Hamas Paper Claims Morsi Overthrow was a Jewish Conspiracy

zionist conspiracy

This is basically a “rain is wet” or “dog bites man” story. Mass protests overthrow a Muslim Brotherhood regime. Obviously it was the work of the Jews.

Forget all those stories about the hundreds of thousands of Jewish refugees from Egypt. They clearly all stayed behind, biding their time and waiting, living under disguises or in attics, only to come forward at a crucial moment to protest Morsi.

Shamala states that the coup was not done by the Egyptian people who are united and hate division, but rather “what is happening on the land of Egypt is a purely Zionist initiative with a Jewish seal and laminated by America.”

So those huge crowds weren’t Egyptians. Apparently they were Jewish seals laminated by America or something.

What is happening on the land of Egypt is an intercontinental conspiracy, and the results go beyond the borders of Egypt, to affect the Arab Middle East as a whole, this is not only an Egyptian affair but Arabic and Islamic, which has an effect on each region. Israeli Knesset member Ben-Eliezer when he spoke to Israel Radio, said: “Egyptian society was a secular society with songs, movies and tourism, and suddenly someone comes along trying to turn the clock back by 400 years.”

The Jews have lost this bet, and the Zionists lost the battle in Egypt, because the Egyptian society is a Muslim society that lives on dignity and chivalry and has high motivations

Wait. If the Jews lost this battle, does this really mean that Morsi was a Jewish-American laminated seal? That’s the only possible explanation.


  • Softly Bob

    This is not news. It’s obvious it was the Jews.

    We all know how the Egyptian military worship the Jews and how the Egyptian people love all things Jewish. Every time you visit Egypt there are Israeli flags everywhere. The sphinx wears a Jewish skullcap, and the Pyramids are polka-dotted with little Stars of David.
    The Egyptian army and the Egyptian people really liked their Muslim Brotherhood leaders and they thought that Morsi was a really swell guy, but unfortunately this was trumped by their love of Israel and when the Jews told the army to overthrow the government they had no choice but to follow orders!

  • ObamaYoMoma

    How could we not expect them to blame the Jews along with the Americans?