Hagel Was a “D” Student in College, Now a Democrat for Defense

After his appearance before the Senate, it’s not exactly a great secret that Chuck Hagel isn’t very bright. And apparently not being very bright has been a career for him. Still now that the former “D” student defected from being a Republican to being a Democrat, the D’s have to do their best to make their “D” student into the Secretary of Defense.

“Well, I had a–speaking of discipline–a difficult time staying in colleges. I was never kicked out of one, I never flunked out of one. I went to five different colleges. But I was in and out, a bit bored,” Hagel said.

He had to take English composition three times, and struggled with other subjects as well. “Science, chemistry, some of the math courses I took were D’s,” Hagel admitted in a 2001 interview about his life and career with C-SPAN.

Luckily, Hagel won’t need to understand English, Science or Math to oversee the Department of Defense as it undergoes some of its largest cuts in history.

CNN lists only two colleges on Hagel’s resume–namely, the Brown Institute for Television and Radio in Minneapolis, and the University of Nebraska.

Well I’m sure Hagel did his very best at the Brown Institute for Television and Radio and I’m sure he’ll do his very best job of screaming at aides and doing whatever Obama tells him to as Secretary of Defense.

Hagel has a career of being a dimwit and that’s why he was chosen, so that the real power can lie elsewhere while Obama parades a former Republican as the Secretary of Defense and the media assigns him all the responsibility for the disasters that follow.

  • Keiko_Infidel


    Living up to his academic legacy.

    • Guest

      First, Hagel has been a REPUBLICAN his entire career, serving as US Senator from the State of Nebraska for 2 terms. Second, yes….there are just 2 colleges on his resume…because Chuck Hagel completed his degree, at the U of Nebraska, AFTER HE SERVED OUR NATION IN VIETNAM…and BEFORE HE CREATED THE MULTIMILLION DOLLAR CELLAR GIANT, VANGUARD ( what a dummy!). Finally, this is the first time that you Conservatives have seemed interested in GRADES. It did NOT interest you that John McCain graduated 894th out of 899 from the Naval Academy…or that Bush was a C and D student @ Yale who graduated in the bottom 20% of his class. Meanwhile you've told us that Obama's Magna Cum Laude record @ Harvard just makes HIM and "elitest".

      • Spider

        So who said we liked Amnesty John RINO McCain anyway? At least we know what grades presidents than Obama got since they didn't seal their records first day in office. What is Housein hiding? That's what we want to know.

      • Mary Sue

        who's to say he wasn't a mole from the very beginning?

        Bush was no C and D student. That was Algore.

      • LibertarianToo

        If you have a link to Obama's academic record, please provide it.

        We know that he was a foreign scholarship student from Indonesia when he attended Occidental. You know -when he drove the BMW.

        But his entire academic record has been sealed. Like his medical history. And the record of his adoption. And so on.

      • objectivefactsmatter

        "Meanwhile you've told us that Obama's Magna Cum Laude record @ Harvard just makes HIM and "elitest"."

        Making things up. You're clearly a leftist.

  • JacksonPearson

    "Hagel Was a “D” Student in College, Now a Democrat for Defense"
    What could possibly go wrong? Hagel's a perfect fit for Washington politics. {{{Palm on forehead}}}

  • LINO

    Stop The Presses!!! 48 years ago Hagel got a D in college algebra!!!
    What horrors will the Republicans reveal next!?!?

    • objectivefactsmatter

      What's the reason for nominating him that you can support? How was he selected?

      • Keiko_Infidel

        *crickets chirping*

    • Keiko_Infidel

      That's not what the article says, nimrod. Did you bother to read it or are you just going to ignore it and regurgitate the same ol' stale, played-out rhetoric of the Demo-Cult Party: Democrats never do anything wrong!

  • akreynin

    Chuck Hagel always been, and still is, a D for dumbass.

  • wjhon