Hating Government Is the Real Hate Crime

mbChris Matthews, MSNBC’s own Wise Latina, began his latest attack by denouncing Ted Cruz’s racism against “Browns.”

Cruz had told a San Antonio audience that it was good to leave D.C. and come back to America.

“This isn’t a casual reference,” Matthews declared. Like Freudian psychoanalysts, MSNBC psychoracialists know that there are no such things as casual references. A misplaced comma can reveal unspeakable hidden depths of racism and does every time Rachel Maddow or Chris Hayes run short of material.

The Freudian psychoanalyst assumed that if you had a dream about a duck or the Orient Express, you were harboring a secret desire for your grandfather. The MSNBC psychoracialist knows that if you don’t like Obama, you’re a racist. All that’s left is finding the comma that proves it.

“This ‘We’re Americans, we white people out here in Texas, as opposed to people who live in the big cities: the ethnics, the blacks, the browns,” Matthews sputtered. “‘Those people in Washington, those liberals, they’re not Americans.’”

Chris Matthews had clearly never been to San Antonio which is twice the size of Washington, D.C. and one of the largest cities in America. It’s also fairly diverse. And Ted Cruz is more ethnic and ‘browner’ than Chris Matthews. Though in all fairness so is a stick of chalk.

It might be more racist to refer to the “Browns” of D.C. than to name San Antonio the real America. But progressive psychoracialists never denounce themselves. They’re too busy drawing racist inkblots of Ted Cruz. And if you disagree with them, you probably harbor desires for your great-grandfather… and are a racist.

“This is McCarthyism writ large. Disagree with this guy and be prepared for the accusations,” Matthews said, demonstrating that he also has less self-awareness than a stick of chalk.

McCarthyism was overrated. If it hadn’t affected Hollywood, which never stops making movies about its own reflection in the mirror, we would probably have all forgotten about it; the way that Hollywood forgot about the Gulags, the Khmer Rogue, the Great Chinese Famine and Mike Farrell. But unlike McCarthyism, McRacism never seems to go away.

McRacism is the mass production of fake racism for mass consumption. Thanks to McRacism, there is now more racism than ever before. We’re making less of everything except racism. There is somehow more racism to be found by dedicated progressive psychoracialists in a single Republican sneeze than there was in the entire first two centuries of American history.

The old racism was about slave plantations. The new racism is found in projecting your own distaste for “Blacks” and “Browns” onto a “Brown,” who in a feat of Zimmermanian proportions, heads up the new Confederacy operating out of San Antonio; a city with more Latinos than the MSNBC janitorial staff (unlike its on-air staff).

The liberal talking point of the government shutdown was that the Confederacy was back under the leadership of General Robert E. Cruz. The “South” was starting another civil war after having relocated to San Antonio and Michele Bachmann’s Minnesota. The Latino/Minnesotan Confederacy had managed to take Washington and the only thing keeping it at bay was MSNBC’s dedicated staff of critical race theorists carefully analyzing Cruz’s sneezes for explosive racial content.

Racism is the accusation that proves itself. There are certain kinds of people who can be racist and certain kinds who can’t. Ted Cruz, who likes San Antonio better than Washington, D.C., is always a racist. Chris Matthews, who relishes occasionally seeing “Browns” in Washington, D.C. from the window of his limo, isn’t.

The real race of racism isn’t skin color or genes. It’s government. If you hate government, you’re a racist.

Chris Matthews, the political hack’s hack, who last had a new idea around the time Dan Rostenkowski was stealing stamps, fills the empty space with globs of McRacism. The thing that really offends this professional of government isn’t racial slurs… it’s government slurs.

But there’s no such thing as anti-government racism or anti-government hate crimes.

Not only isn’t hating Washington a crime, it’s practically a citizenship test. Despising the entire mess of politicians, aides, bureaucrats, lobbyists, union bosses and bartenders who make the government go round is the one bigotry that everyone can agree on.

The only way for government to get its own hate crime is by dressing up in blackface. Every time Chris Matthews cries “Racism,” he’s dressing up government in blackface. That’s what the selection of Obama was really about. It made race equivalent to government.

Chris Matthews’ government minstrel act is McRacism. Like other McRacist psychoracialists, he plumbs the depths of his own psychotic psyche to explain why government haters are racists to manufacture a cheap and offensive government substitute for racism that protects the abuses of career politicians and bureaucrats by teaching them to wear blackface and shout about racism.

McRacism is a blackface routine that makes hating government into the ultimate hate crime. Like McDonald’s, you slap something that looks like a patty on something that looks like a bun. And don’t ask too many questions about what’s inside. You can’t make 7 billion burgers a year or 7 trillion accusations of racism an hour on MSNBC without cutting a few corners.

The burger place is offering a cheap meal. The liberal place is offering cheap triumphs against fake racism. And both are seductive in their own way.

