Hamas Investigates Professor for Obscene Language Because He Used “Jews” Instead of “Sons of Apes and Pigs”


In all fairness, he also did use really obscene words like “Women” and “Nightgown”. Welcome to Hamastown.

“I was completely bereft when he pulled me by my hand and embraced me. … I felt warmth emanating from his chest.” This sentence in a short story titled “Love in War” was enough for Gaza’s Al-Aqsa University to launch an investigation into faculty member Dr. Khoder Mahjez. Mahjez teaches a course titled “Literature and Modern Criticism” at the Faculty of Arts in Al-Aqsa University.

In an interview over the phone with Al-Monitor, Mahjez said that the obscene words — which he was accused of using by the investigation commission during the interrogation attended by the dean of the Faculty of Arts and a legal advisor — were present in a story he had used as an example in his book, which carries the same name as the course. He added that there had been objections to the use of certain words — such as “women,” “sons of a bitch” and “Jews” — as opposed to using terms with ideological connotations that are preferable to the university, such as sons of “monkeys” and “pigs.

Mahjez added that although he retired last year, it is customary for retired teachers to continue to be allocated a few hours of teaching. Yet he was blackmailed, he said, by the University Board of Directors, who threatened to publish a statement that would tarnish his reputation if he did not leave the university. Thus, he resigned.

“They hate poetry, literature and all that has to do with creativity and life,” he said.

Well yes, they do. It’s a pity that our political establishment has yet to grasp that.

apes and pigs

apes and pigs2

apes and pigs

  • CowboyLogic

    They all sound exactly like Al Sharpton.

  • tagalog

    Well, hell, what’s he complaining about? If Allah approved of his literary works, Allah would not allow other humans to be critical of them.

  • Gee

    Now the world can see why Arabs don’t bother with mundane things like say elections. They must all say the exact same thing or they are punished for it.

    If everybody is parrot then why bother with voting – there is no difference between then.

  • Jakareh

    Islam is a crime against humanity.

  • georgejochnowitz

    Hamas has also banned coeducational schools, which is very much of a threat to Christians whoi can’t aford to build double schools.