Half of Londonistan Docs Treated FGM Mutilated Girls Last Year


This is the horrifying arithmetic of Third World immigration particularly from Muslim countries. Those things that seem so horrible and unfixable when they are happening across the ocean are even more horrifying and unfixable when they are happening right in your own backyard.

More than half of GPs in the capital have treated victims of female genital mutilation in the past year, shocking new figures suggest.

In a snapshot survey, 57 per cent of doctors who responded said they had seen at least one woman in the past 12 months who had been mutilated.

Experts called for doctors to be given more training amid fears there is a serious lack of knowledge about FGM among GPs, who are often the first people survivors of the brutal practice turn to for help.

It is estimated that 66,000 women and girls in Britain have undergone FGM.

The sample is small, but it’s doubtful that increasing it will produce better results. London is becoming Londonistan. The Sharia marches and Sharia bullies are just the more overt signs of the tragedy taking place.

These horrors are the wagers of Labor’s immigration policy and Cameron’s inability to fix it. Labor got its voters and London got honor killings, beheadings and FGM.

  • Veracious_one

    FGM is just one step in the Islamo-English inquisition….

    • defcon 4

      The Inquisition was a Sunday school picnic in comparison to what the islam0nazis did in the Indian sub-continent.

  • guest

    Leftist tell us “ALL CULTURES ARE EQUAL”. It is is an article of faith of the religion of the Left. Therefore female genital mutilation is good.

    A man cutting the body parts of a girl to control her arousal ability is not chauvanistic. It is good! To say otherwise is to violate an article of faith of the Left (ALL CULTURES ARE EQUAL).

  • john spielman

    Just MORE PROOF that Islam is of the DEVIL!

    • Lea

      Muslims are actually embracing the prophecies and the mark of the beast for they are indeed the beast that rises from the sea (from out among the people) Things are moving rather fast now. Buckle up.

  • LindaRivera

    Our Precious, Magnificent, Wonderful God created the female body PERFECT. Who will dare to defy God and DESTROY what God created perfect?

    In the Garden of Eden, Adam did not react to God’s beautiful gift of Eve, by beating Eve. Did not seek to destroy any part of Eve; did not try to kill Eve; did not call Eve ‘filth’ and did not demand Eve cover up in a strange black shroud.

    • defcon 4

      Isn’t that the truth, the only conclusion one can draw is that allah obviously couldn’t get it right.

    • paendragon

      Aah yes, but then look at the evil Eve unleashed on the world much like Pandora, when she dared to deny God’s one and only example of denial, by reflecting His concepts back at Him (which, since Adam & Eve had been told to explore and define pretty-much everything they found in the Garden anyway, was kinda their job LOL)!

      Basically, God said to them both:

      “Oh, and btw: Don’t think of blue elephants!”

      (See how that works? You’re thinking of blue elephants right now LOL)!

      God knew that saying “No!” (al-lah!) to humans, as with small children, only draws their attention directly to the article denied, and increases their focus on it! Unless we’re to assume that God is a clueless moron?


  • Boots

    And where are the feminists of the left on this? Just like the Nazis of GLAAD they are more than happy to attack imaginary sins of Jews and Christians while ignoring the real sins of Islamists. Anybody think it might have something to do with the fact that only one of the three mentioned religions will kill them? My not so humble opinion… it’s that combined with their (feminists’ and GLAAD’s) intellectual dishonesty and hatred of Christianity.

    • Lea

      We have to stop just talking and do something substantial yet in such a way that that leaves us beyond criticism. Please watch this video and find out why it is that our leaders and authorities are so pathetic when it comes to protecting us from the enemy of humanity working through the Muslims who are in bondage to the greatest death cult in existence. Protests against Christian persecution in Germany led to aggressive attacks by Muslims while the police stood idly by. Tommy and the EDL members were arrested and imprisoned. But the likes of Anjem Choudary are walking on the street provoking us deliberately. It is important to be wise and as gentle as doves. Organise protests but hire private security. Put some major pressure on your government in every possible legitimate manner from the receptionist to the Queen. But do it calmly. Brits you do need an outlet for the anger that is building up, so find it and create it, and do not fall into the trap set for you by the Muslims. Watch this video to understand what has been going on:

      • Boots

        Thank you. I knew the Brits were busy self destructing (afriend of mine tells me the Romanian gypsies have become a huge problem along with the Islamist problem). It’s good to note that there has been a rightward shift in Norway and Sweden so there may be hope for Europe. I’d long believed they were quislings.

  • defcon 4

    Does anyone in their right mind think that FGM isn’t going on in the United States of Obamastan? Isn’t it funny how “feminists” like Rachel Maddow have nothing to say about FGM.

    • laura r

      she needs to keep her job.

  • VivKay

    This is a good reason to avoid mass immigration especially from third world countries. Third world cultures bring third world problems and degenerative practices. Open borders brings problems and the UK should be protecting their sovereignty and culture, not cave in to political-correctness and over-population.

  • De Doc

    UK embraced the silly and insane policy of mass immigration without a thought of the consequences. And now a despicable cultural-religious practice is firmly entrenched on its shores.