In the twilight of American history, the last “great” period of history held up by Baby Boomer academics and media personalities is the Civil Rights movement. But there’s only so many times you can march from Selma unless you start churning out cheap McRacism imitations of civil rights and claiming that defending government authority at all costs is the real legacy of the Civil Rights movement.

MSNBC is the McDonald’s of McRacism. And in a society where pervasive racism has become a distant memory, it’s easier to convince a gullible generation that the greasy McRacism burger sticking out of Matthews’ mouth is the real thing.


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  • truebearing

    “That’s what the selection of Obama was really about. It made race equivalent to government.”

    This is the bullseye. This is why Soros abandoned Hillary for Obama…not that I’m convinced Hillary wasn’t in on the decision. Obama made the perfect battering ram for slamming through an ugly, lawless agenda. Anytime he drew criticism, the race shield was raised….and many Retreatican cowards, who aren’t supposed to be ruled by political correctness, instantly backed off.

    • herb benty

      You summed it up so well I’,m going to bed and having a good nights sleep, thank you.

      • truebearing

        Thank you. I wish it would have helped me. I’m growing weary of the Borg invading my dreams.

        • herb benty

          Armed with PC / Islam and Racism, “you will be assimilated” is a very real concern.

  • herb benty

    Absolutely brilliant Daniel.

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    Brilliant article, Mr. Greenfield. Don’t know what else to say….except that Chris Matthews reminds me of Horst von Epp, an opportunistic Nazi, in Leon Uris’ book,
    “Mila 18.” Von Epp would have found a ready home in the Democrat party. Daniel, you should be the host on the Tonight show–we would take the media back.(Great satire)

  • TheOrdinaryMan

    Absolutely brilliant article, Mr. Greenfield. Matthews sort of reminds one of Horst von Epp, an opportunistic Nazi, in Leon Uris’ book “Mila 18″. He would have found a home in today’s Democrat party, and would have milked McRacism for all its worth, with nothing else to offer.

  • Dan84iel

    Chris Matthews provides an easy punching bag. He is obviously of below average intelligence and incapable of any critical thought beyond mouthing standard leftistcultural Marxist platitudes about Obama’s enemy of the week being an evil, neo-McCarthyte racist. He’s an idiot and has a very small audience.

    The Right has far more nefarious and intelligent enemies out there, and a good many of them call themselves conservatives.

    • Inane Rambler

      I’ll go ahead and name 3. John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Marco Rubio.

      • Dan84iel

        McCain is certainly nefarious, but he isn’t the least bit intelligent.

  • The March Hare

    Excellent article and excellent sarcasm. Matthews spews out so much, so loud and so fast they probably have to put a spittle screen in front of the lens or use a long telephoto to stay back from the spray. His demeanor is such that even if he was a great conservative, I wouldn’t be able to stand listening to him. Most leftists are fast talking fools that filibuster and can’t be interrupted. They continue to talk without a break during interviews and can’t be shut up.

  • shaylynnvacca321

    my Aunty Olivia recently got an awesome Honda by work parttime using
    a lap-top… imp source J­a­m­2­0­.­ℂ­o­m

    • Bklyn Farmer

      Maybe Aunt Olivia and Chris Matthew can do a road trip together?

    • Juan Motie

      That would be the lap-top she was being paid to dance on down there at the stripper club! You should be so proud of your aunty!

  • tagalog

    Leftists, often successfully, put those of us with common sense and perceptions into the classic “double bind” famous from Freudian psychology: if we mention race, we’re racists, so we stop mentioning race in the hope of avoiding that label. Once we stop mentioning race, we’re racists for not talking about it and camouflaging it. So says the left, and it’s worked for a long, long time.

    Fortunately, as one commentator recently noted, the Obama administration and the dominant leftist interpretation of racial issues has caused white people to begin to shed the cloak of racial guilt that we have worn for so long.

    You just get sick of it after a while.

    • Michael__Durham

      god obviously adores satan and evil. Otherwise he would have annihilated them long ago.

  • Rdlake

    This is the drunk guy who attracts brain dead morons when Bill Maher or Jon Stewart are not on the air. He’s blindingly white, who probably lives in a white, secured community, while injecting the word racist in all his shows.

    • BS77

      Why is this psychopath on TV? He is extremely disturbed, irrational, hysterical…like some of the other nut cases on MSNBC….I guess it falls somewhere between entertainment and Orwellian slave propaganda…..

      • BS77

        actually, perhaps this is the new normal…..yikes!!!!!!

    • JamesJ

      He lives in Chevy Chase MD (right outside DC). 99% white community

      • BS77

        Perfect. Hack’n’shill for the Demobots…..screaming on TV…..how pathetically funny can it get?

