Hamas Refuses to Accept Palestinian Refugees from Syria to Spite Israel

Just remember, the Israelis don’t care about the suffering of Palestinian Arabs. But Muslims care deeply about their suffering. That suffering is the only reason why they have been conducting a genocidal war against Israel for generations.

They care so much that Kuwait and Iraq both expelled huge numbers of Palestinian Arabs. Syria cares so much that it’s shelling Palestinian Arabs. And Hamas, the official Muslim Brotherhood representatives of Palestinian Arabs, and the most popular group among them, cares so much about them that it refuses to accept their refugees from Syria because it might undermine its campaign against Israel.

According to the report, head of Hamas in Gaza Ismail Haniyeh told UNRWA, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency, that the Gaza Strip couldn’t take in Syria’s Palestinian refugees due to an ideological issue: If they take in the refugees from Syria, Israel could use it against them when it comes to the Palestinians’ demand for the “right to return” to villages inside present day Israel, by pointing out that the refugees no longer need to return to Israel because they have been relocated to new homes in the Gaza Strip.

Is that the real story?

Hamas could easily stick them in tent cities or any form of temporary housing. For that matter the refugee camps in Lebanon and Syria are permanent affairs full of houses, and are actually cities that have been around for longer than many Israeli cities.

The real reason that Hamas is refusing to accept the Syrian refugees is that too many of them are supporters of Assad, and Hamas is a Muslim Brotherhood operation and the Muslim Brotherhood is fighting to take over Syria.

  • Rebas Thgil

    المصاصون الفلسطينية. يستيقظون.

    • Mary Sue

      that's nice but can you put that in english so the rest of us can read it? Babelfish don't work so good.

      • http://www.adinakutnicki.com AdinaK

        Mary Sue, here is the long and short of it, hopefully the "thought" processes of the Muslim Brotherhood Mafia won't cause too many to spin in circles – http://adinakutnicki.com/2012/08/31/islamists-wha

        In a nutshell, by playing ping pong with the lives of Syrians caught in the cross fire, Hamas (the offspring of Egypt's Brotherhood Mafia) is caught between keeping as many "refugees" as possible in a state of panic, as well as making sure that its parent seizes power in Syria.

        However, from a U.S. perspective it makes no difference who comes out on top, despite their blathering to the contrary. The MB is seeking to destroy America, and Assad's regime is the cat's paw of Iran. BOTH want to kill the "Saturday/Sunday" people, but first one has to gain hegemony.

        FYI – the Islamist-in-Chief is assisting the Brotherhood Mafia.

        Their internal power struggle is their first order of business.

        Adina kutnicki, Israel – http://www.adinakutnicki.com/about

      • kafir4life

        google translate does tho'……"palestinian suckers wake up" ;-)

      • mjazzguitar

        Google translate says "Palestinian suckers. Wake up.

  • mjazzguitar

    Abbas even said that if they get a palestinian state, that doesn't mean palestinians automatically become citizens.
    Israel once wanted to build better housing for the palestinians but the PA and the UN said no.

    • Raymond in DC

      Indeed. Abbas and senior officials in the PA have stated that those in Palestinian "refugee camps" in Lebanon, Syria and Jordan would not be absorbed as citizens in a future Palestinian state because they're entitled to return to their "true" homes in … Israel. Ironically, there are some folks in camps within the PA whose ancestors came from GAZA, but they're prevented (by Palestinian authorities) from "returning" to Gaza and reclaiming their property.

  • Herb Benty

    gLet's see, if this went the muslim way all around, you want to know how it would look? OK!….muslims kill all jews on earth and all Christians. They then destroy Europe as the Europeans keep repeating, "this can't be happening". Lastly, they blast Russia, China and America into oblivion and any pockets of resistance around the world. And last but not least, muslim sects destroy each other. Then Satan, the muslim god, will raise his fist at the true GOD and declare, "I win"! Well that scenario just will not happen because the TRUE ALMIGHTY GOD, who made Heaven and earth has other plans. Sorry leftist , atheistic, evolutionary earth worshiping idiots, we are here for a choice…and you are on the wrong side.

  • connie lawson

    i think they should do what israel says these people needs homes and to be fed their not dogs their human being with a soul you know god gave israel that land and they will take back all that god has given them they need to find an answer on where these people shoul live dont treat them bad help feed them give them land some where else its a big world.

  • Derek O’Brien

    It is so amazing that the Sunni/Shia problem is ignored by so many “educated” commentators. It is only when that aspect of Islam is made clear, that the game-playing by Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood becomes clear. That, of course, may not suit the Zionist line.