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Hagel Proposed 60,000 Man/10 Year US Occupation of Jerusalem and West Bank

Posted By Daniel Greenfield On February 25, 2013 @ 12:08 pm In The Point | 72 Comments


Hagel wasn’t the only proponent of this insane plan [2], but he was part of it and the rest of the participants aren’t being nominated for Secretary of Defense.

The plan would have required an occupation of parts of Israel on an unknown scale. One NATO researcher estimated that we might be talking about a 10-15 year occupation by 60,000 troops at a cost of 160 billion dollars. And that may not be all of it.

The report seemed to hint at an internationalization of Jerusalem, a longtime obsession for some of the Anti-Israel crowd, complete with special airspace regulations.

One of the craziest aspects of this report is that this was being proposed in 2009, at a time when the United States had commitments in Afghanistan and Iraq. Even crazier, this international force would feature large numbers of Muslim troops under NATO leadership inside Israel.

The proposal begins with a call for Obama to impose his own solution on both sides, which just happens to be their solution, backed by security guarantees maintained by international troops. This looks a lot like an invasion and occupation.

Jerusalem is carved up. There is some sort of partial right of return. And the whole thing is maintained by a Frankenstein monster of a UN/NATO/Regional peacekeeping coalition. And the worst is still to come.

The proposal includes a deal with Assad and Hamas. “In brief, shift the U.S. objective from ousting Hamas to modifying its behavior, offer it inducements that will enable its more moderate elements to prevail, and cease discouraging third parties from engaging with Hamas in ways that might help clarify the movement’s views and test its behavior.”

Obama is expected to battle a Zionist conspiracy in the United States. “There are Jewish-American and Christian Zionist groups that feel comfortable amplifying the positions of Israeli politicians hostile to hard compromise and painful concession.  At times the administration may take positions coordinated with an Israeli Prime Minister who may nevertheless feel unable, for domestic political reasons, to acknowledge his or her complicity. ”

The report proposes having the Muslim Palestinian Authority administering Christian holy places in Jerusalem. The Christian exodus from Bethlehem should be ample reminder of how that will eventually work out.

What implementing it in practice would mean is that the United States would find itself in another Iraq at best and in the middle of a regional war at worst. Putting Muslim armies inside Israel would be a disaster. The Island of Peace massacre is a reminder of what happens when even professional Muslim armies are within sight of Jewish civilians. A series of terrorist attacks would quickly set both sides against each other, forcing the United States to deploy more troops to stop the violence.

This isn’t a peace plan. It’s a plan for a war.

The United States would find itself trading places with Israel, on the front lines of a new terrorist war. It would be about the worst move possible. And the fact that Hagel signed on the dotted line raises serious questions about his judgement.

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