gun control are criminals and those who seek total control. It is not for nothing that leftists are very much in sync with totalitarian leaders, whatever their other leanings -

    In fact, the leftist media covers up for radicals in Washington, even when they know the facts at hand are total lies-

    Adina Kutnicki, Israel –

  • pagegl

    Given the penchant of Democrat politicians to favor felon voting rights, my guess Mr. Salazar is just trying to protect future Democratic party voters. / sarc off

  • Mary Sue

    When you consider a LOT of Rapists are in fact Leftists of some sort (witness the Occupy fiasco), the Left is just trying to protect its own. It's Rape Culture, I tells ye!

    • Gee

      Egyptians certainly far into that category

  • fly4vino

    This article brings back memories of two events that Obama would like to prevent from reoccurring

    A number of years ago, in the middle of a family Christmas celebration, I found myself face down on the ground, beside my brother in-law. Two armed thugs, obviously high on drugs and buffed out like recent parolees were shouting at us not to look at them. It seemed like a routine (for LA ) armed robbery where wallets, watches, rings and jewelry were taken to be turned into more drugs. But then it turned far more serious as they put my brother inlaw into the trunk of our car, put a gun to my head and told me to lead them inside through the garage stairs. My mother, sister and girlfriend were inside waiting for us to return.

    As we went through the door I paused and the guy raised the gun to keep from hitting me. A struggle started with the gun stuck in the doorway, me inside and the two of them trying to push the door open. I was loosing the struggle when I called out for my sister to "bring the shotgun" fortunately they could not hear her call back what shotgun.

    Thanks to the political correctness of LA, the police had not publicized the two man crime spree these dirtbags had engaged in over the preceding weeks – murder of a police dispatcher in her garage, multiple armed robberies, multiple rapes, multiple cases of arson with the victims of the robbery and rape tied up in burning apartments. All told there were probably 100 felonies from armed robbery to murder, from just two dirtbags.
    What stopped them was the threat of facing a shotgun.

    A few years later I moved out of LA to a small community on the north coast. One evening after my wife and I had returned from our weekly trips to work in LA I was taking a power nap before dinner. There was a knock at the door and my wife opened it without checking to see who was there since we were in a quiet neighborhood. I heard the ghetto voices virtually demanding money for some charity and sensed that they were pushing in the doorway.

    There was a slight click as the magazine slid into my Smith and Wesson , nothing loud but it instantly registered on the primal warning panel of the two intruders and they turned and fled. My wife never heard the sound.

    These are not unique stories but are the not reported stories across the nation.

    Few people realize that the first thing an intruder will normally do is to simply lift the kitchen or other phone off the hook, at that point there is no way to use the landline to call for help. When you call on the cell phone you'll probably be answered by the highway patrol and finally transferred to someone who can send help but by then it will be too late.

    It's not about every household having a gun but only enough to take the "profit" out of crime.

    During Obama's first run he is caught on tape talking about the civilian "army" that will be larger and better funded than the military (search youtube) . The actions of the executive branch have consistently been to preach class warfare.

  • tagalog

    That looks like some kind of monster cannon handgun that gal is wielding in the picture. It doesn't look like the kind of thing you'd choose to carry concealed. Is it a Wildey? A .454 Casull? What? I can't identify it.

    The recommended grip on a revolver is to keep the supporting hand under the trigger guard so as to avoid getting your hand burnt by the escaping hot gas on discharge. She's doing OK except for that left index finger.

    • trickyblain

      Not sure, but by the config it looks like a Rhino.

      • tagalog

        The Rhino has a clearly visible top strap. The revolver in the picture doesn't. But thanks for introducing me to the Rhino – I didn't know anything about them (still don't, but will do some homework).

        And yet — the hexagonal (or whatever number of facets) cylinder, the fact that it clearly fires from the bottom of the cylinder instead of the top — that's the Rhino technology. On further reflection, I think you're right.

        • Gee

          Too small of a round for me. I'll take a S&W 500 instead

          • tagalog

            Have you ever seen the recoil on the S&W 500? I have; it's pretty awesome. And boy are they LOUD!

            The Rhino is a .357 magnum, another hefty caliber that requires lots of practice to control recoil. Of course, you could always use .38 Specials in it. But then, why buy a cannon?

          • UCSPanther

            I've seen the cases for 500 SW magnum and almost mistook them for 45-70 cases. I would much rather fire that kind of round from a lever-action rifle, especially since it is a modern version of the old buffalo gun rounds.

    • guest

      I might be wrong, but only Rihno has inverted geometry of the cylinder.

  • MT Geoff

    Let's play by reasonable rules about data instead of using Lib rules.
    Surveys of prisoners and their intentions are going to be low-rigor, low-precision data sets.
    If (big if) 650 sexual assaults were prevented each day, the number of assaults prevented daily would have to go up by a factor of six to prevent 3600 assaults daily. Is the appetite for sexual assault 6x the rate of the early 90s? I'd need proof to believe that. Has the population increased 6x? No, we know it hasn't. Are there 6x the number of likely offenders on the street? No. Were all 650 assaults then and 3600 assaults now prevented only because of the possibility of facing a firearm? Maybe, but it seems likely that other factors are involved.
    These data seem very flimsy to me. I am sure that women (and men) break up sexual assaults and other crimes by displaying, rarely by firing, a gun. But these numbers are remarkable claims and require remarkable proof, which the article does not offer.

    • tagalog

      Don't forget; date rape is a new phenomenon since the early 90s.

      I just had an image of my date pulling her .357 on me as I bend to kiss her without her express consent: "OK, OK, no kiss!"

  • melvin polatnick

    Gun permits should be given to women that have been the victims of multiple rapes. They should also be permitted to carry the weapon in their hands when walking down a dimly lit street. But a fatty applying for a license should be refused; she is obviously lying about being the victim of multiple rapes.

    • tagalog

      Gun permits (presumably you mean concealed carry permits) should be required to be issued to any law-abiding sane person who wants one.

      Carrying a gun in your hands while walking down the street is open carry and is lawful in most jurisdictions except those that are prone to the gun-control-law fantasy. However, if you're going to carry your gun in your hands, be careful of the possiblity that you might be deemed to be brandishing or displaying a firearm, which is a crime in most jurisdictions.

  • Sarah Jacobs

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    • tagalog

      Yeah, but did they give you a gun?

  • objectivefactsmatter

    The best analogy I can think of for the idea of more gun control laws would be demanding further regulation of prescription drugs to combat illicit drug use. On the very thin surface you can distract people by talking about Oxycontin or some other high profile rx drug that is abused, but most problems come from black market illicit drugs. That's the problem.

    Criminals using guns is the other problem. You can't make more laws to get criminals to obey all the other laws they already broke. It's a problem with enforcement of existing laws, generally not even existing gun laws. Get the criminals and leave the rest of us alone you stupid communist freaks.

  • Tony

    I think this is great news ands should be shared with women we love cause the main stream dinosaur media isn’t gonna tell us this cause they want us to be helpless and depend on our gov to protect us. We gotta protect our women and get them to protect themselves.

  • Jana TheVegan Piranha

    We don’t need to “educate” men in THIS country not to rape. We need to shoot the ones who do, and this could could be over in a generation.

    • NukeDoc

      Shooting rapists IS educating them.

  • JoJo

    Thank you. I know that this is an old post but I’m so sick of anti-gun activists telling women to vomit on themselves to prevent rape. Disgusting.

  • Dom

    the poor gun loons are just making random “facts” up now that they’ve been completely exposed as criminals and fascists.

  • Krishna Rao