Hamas Official Pressured Father into Honor Killing of Daughter Married Off at 14

Abdel Rahman Zeidan

Abdel Rahman Zeidan was Hamas’ former Minister of Public Works in its Gaza government and is currently a deputy in the legislative council.

And this story is another reminder of what life is like under the Muslim Brotherhood’s Hamas affiliate in Gaza.

On Friday, Sept. 20, 51 members of the Zeidan family signed a statement condemning the behavior of a female family member, 33-year-old Thamar Zeidan, for “disgraceful and outrageous acts.”

The statement from the Zeidan family added that the woman’s “repeated behavior … violated Allah’s law, customs and morality,” without elaborating on details. “[The father] failed to reform his family and evaluate their behavior,” the statement added. The extended family then disowned him and absolved itself of any tribal or legal obligations regarding him or his actions.

The following day, the woman’s father strangled her with a wire while she was taking an afternoon nap

Multiple eyewitnesses confirmed to Al-Monitor that the statement disowning the father had been posted on the walls of village houses and the door to the mosque, the largest religious and moral authority in Palestinian society.

“It is known that his girl had been married off early, before the age of 15. Her husband had divorced her approximately four years ago and she has two children — a 15-year-old daughter and a 12-year-old son,” noted Abu Khalid.

Regarding the circumstances preceding the woman’s murder, multiple sources from the village told Al-Monitor that villagers had been spreading rumors about the woman after a drunken man from a nearby village broke into her home. The neighbors beat the man and ejected him from the house. This incident was followed by the release of the statement disowning her father, which was signed by the Hamas deputy in the Legislative Council, Abdel Rahman Zeidan.

So we have a mother of two children murdered because her father was given a choice between killing her or being cut off from the clan… which can be a death sentence of its own in a tribal society.

All this was supposedly based on a drunk breaking in to the house, but actually followed from her divorce of her husband, a man she had married when she was apparently 14 years old.

Israel had originally arrested Zeidan, but then unfortunately released him along with a lot of Hamas officials.

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    Our only hope is that if they kill off enough of their own women that they will cease to breed like rabbits

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          Multiculturalism is almost always a failure if assimilation isn’t demanded. American multiculturalists want the Balkanization of the country.

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            “Multiculturalism is almost always a failure if assimilation isn’t demanded.”

            That’s precisely what they mean by multiculturalism; don’t expect integration with the established culture. They can keep their own and you can’t judge. We’re “multi.” You can’t judge them, yada yada.

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    Islam says she must die because she’s divorced and a Muslim drunk invaded her home and her Muslim male relatives didn’t’ protect her..Muslim religion and law sure don’t do much for Muslim women….

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    Those people are God’s curse on earth.

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