  • aizeta

    Eight years with handsome Barry, then eight more with sexy Hilly and a projection of fifty million spanish speakers by 2020 as reported on TV in Spain this week (the country with the biggest spanish speaking population in the world) that is saying something¡
    I propose a new name: the BSA, Banana States of America

    • West_Coast

      Do you think that because Hillary is rich, white, entitled, and old will be held against her? Maybe if she had an (R) in front of her name. But, she’ll get a pass as an “in touch” middle-class “one of us” labels.

    • ziggy zoggy

      Handsome Barry and sexy Hilly? Now that is funny!

  • Bklyn Farmer

    Chris Matthew suffers from a medical condition know as hypovolemia (decrease in volume of blood) and therefore his lower extremities (as a direct consequence of thrill-up-the-leg) and brain are in competition for the limited blood supply. Obvious the lower extremities are taking priority leading to anoxia of the brain. Of course, the fact that he betrayed his journalistic integrity and even the fundamental idea of what was once liberalism (color blind justice) doesn’t help him either.

  • Bradoplata

    Bet Chrissy there’s more minorities in San Antonio than Dc. It gets more diverse every day, all of the rich Mexicans escaping cartel violence are moving here.

  • West_Coast

    This article rings true as to what the despicable Alan Grayson did to link the Tea Party to the KKK. The power of association is a basic tenet of psychology. If you crticize government, you’re racist. If you’re a member of the Tea Party, you’re part of the KKK.

    These pide pipers of the left will stop at nothing to link what’s decent and wholesome, to evil…and they are winning, and they know it.

    Thanks again for another superb article, Daniel.

  • Wolfthatknowsall

    From what I’ve read in the comments, I assume that the lefties aren’t really up to arguing for Matthews. Even they realize he doesn’t do them much good. The man is an idiot, who parades his idiocy by never shutting his mouth.

    • UCSPanther

      Only the most stupid, fanatical and delusional ideologues can defend the current leadership of the Democrats with a straight face at this point…

  • Hank Rearden

    Matthews lives in Chevy Chase, a white community on the edge of black Washington. Therefore he must hate Washington.

    This black thing with Obama has to be given a rest. Do you think the MSM would be so choked up about the first black president if it had been Allen West? Of course not. And West actually IS black and actually IS an American!

    Libs have a terrible record on race. The Democratic Party is the party of slavery, segregation, lynching and the Klan. Why did it take until the 1960’s to get the Voting Rights Act? Because the Dems would not take their boot off the neck of the black man until Martin Luther King had made the black vote into a power they could no longer ignore.

    Obama has made race relations the worst they have been in decades. Matthers is doing all he can to help.

  • sydchaden

    Why do Conservatives add to Matthews’ tiny audience by telling their much larger audiences what Matthews has said? Without the Conservative’s denunciations, no one would even hear about Matthews, and he would just dry up and blow away.

    • las1

      Some people rest in a mistaken comfort that MSNBC’s numbers are lower than Obama’s IQ. The power of MSNBC is not in ratings, but in indoctrination and softening up a potential cohort of progressives across the liberal spectrum in America. The are not interested in ratings or numbers, but in the longer term goal of indoctrinating the minds and hearts of young America.

      Try not to underestimate the power of MSNBC. It’s a clearing house for the left… a one stop shop for left-wing extremism to make inroads to it’s slightly more moderate liberal-progressive fellow travellers. Think of it as the shocktroops for the Democrat Media Complex in the same way that the Black Bloc Anarchists are the left’s shocktroops in public demonstrations.

  • GuyGreen

    If I were Chris Matthews, I wouldn’t accept the empty head dear Daniel just handed him. What an exquisite thumping, even if the recipient is only half the man Rachel Maddow is. A lesson to be remembered when your spittle-spewing progressive relatives open their frothing yaps at the Thanksgiving dinner table. Even the turkey will give thanks at hearing those sniveling brats put in their properly putrified place. Fortunately, MSNBC couldn’t sell tricks on a troop train. They preach exclusively to a badly out of tune choir in the cathedral of the damned.

    • Webb Cook

      You have a way with words. A very true way with words. All of my leftist relatives are now completely out of my life (praise the Lord) — and one of the most powerful of them just died (praise the Lord) — so there is no more progressive spittle-spewing at the Thanksgiving table (praise the Lord). You can divorce leftist relatives just like you can divorce an unfaithful wife, which opens the door to a whole new and wonderful life. Don’t hesitate for an instant to shytcan them. You won’t regret it for one second.

  • PhillipGaley

    Maybe, Matthews doesn’t know that, most of Texas is composed of “brown”s, . . .

  • antioli

    This is terrible ,now Chris Mathews hates Hispanics.

    Not only Cruz but Zimmerman and who knows who else?

  • antioli

    Chris! an alert!! Bill Ayers says he hates government.

  • Dallas25305

    I have heard that Chris Mathews is no longer wanted in the White House. When he visits there, they have a tough time trying to stop Mathews from humping Obama’s leg..

  • barry soetoro

    Obama attacks self, looks like a hate crime!