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Guns Prevent 3,600 Rapes a Day

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On February 21, 2013 @ 12:59 pm In The Point | 26 Comments


Joe Salazar’s worst nightmare

In Colorado, Democratic politicians like Joe Salazar insist [2]that women cannot be trusted to fight off rapists with guns. After all what happens if one of those women mistakes a good Democrat like Joe Salazar for a rapist. But there is a certain amount of statistical evidence that rapists avoid attacking armed women. Not all of these statistics are fully documented [3], but they are interesting nonetheless [4].

The latest independent crime victims polls estimate that 512,000 rapes occur each year, 1,400 a day, and just under 17% are reported to the police. That agrees with the FBI numbers, so I will go with 512,000 rapes, with 17% or one in six reported to the police.

With the magnitude of the problem established:

In the early 1990′s a study concluded that 650 rapes a day were stopped because the victim was – or may have been – armed. But the number of women who carry, and the number of homes with guns, is much higher now.

The latest prisoners surveys estimate that 3,600 rapes a day are never attempted because the victim either showed a gun, said she had a gun, or the rapist though the victim had a gun for some other reason.

So one way or the other, guns prevent 3,600 rapes a day, or more than 1.3 million rapes a year.  That is an enormous amount of human misery prevented by the mere presence of a gun.

But from the leftist point of view, there is never any valid reason for shooting someone except in the name of Social Justice.

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